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  1. kevink

    Honolulu Marriott hotel strikes

    I’m in Honolulu now doing a pre-cruise visit. Apparently there is a 2-week-old ongoing strike of employees against the Marriott-operated hotels, namely the Sheraton Waikiki, Sheraton Princess, Moana Surfrider, and the Royal Hawaiian. Lots of peaceful picketing and noisy demonstrations with chanting and drums. I thought I’d let people know in case they want to adjust travel plans. — Kevin
  2. kevink

    Pre-Cruise Hotel Choices

    I'm also partial to the Embassy Suites. It's in a great location, with a lot of food/shopping/entertainment within walking distance. Restaurant breakfast in Waikiki can be expensive, so the complimentary breakfast is a great perk. -- Kevin
  3. kevink

    POA Soda Package

    No, not for soda packages, only for alcohol. See this link: https://www.ncl.com/onboard-packages/beverage-packages . I'm a big soda drinker, but for my POA cruise in October I'm passing on the package. My thinking is that a) NCL serves only Pepsi products and I'm a Diet Coke guy, and b) We'll be off the ship so much that it wouldn't be worthwhile. FYI, from what I've read it's cheaper to buy a can of soda in the gift shop than from the bars. -- Kevin
  4. kevink

    Coco Cay News

    Yes, but Atlantis is rated as one of the top water parks in the world. I doubt CocoCay is going to rise to that level. Time will tell.
  5. kevink

    Night Life on POA

    Here's a link to a thread with the dailies from a POA cruise in June 2017. I'll know better after my cruise in October, but it doesn't look that dead at night to me. -- Kevin
  6. Great trip report. Thanks! — Kevin
  7. Code Bravo generally means a fire somewhere on the ship. -- Kevin
  8. kevink

    POA Live(-ish): 6/23/18-6/30/18

    Great review, thank you so much for finishing it! -- Kevin
  9. The OP specifically asked about the cruise ship, not a tour boat. The tour boat in question was within 200 yards of shore, inside the 300-yard exclusion zone that the Coast Guard had established. The cruise ship would be waaaaay beyond that. That said, I read a recent review where the cruise ship did get a nice view of the lava flow. -- Kevin
  10. kevink

    New Internet Packages Available

    I'm really surprised at how much more NCL is charging for internet compared to Carnival and Royal. It's a competitive disadvantage. -- Kevin
  11. kevink

    Post cruise....POA

    I am on POA in October with a similar situation. I wanted to stay dry and sand-free, and I've already done all of the usual post-cruise Honolulu tours that NCL offers. The airlines generally won't let you check in with your bags until 4 hours before the flight, so the major decision is what to do with the luggage. Here is what I'm planning, YMMV: POA docks at Pier 2. You can check your luggage at the pier terminal for $5/bag and come back to pick it up later in the day. I plan to walk ~0.25 miles west to check out Aloha Tower, and check out Iolani Palace a few blocks northeast. Then we'll walk about 1.6 miles east down Ala Moana Blvd to Ala Moana Center (open 9:30am) and kill time there until lunching at one of the many restaurants there (me, I like Bubba Gump's). After lunch, we'll walk or Uber back to the pier to pick up our bags, and then Uber 20 minutes to the airport. The other option I found for short-term luggage storage is http://www.alohaairportdeliveryandstorage.com/ at the airport. -- Kevin
  12. kevink

    POA Live(-ish): 6/23/18-6/30/18

    I was really enjoying your trip report, I hope you find time eventually to get back to it. -- Kevin
  13. kevink

    NCL suspends Hawaii Island ship calls indefinitely

    We're booked in late October, hopefully the volcano will calm down by then. In the meantime, what is the revised POA itinerary to replace the former two days spent at the big island? Thanks. Kevin
  14. From the menus it looks like no souffle on formal night? I'm afraid to tell that to my wife. :-)
  15. kevink

    POA Cruise Review, Nov. 4-11, 2017

    Great review, looking forward to more. We are booked for POA in about 11 months and are starting to make plans.