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  1. Thank you all for responding. I certainly didn't mean to open a can of worms! This is only our 3rd cruise...the 1st to the Caribbean. I had received an email from Princess Cruise Line stating that for formal nights women wore cocktail dresses or formal wear and men wore suits or tuxes. We have neither formal wear or tuxes, but wanted to make sure we would be appropriate. We have always dressed nicely for dinner whether it was formal night or not and take a really nice outfit for formal nights. I do plan to wear a dress, (not a formal) or nice slacks and top and my husband has a sports coat an
  2. Thank you! I was hoping that we didn't have wear formal attire. The other cruises we've been on were about the same as your answers. Whew😃
  3. First time on a Princess Cruise. Going to the Panama Canal. Just how formal are formal nights? Do we I have to wear a formal gown and my DH a tuxedo?
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