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  1. When the Dawn first started sailing year round out of New York the Tex-Mex restaurant (Salsa) and the Italian restaurant were no extra charge. Impressions was a a popular main dining room, one of three. Cagney's was $25.pp and featured Oysters Rockefeller and Prime Ribs. Le Bistro was $20. and featured delicious duck. There were no a la carte restaurants. That was the Golden Age of freestyle cruising sadly gone forever.
  2. When I decided to leave NCL a year ago as a Platinum Member, I saw all these endless price increases coming. NCL now bears no resemblance to the cruise experience we enjoyed when the Norwegian Dawn first sailed out of New York. When will the other long time NCL passengers finally say enough?
  3. As a long time Platinum cruiser on NCL, I have sailed on their ships for the last time. They are a shadow of the cruiseline I first sailed out of New York on the Norwegian Dawn. Since then, the price increases on dining, gratuities, service charges have been endless. A recent article in the Fort Lauderdale Sentinel said NCL profits are up due to "increased on board revenue." The new CEO is earning his salary and the stock price is also up. NCL seems to care little about their veteran cruisers, they are more concerned with the new passengers who are ignorant of what a bargain freestyle cruising was in former years. How long before they suffer the same fate? Whatever happened to a cruise being an "all-inclusive" vacation? Gone forever. So am I!
  4. You are so right. Cruiselines seem to be competing with each other to see how they can get the most income from their passengers. There is a minor revolution going on at the Celebrity cruise critic message board over their latest revisions. I will just keep on looking for a cruise line that still resembles the good old days. When they start having trouble filling their ships, we may see a new version of "Freestyle Cruising"like the one that attracted us in the past.
  5. Crab cakes were not the only item discontinued from Cagney's former menu. They also eliminated their fabulous Oysters Rockefeller and their Prime Ribs.
  6. As long time NCL Platinum cruisers, we have also departed because of the seemingly endless price increases across the board. Cruise companies will keep nickel and diming us until they cannot fill their ships anymore. A cruise vacation was once an economical, all-inclusive experience. It appears those days are gone forever.
  7. Speaking to many veteran cruisers, we never thought we would ever see the day that you would have to pay for a burger on a cruise ship. Never happened before on dozens of cruises on numerous cruise lines. This is "choice" we can do without.
  8. We can always count on you to defend the indefensible. Paying for a hamburger on a cruise ship is just another "welcome change" that gives us a choice?
  9. You can now add the new surprise Margaritaville a la carte charge to my list of what some people still consider "welcome change?"
  10. CORRECTION: i misspoke - there is no way I could have taken 100 cruises. I have spent over 100 days on cruise ships, and I enjoyed every one of them. Sorry about that.
  11. I can enjoy a good meal with the ocean breezes within 15 minutes of my home and I don't need an overpriced drink to help me digest my food. I also burn a lot more calories swimming 32 laps in my local pool than trying to avoid people in a crowded ship's pool. If I lived in New Mexico, I would have to go on a cruise to seek these simple pleasures?
  12. Ditto steelmagnolia9 Is it possible there is no desirable alternative? It appears that all the cruise lines are in a competition to increase ship size and profits. How long before the bubble bursts? After almost 100 cruises on six different cruise lines, the cost has become prohibitive. Been there, done that, at much lower prices. I can get much better meals at far better prices without leaving home. I don't need the overcrowded ship's pools because I can bike to swim a half mile every morning in an Olympic size pool at my local "Y". The beaches on Long Island rival those in the Caribbean. The cost of a single cruise can buy a lot of prime ribs and lobster for a year without leaving home.
  13. The point of my original post was to enlighten cruisers on how much increased costs the cruise lines have dumped on us in recent years. They will continue to nickel and dime us until we finally say enough! I am especially amused by those who consider paying for something they once received at no extra charge "welcome change?"
  14. I have been a frequent NCL Platinum cruiser since NCL started cruising year round out of New York. I have always applauded the innovations of NCL like Freestyle Dining and having the courage to sail year round out of New York. My introduction to NCL was on the Norwegian Dawn and I have wonderful memories of that ship. I enjoyed dining at Cagney's and Le Bistro at reasonable rates without mandatory gratuities added. I dined at La Cucina and the Tex-Mex specialty restaurants at no extra charge. I looked forward to lobster and prime ribs in the main dining room at no extra charge. A la carte dining was something uncomprehendable. I received room service 24 hours a day at no extra charge. I enjoyed an aft-facing balcony cabin at no extra charge. I enjoyed all the entertainment venues at no extra charge. I received VIP treatment from Hotel Directors like Klaus and Hugo. I felt the Dawn class ships were the ideal size especially embarking and debarking. NCL today is almost unrecognizable from my early NCL experiences. Cruising was once touted as a bargain vacation with everything included at no extra charge. Sadly, those days appear to be gone forever and so am I. I will always treasure fond memories of many days on NCL but the current situation on NCL holds no attraction for me at all. Bon voyage.
  15. We sailed the Norwegian Jade on a Norway cruise. Similar to NCL's other Jewel class ships, the perfect size for us. Had a great cruise but then we have enjoyed all our NCL cruises.
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