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  1. Just one note. You will need to be there early in order to get cocoa tea. It goes fast, especially with hotel and construction workers. Don't go late morning or afternoon and expect to get.
  2. If you are staying in city you can always visit the outskirts such as Caribelle Batik which has a short tour of Chocolate making, coconut oil making and batik. No entrance fee and you can purchase finished products. Also something truly local would be Eudovics Art studio which offers a tour of the workshop and pieces available. You can even commission a piece there. In the city's roundabout there is a piece there done by Jallim Eudovic on display as part of our 40 year independence celebration. Anther place is the Lucian country life which is a fantastic tour showcasing St. Lucian culture. There is an entrance fee for this one. Of course you will need a taxi to get there but it is a great stop for half day and close to the cruise ship.
  3. Carnival Sailing, Endless summer, Sea Spray, Jus Sail, Bateau Mygo, Mystic Man are all options. Carnival Saling and Endless Summer and Sea Spray are large cats
  4. Really the timing will depend on how fast you hike. Going via land minus the 1.45 hours drive each way , the timing of the hike itself will depend on you. I have met persons who hike up in 1.05 hours and down in 45 minutes. They were experienced hikes. Hike itself is about 2 hours each way on average. If you do the transfer via water taxi/boat then you will have more time allotted to you. If your cruise ship is leaving I believe it can be done. As long as you don't linger getting off the ship and you keep a good pace on the hike.
  5. There really isn't a bad view of the pitons whether by Land, sea or air. I would say do a Land and Sea. St. Lucia is full of great vistas and you can learn learn so much. You can also get several view points. I find Land and Sea gives a comprehensive view of the island.
  6. You can take a scenic tour down to Soufriere. Most stops can accommodate persons that are wheel chair bound. Restaurants are slowly adjusting to have wheel chair or persons with limited ability access to their establishment. I suggest you look into a tour operators and be sure to mention about the mobility issues. Few of them are Serenitytvl, Barefoot, Spencers... Some might suggest you do it private, then you won't have to worry about others..
  7. Then I suggest going private. Any f the companies mentioned above should be able to help you put something together. It will be an expensive venture though.
  8. I agree, you definitely need to walk with water and some energy bars. Especially if you are starting from the very base of the pitons, it adds an additional 30 minutes to the hike. Have fun and good luck, the hike is strenuous but the view is well worth it.
  9. Carnival sailing offers a Piton sunset tour for $100.00 per person however they leave at 2pm to return for 7pm. http://www.carnivalsailing.com/piton-sunset/
  10. Unfortunately, no there isn't. I would suggest just hire a taxi to take you there. Most operators wouldn't do just that as it is 1.5 hours driving just to get there and another to return. Most persons don't want to be sitting in a car for that long especially with our serpentine roads. Only choice hire a taxi to take you there, if you decide to stop then you can. You can get a taxi right outside of cruise port, shuld be between $100-$150 each way with 4 persons sharing.
  11. For a first time I would recommend a Land and sea. It gives a fantastic overall view of both sea and land. You get to do and see quite a bit in a short time. There are quite a few operators that offer a variation of this tour including cruise ship. Quick research should turn up a few options. take a look at Serenitytvl, Barefoot, Cosol, Spencer Ambrose...
  12. Depending on where you are docked, all you need to do is walk out of the terminal building and there are plenty of government regulated taxis waiting. You can arrange for them to do the return or simply arrange for another near the Vigie airport. It is a stone throw away from the beach. There are plenty of drivers to choose from, if one is giving you a hard time to upgrade just move on to the next. No one controls your pockets.
  13. Can't compare with Antigua but take a look at International Pony Club which is 30 minutes away from the cruise port. There's a 2 hour excursion and a 4 hour with has BBQ lunch. Further on the East coast 45 to 1 hour drive is Atlantic Riding Stables. They have quiet a few options to choose from, from beach rides to plantation rides. You can book them direct or book through a tour operator such as serenitytvl, barefoot, St. Lucia reps.
  14. For a first time visit I recommend doing a Land and sea tour, it covers the most scenic part of the island giving a little bit of everything. Usual visits to Marigot bay, banana plantation, driving through fishing villages, mudbaths/volcanos, local lunch, waterfall, snorkeling etc. You can book through a third party but why do that, I suggest going straight to the source. There are a number of companies who offer similar options , it's just finding out what will interests you. Some will customize your experience for your. look to Serenitytvl, Cosol, Spencer, Barefoot Holidays etc. Good luck and congratulations.
  15. Bay Gardens Beach Resort is ideal. Their beachfront rooms are lovely, Harbor Club is also a good choice though there isn't a beach. they do provide shuttles to the Pigeon Island Landmark which has two beaches. Also Villa Beach Cottage though it is self catering. All of these are to the north of the Island which is a 1.5 hour ride from the international airport you would have to fly into. They are between 10 -30 minutes away from the cruise port. Hope this helps
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