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  1. IMO JiJi's is Chef's Table quality Asian food, I have never been disappointed in any of the dishes I have tried. The complimentary appetizers are exceptional as well.
  2. Speaking for myself, I am allergic to smoke so it's not fun to have to walk through the Casino......
  3. You didn't mention the sailing date? It could be that they are all booked since so many cruises have been cancelled, people are booking ahead, and they are limited.
  4. Wait, how would we cruise "before November" if Carnival has already cancelled cruises through October? Rhetorical question, just sayin'!
  5. Yes, different hats every day, usually twice a day, missing half of one arm. I wasn't familiar with the tour packages. He was a hoot but rubbed some people the wrong way, can't please everyone!
  6. He probably had close to 1000 cruise days before he passed, he was at around 700 when I met him and Diane a few years ago. I was stunned, he was such a character, feel so bad for Diane 😞
  7. You would have to ask Carnival about the change fee. Personally, I would wait to see how it shakes out, since as you say, the cruise may get cancelled. If it doesn't, you would get charged another admin fee to change, and yes, your $400 paid would transfer. The $600 OBC offer is unprecedented, no way to predict COVID was going to cause such an ongoing upheaval.....your milestone reward is nothing to sneeze at! But I hope the cruise doesn't get cancelled since I am also booked on it! 😛
  8. Jeesh, you'd think they'd have a way to turn off the automated messages for specific time periods. I don't want to think it, but many think there will be no cruises for the rest of the year.......*sob*
  9. Hah, Oct 2 is my 60th birthday, I'm booked on the Panorama for the 9/26 sailing for the week......I have a bad feeling it will be cancelled but there's a glimmer of hope? The other day someone booked on the same cruise called Carnival and was told our cruise was closed for new bookings once it got to 60% capacity. But NCL's announcement puts a new spin on things 😞
  10. I like the steakhouse well enough but Jiji's is Chef's Table quality Asian food in my opinion, ridiculously good! I am looking forward to trying the Teppanyaki Grill......as long as my 9/26/20 cruise doesn't get cancelled 🙂
  11. I am waiting until the last possible minute to book any excursions on my 9/26/20 cruise. If it gets cancelled I don't like the idea of such a long wait for my refunds, ugh!
  12. Don't we have the right to switch from using a travel agent to not using one, or vice versa, no matter the circumstances? Carnival acknowledged they have your $$, should be a no-brainer.
  13. I thought that was the error message on my app but I should have screen-shot it. It could have also been the horrendously slow internet connection, sea days are the worst!
  14. Just off the Magic; Anytime MDR opened at 5:30, buffet dining officially started at 6pm but the deli is open 11am to 11pm.
  15. My airline (American) would not allow me to check in online because the WiFi wasn't secure/private. I didn't try using one of the PC's onboard.
  16. Same here, LOVE Chef's Table, I've enjoyed it at least half-a-dozen times, they really do a fantastic job!
  17. I found this nightlight, it's rechargeable, motion activated AND magnetic, perfect for cruise-ship cabin walls 🙂 Amazon Prime baybeee
  18. Jiji's was one of the few things I loved about the Vista (Dream class ships remain my favorite). IMO it's Chef's Table quality Asian food at an amazing price!
  19. I'm not familiar with how Pampered Chef parties work. It doesn't cost a dime if you don't schedule anything.
  20. The Ladies Pamper Party is listed in the FunTimes. You get the lower-than-published price for attending and participating in the party; most people who show up know about the discounts. You basically follow their steps and give yourself a facial. Then at the end of the party, they talk about what is offered on the flyer and they encourage people to be vocal to get better pricing. Kinda cheesy but the deals are the best!
  21. Usually on Sea Days, anywhere from 11am to 3pm (it's usually about an hour long). On my last cruise there were some evening times but I don't know if those are only on Sea Days or if they do it every day (or if they only do it if/when they're not getting enough bookings). The prices are only good for that day and sometimes the next morning. Just remember to tell them at the beginning of the appointment that you don't need any products (unless you want something, then be very specific or tell them your limit and ask what they would recommend). They like to give you a card showi
  22. The writing on the flyers are the prices we paid after attending and participating in the Ladies Pamper Party, some initialed by the person authorizing the prices at the end of the party. Yes, I got all the services, extended time, and hot stone massage added on for the scribbled prices.
  23. I've never seen TD, but I recognize MDR "main dining room"
  24. For the absolute best deals, attend the Ladies Pamper Party (men are welcome to attend)! At the end of the "party", they offer package deals at a much better price than is ever published. My samples are from two separate cruises.....
  25. It's only worth it on the Dream class ships, not a fan of the Vista class Thermal Suite, as ccd228 mentioned, they don't have the amazing thalassotherapy pool.
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