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  1. Did you find out before boarding, or not until you were on the ship?
  2. We brought flavored wine margaritas on the last time with no problem, I don't know why you'd have a problem with that..
  3. It shouldn't ... I had to show payment(s) for insurance purposes and it would have been much easier to print out an account statement when you've made multiple payments. Would definitely have been helpful.
  4. Go to Carnival.com and click on your profile. Then click on "Contact Settings" and uncheck the box for mail.
  5. Was on the same cabin on the Vista ... it was fine. No privacy issues, but you can kind of hear deck parties from your balcony but it wasn't bad (there weren't deck parties every night). We loved being so close to Lido.
  6. I meant the continental menu .. I've read a couple of times that there were things added for a charge on that menu, too, but not a big deal ... I can figure it out in 200 more days. lol
  7. Do you remember what else they had on the for-charge menu?
  8. On the Triumph, Breeze & Vista all we received was a picture ...
  9. I've been to replace a lost sign & sail card, to get quarters for the laundry, and my daughter's (found!) lost cell phone. It's not always to complain. Lol
  10. I received an email about a week after I requested a reservation, FWIW.
  11. It's like an excursion for foodies ... if you aren't very adventurous food-wise, then probably not. But if you are open to try new things, then definitely. We've been 4 times already and have thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. Let us know how it works out! 🙂
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