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  1. I took a tour with Cosol in February. We had a great time, very professionally run, great sites and lots of food. It does feel a bit rushed because of how much is crammed into one day but that is to be expected. Don’t let the bad reviews put you off.
  2. I took the land and sea tour and the port area was absolute chaos. Our tour guide didn’t say much, was very quiet with no enthusiasm, fortunately Spencer came on board at some point and actually pointed things out. Our boat broke down on the way back and we got back with 15min to spare. I will be in St Lucia in Feb and am looking at other tour providers.
  3. I’m on it next month as well! Except we have Tortola instead of St. Thomas. Amazing itinerary
  4. The Gem 8 night Dec 2016 repositioning from San Juan to NY, ocean view with the drink package and dining for $400 cdn plus had a $200 gift cert. bought at a silent auction for $25. booked it 6 days beforehand. Had to use travel agent gift certificate was from and when I called her she said that price wasn’t possible
  5. I did my online check in last night for Dec 10 Getaway, I was able to choose my check in time
  6. It depends on the rainfall.... we went right after a heavy rain and the water was brown but we still had an amazing time, only one other couple there
  7. We just did the Stringray tour with Acquarius Sea Tours - you could see if he is available to book the boat for just your group. It is one of my favorite tours so far.
  8. we booked the 8am tender a couple days in advance and walked right on, had to wait for enough people to fill it. I was pleasantly surprised
  9. chanthor13 - I have booked the same tour with Marvyn in 3 weeks but only for 2 of us! I was wondering whether to cancel the tubing, what is the beach like, was there any snorkeling? How far apart are the areas you visited? I wouldn't mind seeing some scenic places along the way
  10. oops Jiffy Jeff no longer provides transportation to FL beach hotels either..... I have looked up everyone I can find SAS doesn't go to the beach hotels
  11. dktruj - -I just checked their website and they only drop off within 3 miles of FLL airport (must have changed since last year).... otherwise they drop you off at the airport and I have checked that rate and that will be another $30 for a taxi. I shouldn't have assumed it would be easy to get a shuttle! I am booked at a small boutique hotel 8 miles from the airport and have paid a $55 deposit. A private taxi will cost about $100 and a car rental isn't any cheaper by the time you add in all the extra fees and we get dinged on the exchange rate when they return the deposit usually costing $15. I will keep searching
  12. Does anyone know a shuttle company that drops of at Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotels (from Port of Miami)? It seems they all drop off at the airport or airport area hotels. I realize I could take a private taxi but am trying to do this on a budget. Thanks!
  13. I am sailing on the Epic Nov 30 and received my cabin assignment (mini suite) last week. I booked a 8 forward guarantee and received an 8 mid
  14. I am surprised they go looking for missing passengers, I was in St. Thomas last year with Celebrity and a family of 4 walked up right at 5pm and the ship left without them, the gates to the pier had been closed
  15. Beautiful dress and a steal! Do you mind if I ask where you bought this from? I have a non-cruise formal event in September that this would be perfect for! (and would be great for a cruise as well)
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