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  1. Thanks you. I guess i should have dug deeper first before asking, the idea of doing two excursions at one port had never occurred to me and I guess I jumped in a bit being slightly over ambitious of NCL's Generosity 😁
  2. If you go more than one Shore Excursion per port will you receive the $50 Shorex credit for each trip? Harvest Caye for example provides such windows for multiple trips per port.
  3. Is there room service fee of $9.95 added to your check every time you order anything from room service? i.e 2 beers, a pizza , chocolate covered strawberries, your lunch? How does it work( I know cont breakfast is excluded)
  4. How much for a large table?? That'll be $5K sir 😂
  5. Yes, don't really get the logic behind that although there no doubt will be some corporate reason 🙄 Interesting advice about not tipping beforehand thanks, but we sail on my wife's 50th so ill just be sure to get her one of them oversized Birthday badges/lapels so i does not go unnoticed! 😂
  6. Those tables on the NCL balcony's are a but on the small side, its our one complaint each cruise, can I tip my steward for a bigger table??
  7. We booked this back in May, but i distinctly remember only getting $100 as I did not even expect that, and was informed on the phone call whilst confirming by reservation as it was not offered on. This is quite impressive as we already got 250 WiFi UBP, 3 speciality meals and $50 Shore Excursion Credit
  8. I think the ELV50 is the code that has been added extra. We are going the Superbowl Cruise, also we sail on my wife's 50th Bday! Who knows 🤷‍♂️
  9. When we booked this Cruise we got 2 x $50 OBC =$100 as promised My summary page still shows this but... ...my docs show 2 different $100 credits as follows Free $50 On-Board Credit Certificate Non -Refundable ELV50 x2 Free $50 On-Board Credit Certificate Non -Refundable TG50. x2 Ok not complaining but why??? and what are the codes?
  10. From T&C "Shore excursion credit is applicable for each port, including debarkation port..." Ok rep is wrong 🙂
  11. Interestingly I just called NCL to book the final day excursion and the rep believes there is no credit for first and last day trips but he wasn't 100% sure and told me to best book when on-board! 😐
  12. Thank you, we are thinking of the getting the Miami city tour with shopping mall trip, they state it is for flights after 5pm ours is 5.15pm so it should be good, but how do they credit the 50 bucks if I have already squared my bill the night before?
  13. Hi, we have the $50 discount of NCL trips which i gather is taken off your final bill, after you have completed an excursion how does this work regarding disembarkation trips?
  14. Would love to see them dalies if you get the time to post!
  15. Rome an hour or so via Train, easy enough if you prepare. But most prefer excursion. Cannes - Tender port, tender takes you straight in to the middle of Cannes easy to explore on you own ( or do nice or Monte Carlo via train) But Cannes is very nice. Palma you can walk off but if you want old town Palma its a $15 shuttle ( 5 minutes) Florence and Pisa are most suited for prepaid excursions as you dock at Livorno Naples walk off but Naples frankly has issues i.e. its not the nicest place to visit but there are many excursion options here like Pompeii, Sorento Amalfi coast etc
  16. We always buy 2 Cruise Next vouchers but are there any advantages of booking whilst on-board?
  17. Sailing Escape in Feb 20 can possibly change cabin, currently on the starboard side would it matter much if I swapped to Port? better worse no difference? ESC-7D-WCarib-MIA-Coz-Harvest-MIA (1).webp
  18. We enjoyed it, sailing again soon (Feb 20) and may do it this time around depending on other supper club shows. Food was good service was excellent. Wine was fine 🙂 Curious to see if they will change some of the shows when they start Western Caribbean in November
  19. We spend more time on the balcony than in the bathrooms 😁, hence we always go for angled balcony, especially a forward facing one.
  20. Ability to Use two instead of one seems to be the norm for at least a cpl of years now. Don't remember it being rescinded. I think they have end dates for commercial purposes but reinstate it consistently ( On balcony or above)
  21. We want to mix up beach with some fun days so to speak, seriously looking at the Beach Buggy tours in Cozumel, any input here to help us decide would be welcome. Which Vendor etc Thanks
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