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  1. 30 days! Hurricane season has begun on East coast. Checking out my generator today just in case.
  2. DD, Buck et.al., I called AQSC and booked the Hells Canyon tour. It's a best seller and is booking quickly if you are interested. Cancellations may be made up until 48 hours prior to the scheduled tour for a full refund. Bop/Jim
  3. Jet Boat it is,DD. It's hot as Hades here in VA and a jet boat ride in a cool canyon sounds very inviting. I passed your information about wine and stuff on to my much better half. Her response was a wide grin😁 It looks like the HOHOs offer some great sites. There is probably much more to do and see than we can do comfortably. It's supposed to be a vacation, right? As we get older, we prefer a leisurely pace. We've allowed an extra day just for that reason. You've been a great help and I really appreciate it. Calm seas and following winds. Happy Cruising, Jim aka Bop as named by granddaughter #1
  4. HeHi all, Thanks to DD I reviewed Most of the included and premium tours and HO HO sites. Also texted friends who have done this itinerary. The only "must do" was the Hells Canyon Jet boat premium tour. There are several others of interest but I assume we can sign up on board or at the hotel. Haven't found the cancellation policy yet. Anyone know what it is? Jim
  5. DD, Big help! Thanks so much. Jim Are there any premium tours you wish you had taken?
  6. Buck, Sounds like we are of the same mind. Buying a "premium" tour and ending up having a similar tour available on a HO HO can be disappointing. I will probably bite the bullet and talk it over with our cruise mates and make a consensus decision. I think there was mention of a "premium" deal available from the Davenport in Spokane. I also read that most attractions are very nearby in Spokane. Since we will have a full extra day, might just play it by ear in Spokane and do some walking to burn off the extra cruise calories. Need to try some of that Huckleberry ice cream! Jim
  7. DD, Thanks for the info. I think I need to go back thru the postings and dig out the suggestions as well as going to the AQSC book and itineraries. When all else fails, read the instructions.😜
  8. Have you decided on any excursions yet? It looks like the HO HO buses with tour guides aboard may be the way to go and add 2 or 3 special interest/fun premium excursions, e.g. Jet boat ride. I assume , like most cruises, you can sign up at any time on board, up until the last minute so early commitment may not be necessary. I also need to look up the cancellation policy. Any thoughts appreciated. Leafeater, any advice? Jim
  9. My wife ia a Civil War history buff and, if we go, I will be taking directions from her. Haven't really looked at many itineraries yet. Guess I better move Civil War Cruise up my bucket list. Kicking time is getting closer!!! Yikes!! Jim
  10. Civil War DISCOVER CIVIL WAR HISTORY ON A RIVER CRUISE Travel through the history of the Civil War on an American Queen Steamboat Company cruise. Our Civil War themed cruises take you on an amazing journey through "the havoc of war and the battle's confusion" where historic skirmishes pitted brother against brother in a nation once divided. You will have the opportunity to delve into the tactics, both military and political, that shaped the events of the American Civil War. Learn of the Mississippi River’s strategic value as both a transportation and communication route and explore the state of the country as it was in 1866 and how it still affects us today. Watch tribute artists bring key figures to life and listen to distinguished Civil War historians offer enlightening lectures on a multitude of Civil War topics. Join us for a thought-provoking journey designed to broaden your knowledge and provide insight surrounding the times and the causes that precipitated the conflict. Each Civil War voyage pays tribute to our American history in reminding us all of the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in a war that changed our nation. Your heart will be touched and your knowledge enriched as you capture the poignancy of it all.
  11. Hey Buck, She hasn't come up with anything yet. I did get an email from AQSC advertising a trip with Civil war theme. I'll check my email and see if I can locate it. I am getting all my information together for this cruise. It has been so long since booking I had to do some digging and review to remember where, what, and when.
  12. Will do, I am sure we will enjoy the cruise and itinerary. I will send photos as well. Our favorite riverboat cruise so far was the Danube from Nuremberg to Budapest. We spent 3 days in Prague and 3 in Budapest pre and post cruise. Fascinating cities! Jim
  13. Leafeater, Thanks for the usual good advice and beautiful pictures. We will definitely call the Davenport and schedule a van pick-up on our arrival. I guess we'll use an Uber or Lift for transfer to the airport. Cruise line transfers are usually higher as it is usually their last chance to make a few extra bucks. We were going to do the transfer/tour option but flight leaves too early to do both. Thanks, Bop/Jim
  14. Looks like plans are falling into place. We're looking forward to a couple of days pre cruise at the Davenport. All feedback I have read has been glowing. I'm ready to go now! Bop
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