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  1. Which British Isle sailing was the port change for? We are also on a British Isle sailing and Stornoway is still showing as our port. I also called Regent and they indicated there were no changes for our sailing --- May 30 - June 11, 2020 on Explorer. Just curious....thanks
  2. I know that if we pay the deviation fee of $175 pp we can arrange for our own flights, times, etc., 270 days before departure. I was also told by my TA at one point that she could also request our desired seat assignments at the time she made our flight arrangements. I was also told that Regent does not actually ticket until 30-45 days before the flight (unless we request that they ticket before that ---but not sure what that would involve and why that would be advantageous for us). So....my question is: Can we still get our desired seat assignments booking with Regent at the 27
  3. I am interested in a couple of the itineraries, so I called Crystal to see if they would actually have the various ports visited for those sailings available on Nov 13 when bookings open. I was told they would not but they would probably be available sometime in 2020. With a 25% deposit I am not really comfortable booking without knowing the details of where I will be actually going. The release Crystal put out gives some idea, but not enough for me to actually book without knowing the full itinerary. The 14-day May 25, 2022 from London to Edinburgh is one of the ones that appeal
  4. Can't seem to find any pictures of these cabins with views to the outside. Looking at booking partially obstructed view cabin on Deck 7 (mid-ship) and just curious how bad the obstruction might be. Also, for those who have been in these cabins, any noise issues from public areas below I should be aware of? Thanks for information anyone can provide.
  5. We are considering booking a B2B sailing with the 1st segment being a 9-day round trip Tokyo followed by a 2nd segment 7-day round trip Tokyo. I realize that on the turn around day in Tokyo at the end of the 1st segment that we will have to go through some sort of immigration procedure---either with officials coming onboard to handle the procedure or else having to actually disembark the ship to go through immigration and then immediately re-boarding for the 2nd segment. Cunard US customer service is telling me, however, that the procedures can vary from sailing to sailing
  6. Thanks very much for the quick reply Roy. Your comments and picture helped a lot ---- think we will go with 8103. Thanks again!
  7. Have a choice of these 2 cabins and wondering if anyone has any first hand knowledge of which one might be better? I have seen Roy's picture of 8103 but cannot find one of 8062. They both have an obstruction (with 8103 right across from elevators / stairs, not sure if that would be somewhat noisy , however?). Any advice would be greatly appreciated --- thanks!
  8. Thank you for the information....very helpful.
  9. A few questions regarding Princess Grill Cabins on Queen Victoria --- Decks 5 & 6. I seem to remember a few years ago now someone had mentioned on CC that right across from cabin 5094 (or 5098) and cabin 6094 or (6098) ---I cannot remember which ones--- there was a crew station and it tended to be quite noisy with crew coming and going a great deal of the time. We were in a cabin once on the Queen Elizabeth with a crew station directly across from us and, while we did mention the noise to Reception, it only helped somewhat as the doors were constantly slamming and crew member
  10. A quick question for those of you who have been on the Navigator recently..... We were on this ship in 2002 --- I know, a lifetime ago in the world of cruising! The pictures we have seen from the recent upgrades and refurbishments give the ship a completely different and more modern look --- all positives. I know they do not have as many specialty restaurants, as well as other "quirks" which, from reading these boards, appeal to some....and others, not so much. Way back in 2002 we were in a veranda cabin and I have to admit that every time the phone rang in the cabin
  11. We are thinking of a Transatlantic on the QM2 in Britannia Club. We have previously sailed in both a regular Britannia cabin as well as Princess Grill. This time we would like to try the Britannia Club so as to at least have the dining experience of going anytime we want rather than an assigned early or late seating like Britannia. Quick question about these cabins after the refit. My understanding is that they now have glass shower doors and the decor has been updated as well. Is that correct for all cabins on both Decks 12 and 13? We have a choice of cabin 12033 (A2) .....not
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