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  1. Texas law states that on Sundays the only liquor served has to be bottled in Texas. So until we are 12 nautical miles out and in international waters, some brands of liquor and beer and wine are not available. The drink package is available that day. It's not a huge deal - you just might not be able to drink your favorite call brand until 30 minutes after sailaway.
  2. Hope his case is mild and he recovers quickly. I would certainly test him again 14 days before you sail to give you an idea of where you stand. Doc note won't help. He must test negative.
  3. I'm guessing perhaps you are on Liberty since you are in Texas. There is an ATM in the casino and the fee is pretty normal for a regular ATM. Definitely cheaper than paying the transaction fee at the cage. I believe you can cash travelers checks at Guest Services. Not sure about the casino. There is a safe in your room so if you want to bring cash, you have a good place to store it.
  4. Finally, life is feeling normal. Reviews from John & Lala, Radio and now Lioness. 🙂 Although you have your work cut out for you to beat The Curse of Brandon review. Have a great time and thank you for taking us along. We promise to be good little stowaways.
  5. We've been to Bananarama 3-4 times. Beautiful beach, great service, good food and prices. The only downside is cruisers sit in a dedicated section on the beach and the dive boats are right in front so you have the noise and fumes at times. Not a dealbreaker but it's there. If you are in the front row of loungers the beach peddlers are non stop but security keeps them from coming too close.
  6. yes but Tremont was bought by different owners. Hopefully they will be a bit more classy.
  7. We just booked and the contract says masks are required. But we will be outside - in the pool or the ocean. Or eating/drinking. Anyone been there who can clarify this policy? I don't mind wearing it to walk in and out but seems a bit much to be wearing it outside if no one is around our foursome.
  8. October 31st itinerary is now officially Cozumel/Costa May and Roatan
  9. CruzinGal#9, I hope you will report back on the suite experience. We cruise 10/31 with a 12:30 boarding time so I'm planning on getting there at 11:30.
  10. Yep, we're still waiting for the 10/31 itinerary to update. Not sure what the hold up is - they announced the Roatan itinerary for the 10/17 sailing two months ago. We all know Cayman isn't happening and I sure would like to get our excursions booked. They actually still allow you to purchase shore excursions for Cayman which is the height of stupidity - they are just creating more work for themselves when they have to cancel all of them and credit the people who don't do their research on the itinerary. Not everyone is an experienced cruiser. I'm checking every day!
  11. Yep, check in seems to have opened up yesterday. We're checked in for 10/31 sailing but waiting on them to tell us the itinerary since they still show Cayman and we know that's not happening.
  12. Check in opened today for the 10/31 sailing. Nabbed the earliest boarding time which was 12:30. We're in a GS so planning on getting there at 11:30. But...sure would be nice to have our itinerary done so we can book shore excursions. They still show us going to Grand Cayman which we KNOW is not happening. I've left a message on their FB and emailed - crickets. Yes, I'm aware they will announce it when they're good and ready but there are a lot of people out there who don't do their research and are thinking they're going to Cayman and Falmouth. They should at least communicate that they are working on the itinerary so people don't have to go through the hassle of booking and canceling excursions. Anyone else know anything? I'm assuming it will be the Roatan/Costa Maya/Cozumel route but still...
  13. It's usually a cocktail party event with snacks. Captain usually speaks and introduces some officers. Live music. They will do pinnacle and milestone recognition. I know we got one of our crystal blocks at one complete with pic with Captain and Loyalty Ambassador - they even called us ahead of time to ask if we were going to attend so they could do it there.
  14. Yes it saddens me that the historic value of the Galvez will be impacted. She is unique. It should have been a requirement of the sale that the hotel's historic significance would be respected and valued. The ghosts are going to be mad!! We are still staying since the rates for Halloween weekend everywhere are insane but this may be our farewell to a once Grand Lady. Tremont will probably be our replacement in the future.
  15. You are always so great to take us along but especially NOW. Hope you continue to have a great time!
  16. Thanks ssb, I knew I could count on you! yeah, I'm not too happy with the renderings. It looks overdone and "Dallas plastic". And I can say that - born and bred Dallasite. 😉 Hope you will be kind enough to come back and give me a report in October.
  17. I probably can never get used to calling it Grand Galvez. I know the new owners are remodeling (ugh) but wondering how things are progressing. We are staying there pre cruise end of October and I'm worried it's going to be torn up. Tripadvisor is no real help - not a lot of info and the reviews have taken a nosedive. Nothing on their FB, heck, they haven't even updated the hotel website. I know they are short staffed - no surprise there. If any of the Galveston locals or upcoming travelers can supply some info, it would be much appreciated. I've considered doing a back up reservation somewhere else just in case but the rates are through the roof (Halloween weekend).
  18. We cruise Liberty 10/31. I'm sure they will revise this by then but it will definitely make a difference in the SL. Every time we've done Liberty, the Pins would camp out in half the room - same area every night. The only downside is that the concierge and bar servers tips will go down.
  19. Were you able to sit at the Pool Bar? That's our major hangout on sea days.
  20. Thanks for taking us along. An empty solarium would be a dream!
  21. You're not going to please everyone. I think the current 70s party appeals to the most people with high energy and song recognition. They have to avoid something too niche since they are trying to attract people from 6 to 60+. Sure it's cheesy, that's the point. And they get a lot of crowd participation with the Village People. I'd love to see an 80's party - they would have a lot of the same issues and could do a boy band and a female supergroup or Madonna/The GoGo's kind of thing. Keep the high energy and recognition factor but change it up a little. Just my two cents - but what do I know? I only work in entertainment. 😉
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