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  1. bob278

    Unexpected Expenses

    And, if you are in a Club Continent Suite or higher, you get some perks that you might otherwise spend money on. These perks include: 240 minutes of internet time per person unlimited specialty restaurant visits one bag of laundry for each 7 days of cruising (note that a 12 or 13-day cruise gets only 1 bag, while a 14-day cruise gets 2) These perks are not "free" as you'll pay more for the suite, but the cabin is nicer and a LOT larger.
  2. bob278

    How to change display font?

    I misspoke. We can adjust only size and color now.
  3. bob278

    How to change display font?

    Thank you. Perfect example of what I meant by an education process. Someone has to teach this old dog just about every trick. I swear I do know how to read, I just didn't go there. And I also didn't check all the icons in the reply box to see the preview.
  4. bob278

    How to change display font?

    Jenn, Many thanks. I'm sure many agree with me that we do (sort of) understand the magnitude of the effort you guys are making and will (or at least I will) try to be patient while you fix the toy we love so much.
  5. bob278

    How to change display font?

    I don't think the old forum had the capability for us to choose the default display font but we could (and can do so now) select font type/size/color in our posts. Just check the top of the reply box for options.
  6. bob278

    How to change display font?

    And I keep on learning. I turned off notifications for this thread but got one anyway. And I'll share something else I learned. Posting in a thread does not subscribe/follow it automatically. You have to select follow manually. At least my old subscribed threads came across as followed.
  7. bob278

    How to change display font?

    The education process is on-going. With no action on my part, I got a notification about S.A.M.J.R's quoting my post. But this thread did not show up in my "Content I Follow" stream. It seems posting in a thread no longer "Subscribes (follows)" a thread automatically. Plus there are options on notifications. A lot more options requires more actions on our part (or blind acceptance of defaults we know nothing about). I look forward to learning and finding out that I like it. For now, there are quite a few problems to overcome in my opinion. Some examples (with comments) Default font nearly unreadable (Jenn said they are addressing - good. I'll temporarily try to remember to bold my text) Back to Top feature gone (but someone posted that desktops can use the Home key - good) Can't go to first unread post in a thread (this could drive me away altogether) Can't preview replies (a lot of editing will be going on) Can't see a simple list of threads I am subscribed to [following] (Using "Content I follow" under Activity gives posts for all threads I am following and I can compress that to one line. It's a poor substitute, but at least it's something)
  8. bob278

    How to change display font?

    I'm pretty sure the comments are about the forum default font, not what we post. At least that's my complaint. I know I have some control over the font in my posts, but everything in the default is hard to read. But Jenn has told us it is being addressed and I am confident they can come up with something that will be easier to read.
  9. bob278

    How to change display font?

    Thank you. Who knew it would be that simple. And it probably always worked. Oh the time I've wasted over the years scrollong.........
  10. bob278

    Last post at the end.

    Same question here.
  11. It's probably partly due to general price increases. But it is also likely that they only have a few seats at the lowest prices. I have also found that Choice Air is usually better only for one way or international flights. Not always true, but close. I recently booked a flight in business class from Edinburgh to Charlotte for $1,230 (with just one stop - a rare thing from Europe to Charlotte). I looked the next day and it had gone up to about $1,650. A few weeks later is was over $2,000. That itinerary is not available today but the cheapest option is still close to the same price for 2 stops and about $100 more for a 1-stop. On the other hand, I booked a flight from Charlotte to Oslo for the same cruise for just under $2,000 that would cost $3,376 today. So the flight pricing makes just about as much sense as the cruise pricing. They will charge as much as they think they can get and who knows what influences them as to where to start.
  12. It is worth it to compare any perks you have for whatever reason to the OBC for being a shareholder and then deciding which way to go. As an example, we have a 14-night cruise next March that is considered repositioning (Tokyo - Vancouver). We booked on board and got $200 OBC. I then got a military discount of $200 for a total benefit of $400. With the two perks, the shareholder benefit is not a good choice, but with either one alone, it would be $50 better. Over the last few years, there have been very few cruises that did not have some kind of offer but not all were better than the S/H OBC. So it is up to us to do the homework.
  13. Our ship arrives very early (about 03:40) and we have a flight at 11:35. Not sure if we can get ship transfers and are interested in pre-booking if there is a reliable service. Can anyone recommend someone?
  14. bob278

    Azamara Journey Suites Advice

    Here is a picture showing the tub and tub/shower suites. We have sailed in 8054 and 8057 multiple times with no noise problem. 8057 is under the last few feet of the patio before Windows and we have heard some noise but never enough to be a problem. 8054 is under the restrooms and very quiet. 8056 should also be pretty quiet but a word of caution. The shelves in the bathroom there are very small due to some kind of bulkhead obstruction. I think normal shelves in most of the suites are close to 6 inches deep but these are no more than 3.
  15. Thanks. I plan to research to find good sources (and hope tartanexile81 has some solid recommendations).