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  1. Because I did not know that. Shortly after the new version release, I tried clicking on the time and it worked so that's what I've been doing. I probably didn't notice the difference. I follow a very active roll call and noticed that I didn't go to first unread a few days ago. My bad. Feel free to close or delete this thread. Thank you for your help.
  2. Bad title. Should read "Link to Oldest Unread post not working correctly"
  3. If I click on the time entry on an unread post on a thread I follow, it goes to the bottom of the last post, even if there were more unread posts before the one I clicked on. It used to work on this new release, but isn't now.
  4. Thanks, Bonnie. That's what I want to remember about our July trip while forgetting all the troubles with the airlines.
  5. We stayed at a hotel about 3 miles from JFK and did hear some thunder but nothing I would consider extreme or for very long, hence my skepticism. Not to mention that we were supposed to leave at 7:40 and it was after 10:00 when we heard the storm. If they hadn't pulled the trigger so early, I am convinced we cold have made it. I do understand that the airlines and FAA are (sometimes overly) cautious but I have caught Delta (and American) in direct lies in the past. But I will give Delta some relief from my ire. While we still have one bag that nobody seems to know the location of, I was able to get a little satisfaction in that they will reimburse me for the hotel and give us a goodwill gesture of 20,000 miles to each account. Of course, they won't do that for everyone. You have to push a little and my status as a two million-miler helped a great deal.
  6. Thanks for the thought, but I am pretty sure Delta can dodge any responsibility because they said it was weather related and mandated by the FAA. No way to disprove that. I plan to file a claim on our travel insurance for the hotel at least.
  7. Yes. Going over, the luggage did not catch up to us until day 5 of the cruise. On the return, it is now 10:30 EDT and 2 of the 3 bags have been delivered. But the most important one (Garry's big bag) is still MIA. What makes it all worse, is that we had one flight cancelled and two delayed going to Oslo and on the return "only" one flight cancelled.
  8. JUst have to share our "good fortune" with flights. Our post-cruise trip was not a lot better than the pre-cruise. Our flight from Edinburgh to JFK was wonderful but that's where it ended. We had a long layover and about 3 hours into it, we were toldf our flight to Charlotte had been cancelled. Of course, there were no options for Wednesday and because it was "weather related (so Delta claimed), they gave us no help with dinner or hotel. So we enjoyed another airport hotel overnight. To top off the entire trip, our bags did not make it to Charlotte. We are now home (arrived in Charlotte at 1:30 and 2 of our bags are on their way from Atlanta to Charlotte and one is still in the Baggage Services Office at JFK. We may need drugs before we get on another airplane. 😳 But despite the horrors of transportation (and doing without luggage for the first 4 days of the cruise), it was a wonderful cruise. We met really nice people, saw some beautiful scenery and enjoyed an on-board experience that made us book the 2021 trip with Capt. Johannes (but we'll have to get over the flight fiasco to keep that date).
  9. Thanks for the good wishes. After our nightmare getting to the ship, we don’t need any more problems. I checked the German scanner site and think I know what’s up. The brochure just shows 13:00 - 21:00 as North Cape (cruising), but that is actually time in port and then we cruise past on the way north. I searched and Svalbard is an archipelago midway between Norway and the North Pole. The cruise is even more interesting than we thought! Warm clothes for sure!
  10. It is the 28 July sailing. I am looking at the brochure for 2021 and 2022 (and we all know how wonderful Azamara’s marketing material is) and Honnigsvag doesn’t show. Frankly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense not to stop there, but the cruise title is Norway Intensive and Svalbard Voyage (but Svalbard is not listed as a port). But there are 6 ports that are new to us (and Johannes said that those above the North Cape are new to him), even with two cruises to the North Cape and 4 others to Norway so it will be almost like a new itinerary for us. The cruise is on hold now but I will be making the deposit later today and will get a printed itinerary. I’ll come back and let you know that is says, but I would expect it to agree with your Voyage Planner. Garry and I are delighted that we’ll see you and Charles again. When we were looking at flights home, we both thought it would be nice it it worked out that we might see you for lunch but our flight is at 11:00 so we’ll be dashing to the airport.
  11. Danny did OK. He really didn’t have a large role. Captain Johannes spoke for a good while. He even made a pitch for people to join him in 2021 for a little longer (18 days) and going beyond the North Cape (but, curiously, not stopping in Honnigsvag). He said he would tweak his vacation to be on the cruise. We signed up. After Liesel (Loyalty & Future Sales) spoke and made the presentation of the top cruiser (37 cruises), Johannes spoke briefly and turned it to Danny who had a few words and dismissed the party. Only problem was that the singers and dancers were ready to perform. Heike had a short word with him and he recovered nicely. I will say that he did a very good job with White night and has a very good voice and range. But Eric is a very tough act to follow. It would have been better if Eric had not been on board and done his show a couple of nights previously. I think Danny will do well, but he is not Russ or Eric (then again, who is?).
  12. We will definitely cross-pack in the future! When we first started cruising we did but got overconfident over the years with no problems. Garry had a really small carry-on because the SAS website said their weight limit was too low for her regular one. I noticed that at the last minute so she raced to get the essentials in the small one. She has informed me that she will take that one from now on as she always packs a full change of clothes and, if we have to pay for gate-checking it, I should be prepared to pull out the credit card.
  13. Cruise Critic members are the best! We appreciate the thoughts, concerns and encouraging comments. By the grace of God, our luggage showed up this morning in Alesund! Two bags went from Chicago to Newark to Oslo to Alesund and one went from Chicago to Heathrow to Oslo to Alesund. As Phil said, we had a nightmare trip. The short versions is 1 cancelled flight, two delays also causing itinerary changes and the net was we started in the Charlotte airport Saturday morning and didn’t arrive to Oslo until about 1:30 on Monday. We ended up flying through Paris to Oslo after having to abandon our third itinerary through Chicago and Helsinki when the Chicago flight suffered its second delay. Unfortunately, our bags stayed on the plane to Chicago. Mario (the Concierge) told us there were 12 cabins affected by lost luggage so we were far from alone. Azamara gave us complimentary laundry every day so my spare shirt and underwear were at least cleaned. Poor Garry had neither so washed her own delicates and touched it out for the rest. In spite of the inconvenience, it’s been a good cruise and we expect it to be even better now.
  14. Thank you again, Phil. I hope this additional savings will push our friends over the edge and they'll join us.
  15. Thank you, Phil. And that would include the LCV discount? The way Azamara has been applying policies and pricing recently makes this especially surprising. I can't believe the prices on the Pursuit cruise. When I compare a CC to a sky suite on the Eclipse for a 14-day cruise, the Eclipse is $20,750 and the Pursuit is $13,900 with no discounts.
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