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  1. How sad that all three outstanding gentlemen are gone from Azamara now. They all represented all the best that Azamara ever wanted to be.
  2. Ah, the memories. I was one of those "back in the day".
  3. Thank you . I did send an e-mail to help@cruisecritic.com but neglected to include my user name. I also asked about setting a default font for posts.
  4. Before the upgrade, there was an option to see a list of everyone who posted on a thread. I can't find how to do that now. Anybody know?
  5. If I had found this, I would have worn this my last week in SAC before I got out. It is so true. There were many "inspirational" slogans during my time in SAC (many years ago when Lemay still commanded it). One was DIRFT (Do It Right The First Time), unofficially followed by SAD (Screwup And Die).
  6. I always interpreted it to be in the military style with the noun first, followed by adjectives. As in Obsession, Compulsive Disorder. Once I got used to that format, it made sense, perfect to me . I always thought Obi Wan Kenobi learned how to talk in the military.
  7. You can thank The Big Bang Theory for that.
  8. With all credit to Pompey Sailor on the RCL humor thread. I just wish it had been a video for the sound effects. The vision I had made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes.
  9. Think again, detective. No serious puzzler would walk away with the last piece not in place. This was premeditated murder.
  10. In an interview, Steve Irwin was asked what the meanest animal in the world. He said "That's easy, it's a crocagator". The interviewer said "I've never heard of that. What is it?" Steve told him it was a combination of a reptile with the head of a crocodile on one end and the head of an alligator on the other end. The interview said "That's crazy! How would he crap?" Steve said, "That's what makes it so mean".
  11. The drain looks like it's in about the right place.
  12. And this is from the planning session. Look at all that clarity!
  13. Well, we have to think fast since we sure can't move fast anymore.
  14. Probably because the promotion is for cruises booked between May 11 and June 1 so it had to be rebooked with current prices/offers. Can't simply add the discount to existing/ That would have been great because on our cruise, the resident discount was $3,080 and the military savings was only $1,200. But we still got a net $600 decrease in cruise fare and picked up the perks. Good deal for us.
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