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  1. My son is awaiting a bone marrow transplant due to leukaemia. He has a match in Europe but this virus is delaying the transplant. I ask that everyone stops and thinks of those who have no immunity and other health and age related issues. Just stay home forget about shopping and socializing. It's not going to kill you to stay home but by going out you can potentially be responsible for someone else's death by unknowingly contracting and spreading the virus.
  2. I am not familiar with the share market but sounds like I should invest in some. My brother who does tinker in shares and cruises with princess frequently tells me buying would complicate things tax wise. Agree or disagree? I have spare cash so happy to take the risk but dont want tax issues.
  3. Could you please tell me how far the walk from rmtender boats to the treaty house is. Is it an easy walk? Asking for a friend who struggles a bit walking but is ok on the flat 10 mins or so. Thank you
  4. Hope they dont treat it as non refundable. Please let us know when you receive it.
  5. Email them so you have an answer in writing. Then print a copy. You then have a defence if challenged.
  6. First trip to Japan I bought what looked like milk for my coffee. Turns out it was flavoured drinking yogurt. It was long before we could buy drinking yogurt in Australia.
  7. Tara Jane

    Port of Kobe

    Thats interesting having a set charge rather than just paying the expenses. THanks for letting me know about it. Have a wonderful time, I'm currently planning another trip to Japan taking a friend next year.
  8. Tara Jane

    Port of Kobe

    Highly recommend goodwill guides all over Japan. They are not professional guides but volunteers who enjoy showing their country. Some are uni students studying English others business people retired teachers home makers they come from all walks of life. Only cost is guides transport and meals while with you but book ahead. They are in very high demand.
  9. Thanks Gbenjo for your prompt reply. Now I understand how its done😉
  10. Just a query for those who put a "phantom" name how do you get around the on line check in and passport number request? Maybe it isnt essential to do the online check in part. We had a genuine case of twin going to solo on a Japan cruise on the diamond. At the last minute one person became very I'll and unable to fly. On check in the other advised her friend wasn't able to travel. No problem at all and the non travelling person claimed all expenses on her travel insurance. The cruise was only part of an extended trip around Japan so it was quite a large insurance claim on her free cre
  11. We also use super shuttle as it will drop off at hotel door rather than at bus stops. If in a group the super shuttle is extremely inexpensive. The bigger the group the cheaper the ticket.
  12. IQ 108 large interior stateroom I should have added in my comments that we chose this cruise due to the itinerary. We have travelled NZ extensively both cruise and road travel. This itinerary went into quite a few smaller ports that the big ships cant get into. We missed Kaikoura due to weather and the captain decided not to take us far in to Milford sound. We were travelling with a RCI ship which went fully in and spent quite some time so felt quite cheated. Weather was not an issue that day.
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