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  1. Tara Jane

    Day train trip to Blue mountains

    Yes thank you everyone decision has been made, we will just stay around Sydney Parramatta or Manley for lunch then to the airport. Maybe next cruise out of Sydney will go up a few days earlier and do the blue mountains. We always go at least one day early to ensure we are there stress free.
  2. Tara Jane

    Booking with a TA

    Same with my friend who went to a TA for a quote of flights and 10 days accommodation in Japan and rail pass. TA came up with 7,500 aud per person, I did it for her at a little over 2,300 aud. TA included 4-5 star hotels and private tours. I booked 3 star and goodwill guides. Shes been back 2 weeks and had a fantastic time. She lives in a rather upmarket area, and went to a local TA. Guess the TA did some assuming.
  3. Tara Jane

    Day train trip to Blue mountains

    Thank you for help. Perhaps I will need to rethink. Will talk to the others in our party. I just thought it would be something different rather than the usual ferry trip to Manley and sitting around the airport.
  4. Tara Jane

    Day train trip to Blue mountains

    Thank you so much just the info I needed.🙂
  5. Would appreciate help from Sydney locals. We are due to dock at 7 am on Friday 21st December and our flight to Melbourne isn't til 5.15 pm. We have "done" Sydney itself many times so I was wondering about a train trip to the Blue mountains. We haven't been there since before children and eldest is 40!. Not super fit so was thinking of train to central store luggage and just go up for the train ride rather than sitting at the airport for hours or ferry around the harbour and Manley which is our usual fill in. Can we just get off the train and wander the little towns and if so which station do you suggest or stations? We have opal cards bought a few years ago. Do they expire? I would want to be at the airport by 3.45 at the latest to allow for any hiccups. My thoughts are a couple of hours each way on the train and maybe 2 wandering a town with lunch. Thanks for your help. I still cant find my way around this new format very well.
  6. Tara Jane

    Moda Hotel in Vancouver

    True but you may not get into the Y if you leave it too late.
  7. Tara Jane

    Questions that don't make sense

    I can understand the questions experienced cruisers would find strange and insignificant. But when we started cruising everything was so exciting and new to us. Sometimes I yearn for those days to return. We always spent the first day exploring every corner of the ship. Now we are in the high 20s number of cruises it's more like putting on the comfy slippers. It suits us we enjoy cruising but the first time excitement has long gone. First time on HAL and noweigan coming up so maybe some spark might return.
  8. Tara Jane

    Moda Hotel in Vancouver

    Sorry martincath. My excuse was that it was midnight and I was heading to bed when I saw post. My brain doesn't function well at any time but after 10pm it's worse!
  9. Tara Jane

    Moda Hotel in Vancouver

    Hi Kathleen, i also booked this hotel but after reading posts here from Michaelcath I booked the YWCA. I cancelled the Moda. YWCA have several types of rooms, Ive booked a double with our own ensuite for 140 canadian dollars room only. If you book on their own website they give a discount to over 60s. Michaelcath seems to know all there is to know about Vancouver so I am trusting his recommendation. All we ask for is clean room, ensuite bathroom and located in a safe area.
  10. Tara Jane

    Connections at Changi Airport

    Not long enough don't put yourself through the stress of risking a missed flight. SIngapore airport is one of the best to have to kill some time, lots to do and seel. Check into one of the transit hotels available in 6 hour blocks, reasonable price and includes breakfast. Nice to have a shower and a bed, after the 6 hours go for breakfast and then prepare for your onward flight. The transit hotel we stayed at was airside so no need to go through immigration.
  11. Tara Jane

    Booking with a TA

    thank you for the explanation. I have always wondered but never been in the position. Ill keep my eyes on the cruise lines site for comparisons. Totally fair enough to pay for changes. Only ever had to cancel 2 trips neither being cruises, first from a cancer diagnosis and the other just this September thanks to a blood clot both were insurance claims so irrelevant as to the amount of the claim in reality.
  12. I have just replied to your other post. I dont know what part of the USA you are from but having only been to the east coast and central areas of USA the best I can compare the GOR with is the day bus trip we took from San Francisco down to Monteray and along that coast. I might be totally off here but it was 13 years ago, we had a lovely long day with several stops and wandered around a few towns. Enjoyed it and can say been there done that. Ive been back to San Fran since but at the time didn't think I would get there again an it was an insight to the coast. If as someone suggested your day trip includes a koala visit then even better. As I said in my other reply to you I wouldnt waste my time on Healesvile. Sad but true.
  13. Tara Jane

    Booking with a TA

    When you get the price drop either re price or upgrade is it only when booking through the cruise line or also through the TA? Is it the cruise lines own website that is used as the price to compare with? I rarely book through the cruise line as have always got a much better deal from TAs. I use a few different ones but find 1st and oz are generally the best prices. We usually book very last minute quite often after final payment is due so pick up the cancelled rooms. We aren't fussy where we are located as long as it is in a bed and has a bathroom. Usually take guarantee if available. That way I can keep dreaming of the penthouse until I get our cabin number. We've never been unhappy with a cabin, maybe I am just too easy to please
  14. Tara Jane

    Booking with a TA

    Me neither but I do book very last minute. I go with whoever gives me the best deal and 99% of the time it is not the cruise line.
  15. Tara Jane

    Booking flights on skiddoo

    Agreed. I ordered Japan rail passes from them and they arrived 2 correct and 2 in someone else's name. The wrong names were people we had cruised with a few years previously. What got me was the agent saying it was no big deal. It was to me as we had to wait another week lucky I allow lots of time for unexpected dramas. I only gave them a go this time as they claimed to price beat and I didn't feel comfortable booking through skidoo webjet etc.