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  1. Just saw a CNBC post that all cruises from US ports are cancelled through Sept. 15th. Does anyone have anything further on this please?
  2. With the recent interviews of RCI leadership, I am aware that they indicated potential to start cruising again early in Asia/China area. (Not interested in Asia/China area.) I'm wondering what some of you more "experts" (I mean that in a complimentary way) who track RCI closely think would be the first ships to start cruising? Do you think they would have any go out of USA (contingent on CDC not extending the no-sail order) to Caribbean? Will they use the same ports that Carnival Cruise Lines has indicated they will start in August? I'm thinking of potentially the Harmony of the Seas in early September from Port Canaveral; do you think that might go or likely not and if not, why do you think not (e.g., ship is doing repatriation in Europe or something)? I know it will be different cruising than we are used to (we are not big buffet partakers anyway). Just trying to assess if even worth reserving at this time. (I do know that there is a risk that could be cancelled if a second wave happens or if CDC extends no-sail; so don't need to hear that restated here. Just want to hear from some of you who are more in-tuned than I am as to what you hear/sense on RCI restart.) Thank you in advance.
  3. I looked for anything on this but didn't see it (apologize if just missed it). At first, I thought Carnival in their announcement of what they are looking for in the near-term when start up, i.e., which ships will go & not go, was too early to communicate, but in thinking about this, I like their approach. (Note: I am not a huge Carnival fan.) Doing this helps those of us who may be interested in planning a trip and willing to take the risk on early opening cruises to know which ones will be available to book. I'm wondering why RCI can't do something similar so we can know which ones may be available? I'm finding myself wasting time looking at cruises (even in the Caribbean which we've been to a lot) and not knowing if that trip will happen or not. (I do realize won't be in next couple of months; looking more at September.) I'd like to know what ships are likely, potential dates (understanding that dates can change) to at least consider booking and having something to anticipate. Please do not reply with lectures on why we should or should not go on a cruise when they first open----there are many forums open for that where you can comment. More interested if there are others who would like RCI to at least communicate more openly with customers for our planning purposes (recognizing it would be subject to change based on how COVID & CDC progresses). Or please let me know if this is already available & I'm just missing something.
  4. Last year we went on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. They did not provide straws in cocktails. They would allow paper only to help the environment. I've never had to bring straws on RCCL ships before but wondering if this is a recent environmental change across the cruise lines now. Can someone tell me if Liberty of the Seas provides straws for the cocktails or if you need to bring your own now? Thank you in advance.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a Carlos N Charlies in Grand Cayman? If not, is there a Senor Frogs? Thank you in advance.
  6. Nordic Prince in 1971. I was a teenager and traveled with my parents on a 2-week cruise to Caribbean. It was a gamble as I don’t know what they would have done if I hated it. But I’m still cruising all these years later. So they got me hooked.
  7. Thank you so much for these. Helped a lot to make our decision. I do appreciate this.
  8. I will be sailing on Liberty of the Seas out of Galveston in May. Is anyone on there now (or recently) that can post the daily compasses? I am currently scheduled for 8:00 pm TD but am considering changing to MTD. We are usually ones who do TD but have sometimes had to miss some events we may have enjoyed (not big shows, smaller events) due to the TD. We are traveling with some first time cruisers who I know will want to do karaoke & some trivia games; so trying to see if the MTD would work better for them. Another question please: What restaurants are open on boarding day? Do Grand Suite guests have access to a specialty restaurant on embarkation for lunch? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
  9. I have tried to get a hard copy brochure from RCI and keep getting referred to download my own copy or look online, that they are no longer available. I ask how do travel agents get theirs & was told they go through a special provision to get theirs. Does anyone know anything about this? Another cost cutting example at RCI? I know I can go to a TA to get one but would like to order one from RCI. I've gotten other cruise lines' brochures with no difficulty or challenges; just can't get one from RCI which seems odd. Please no lectures on the environment & looking online. I travel a lot & prefer to have a hardcopy to review for upcoming cruises. Each to his/her own.
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