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  1. I'm seeing fewer tuxedos over the last few years. On our Med cruise last August I would guess the ratio was 70/30 in favor of dark business suits. You definitely will not feel out of place.
  2. We've done a lot of Seabourn cruises and never had an upgrade offer. Is this something new? I would be interested in the experience of others.
  3. We've always board around noon and head directly to the Colonnade for a leisurely lunch while our room is being readied.
  4. We have used this service for our last 5-6 cruises, including trips to various ports in Europe and Australia/New Zealand. We've never had a problem. The luggage is always picked up on time and has been delivered to our stateroom prior to departure. As others have noted, it's not cheap but we find the cost justified by the convenience.
  5. A very dry Bombay Sapphire martini up with a twist is always appropriate. Insist that it be served in a traditional martini glass. If you're in the mood for bourbon, try a sidecar.
  6. I got a Seabourn email yesterday promoting the Set Sail event and listing cruises, one of which was a segment of the 2020 World Cruise. However, when you go to the cruise there are no promos listed. Very misleading.
  7. Depending on one's Seabourn activity, it might make sense to purchase the minimum 100 shares for the shareholder OBC and the 4.5% dividend.
  8. I agree that the Seabourn casino is not the place for a serious gambler. The odds are seriously stacked against you and the recreational players can be trying. It can be a pleasant diversion to be occasionally enjoyed.
  9. BJ on Seabourn is always interesting because of the novice players. I thought I had seen everything until our recent Med cruise on Encore when a gentleman told the dealer to hit his two face cards. We (the rest of the table and the dealer) implored him to reconsider, but he became angry and insisted on another card. He got it, he busted of course, and most of the other players immediately got up and left the table.
  10. I've been following the pricing of the 2020 World Cruise segments and they have held steady. Given Seabourn's pricing on past cruises, I had expected to see some reduction or at least the offering of various inducements i.e. cabin upgrades, OBC, internet packages, etc. Perhaps some of the TA's have heard rumblings and passed them on to others. If anyone has any information, it would be appreciated.
  11. Carnival requests that the documentation be faxed or mailed to Seabourn. I found faxing to be the most efficient--the number is 206-501-2900. The mail address is Seabourn Reservations, 450 Third Avenue, W., Seattle, WA 98119.
  12. We've never done an OB booking, but are considering it. Does Seabourn Club status play any part in cabin assignments? Will Seabourn assign the highest available category or is it completely random? Previous posts suggest most OB assignments have been in the range of V4-6. Does anyone have experience with either higher or lower assignments. Any other experiences with OB are appreciated.
  13. We just returned from two weeks on Encore. We booked TKG the first night and ate there a second time later in the cruise. Service and ambiance were excellent. The main dishes ranged from good to excellent, but the sides were uniformly disappointing. The roast chicken was probably the best main dish. The steaks were good, but were not as good as those I've had in several stateside steak houses. Frankly, my impression overall is that TKG does not match the hype.
  14. Just received a promotional email from Seabourn announcing a 5% discount on selected cruises if you are a Seabourn Club member. Is this in addition to the 5% discount you receive if you make a future cruise deposit while on-board?
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