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  1. Wow! What an awesome response to my pitiful post about not knowing how to handle my limitations while cruising. Everyone who took the time to respond needs to know how much their encouraging words help. I’m taking every bit of advice seriously and I’m going to make it work. Thank you so much, Lori
  2. This will be my 6th cruise but 1st since the onset of an autoimmune disease that has left me with some mobility limitations that I pray don’t put too much of a burden on my husband as we travel. I can walk short distances, but can’t do stairs or steep inclines. I’m very concerned about being able to stand in line to check in at the terminal and actually getting on the ship. I do not use a wheelchair at home, and shouldn’t need one while on the cruise. I feel embarrassed to ask for a wheelchair at checkin but I also have to figure out how to handle getting around town and shore excursions. I desperately want to be able to function without help but I have to be realistic. Anyone else in a similar situation that can give me advice? During my previous cruises, I remember admiring people on the cruise that did not let their physical limitations stop them, and now I’m in that position but nervous about how to make it all work. any help, advice would be appreciated.
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