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  1. Happy Campers from Australia. Cancelled 2 cruises and deposits in the bank after 3 weeks. Had a call from Oceania Sydney office to confirm it was happening.
  2. Thanks for that, sounds like it’s normal not too have them listed. Appreciate your replies. Oceania in Australia are great to work with so I don’t anticipate any issues. cheers
  3. Hi, being from Australia the Olife options may well be offered differently but just wondering if anyone could assist with this query. We are booked on a Dublin Copenhagen cruise 2020 which included all the Olife options- OBC, 4 excursions, Beer/wine with meals, Gratuities, Internet. All these appear on the Oceania invoice but not on our online account. The excursions are now available to book but we a little concerned they will take the cost of what we select from our OBC. I do realise which ones are Olife only. The drink package also does not appear online but the OBC does. My query to the forum is - does your online accounts show your Olife options whether it be excursions or drink package etc. I have no doubt we will get it sorted with Oceania whom we booked with direct but just wondering how things are shown in the USA or elsewhere. cheers
  4. Should we say welcome to Australia, which you may have worked out by now is a very similar size to USA and if you have forgotten anything on that comprehensive list to pack we can accomodate you here, even if you have to dodge the kangaroos to get to the shops. 😁😁. Enjoy our wonderful country.
  5. Just to add a question here...by upgrading to the premium drink package, does that offer you any other choice of wines by the glass. Someone mentioned you could buy the bottle at 50% off. Get the feeling BYO plus corkage is a good option.
  6. Oceania have done the right thing by us. We are better off by $7k on a b2b in July2020. Thanks Oceania and Michelle
  7. Thanks all for your opinions which have at least given us a huge boost in confidence with the Silver Wind. We are at least have the desire to cruise with them, whether it’s next year will remain with our decision with the choice of itineraries. 99% of you, all seem to be really nice folk....hopefully just like us and we are sure we could fit into that wonderful way of cruising. We will certainly consider all your thoughts and hope to catch you somewhere in the world. Cheers
  8. Thanks everyone for the comments. just to add.....Nautica will be refurbished in June 2020 so this will be the first trip out but won’t alter the size of the bathrooms of course. That was not an issue on Regatta for us but we knew nothing different apart from the Radiance and a P&O cruise years ago. We have a huge OBC so even with drink surcharges (10% ) I think it will be tough spending it. Of course the gratuities are included with Oceania (Australia agents have priced it in the fare)......and Silversea? It is a pain leaving from Dublin and even more embarking from Southampton as we want to road trip Scotland either prior or after, The itinerary on O is very appealing going right over the top of USSR. We have always planned our own shore excursions as we realise the O tours are especially outlandish. Our ages are young 70/73 when we sail....how does this fit in with the general ship age. Less than 300 pax....guess there is enough activity or do you make your own on sea days. We really would love to sail with Silversea and wonder if it could be a better option after the refit in November..... Nowornever......you are right, we feel very privileged to being able to make this decision.
  9. Thanks for the replies. The Silversea cruise is 24 days, London to London from July 20 next year. The Nautica cruise 22nd July Dublin - Southampton 32 days. Will have to decide on one of them. Cheers
  10. Sorry bout that, sorry also you didn’t have anything more to say....
  11. Hi, we are not seasoned cruisers but enjoyed 10 days on the Regatta in 2017 through Alaska. We are now looking at Northern Europe on either the Nautica (after the June 2020) refit or the Silver Wind (prior to the November refit). I was hoping to get some comments on the difference we could expect from both companies. With Oceania there is enough on board credit to take care of the drinks we would consume on the 32 day trip. Silver Seas is apparently all inclusive and much the same price but only 24 days. For the money involved we would like to think we are spoiling ourselves and would expect a pretty smart ship, service and food. I am concerned that the Silver Wind may just be a bit tired at the moment and could be disappointing especially coming all the way from Australia for the cruise. On both cruises we are looking at the A2 veranda on Nautica and the basic veranda on the Silver Wind. Appreciate your comments Cheers
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