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  1. I called the Blue Chip Club and their reply was the same as yours. FCC could be used for the cruise fair of an upgrade. Since my upgrade ended up being only $70 pp chose not to use my FCCs that were $688pp. Carol
  2. Is it possible to use a Future Cruise Credit to upgrade your cabin on a free Blue Chip cruise. Just wondering if anyone has tried to do this or use it for a Premium Drink package or a free cruise. Carol
  3. Our certificates only had "Expiration Date" no book by or sail by date Both certificates were issued March 12, 2020 for cruises they cancelled. We received full refund for what we had paid plus these certificates for 25% of the fare. I went to Celebrity.com and followed the directions for redeeming an FCC. Next day I received both the confirmation on using the one and the notice that I could not use the other due to the one certificate per cruise limitation. FYI we are booked with a Travel Agent but I used the certificate directly with Celebrity on the Web.
  4. I was able to apply a FCC yesterday that said it expired March 2021 to an October 2021 cruise. That was the good news. I had 2 FCCs for each of us and was only allowed to use one. e-mail back said only one FCC per person per cruise.
  5. We cancelled our air yesterday that was booked thru Celebrity Air program. The credit will go to our credit card and the change cancellation fee was waived. We were booked on a cruise that had major changes that allowed for cancellation with future cruise credit. Hope that helps.
  6. THat is your casino play level. Mine says Elite Plus Amethyst and Paul's says Elite Plus Pearl
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