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  1. Cancel the medallions! They are not new, it has been a few years and they still don't work as advertised.
  2. I used to keep cruise card on a lanyard but the increased weight of the medallion made a lanyard uncomfortable on our Regal cruise so my husband offered to carry it in his pocket since we are usually together or I just left it in the cabin. Later I realized that would show that I went in a lot of men's rooms if they were tracking where I went. Giggle.
  3. Thank you so much for all of the information. I may consider the wheelchair option. It is so helpful to have the CC community.
  4. We are flying in 3 days early. I am not so worried about missing the ship but on the Princess website right now the alternatives all show tight connections of less than an hour. We are senior citizens and cannot run through the airport to make a connection. I always leave at least an hour in between flights. I would just cancell EZ air now and book a flight but any other flight would cost twice as much. Thank you for answering so promptly and offering to help. Very considerate of you.
  5. We choose EZ air for our Feb cruise on Regal. Due to where we live there are no non stop flights available and the only airline choice was AA. Because of ongoing problems with their planes, they keep canceling flights. They just extended concellations through Jan. We are really concerned that our flight will be cancelled after final payment. What happens if the airline cancells after final payment? Will we get our money for the flight back? Anybody have this experience?
  6. We had so many problems setting up the Ocean Ready for our cruise this year, my husband wants to cancel the next cruise and do a land based trip instead. I have to admit it is so much easier to arrange hotel than cruise.
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