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  1. We had so many problems setting up the Ocean Ready for our cruise this year, my husband wants to cancel the next cruise and do a land based trip instead. I have to admit it is so much easier to arrange hotel than cruise.
  2. We were on the Regal last week. When we docked at Cozumel the medallion readers were not working properly and so no one could disembark for about an hour. There were lines of passengers waiting to get off that stretched all the way through the ship. Princess was very generous and gave every passenger a letter of apology and a $25 OBC the next day.
  3. We just came back from a B2B from Ft Lauderdale. We decided to treat the day in Ft Lauderdale as a "port day". We were allowed to get off any time other passengers were deporting. We used the "in transit" pass Princess gave us and easily and quickly exited showing our passports, medallion and that pass. We caught a taxi at the ship and went down to the nearby beach area for $10. We watched the surf and nearby boats while drinking coffee, called home, checked email, went shopping among the stores. Then we caught one of the trolleys back to 17th Street for $1 each. Got off trolley across from Walgreens and walked back to ship. Was very easy to get back on ship with our pass. Avoided any lines. It was a fun way to spend the time. Would do it again.
  4. Pickles is right. We called for a month and they just told us that tech would call. They didn't at first then finally called and gave us a new password. We made them stay on the line while we tried it. It didn't work. They tried and it didn't work. They finally got it to work, but setting it up taking photos of passport and ourselves was tedious. Not as easy as I expected. Then at the end it said we had to print a copy but we couldn't figure it out. Said we can't get on the ship without the copy. We just got the medalions but now not sure they will let us on the ship. Our whole family is very tech savvy but this is a real challenge. I am going to wait a few years to cruise with Princess again so they can improve this.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to share. Appreciate it.
  6. We sail on the Regal out of Port Everglades in 2 weeks. Could those who get off ships there this weekend comment on their experience at the pier and Fort Lauderdale airport. Should we expect delays due to the shutdown?
  7. We also have Android. What brand , model and operating system and what network was used? Thanks. Trying to track down the problem
  8. I keep getting the same error message for our Feb Regal cruise. Glad it isn't just me. Twice I called the # for Ocean Ready support. Some support. They just said they would send a message to the tech support people and they would call me, never called. Hope the medallion works when we get on the ship. Not encouraged.
  9. Thank you for answering my WiFi question. You have been wonderful. Have a safe trip home.
  10. We are doing a back to back on the Regal in February and really appreciate all the details you included especially, time ashore. On turn around day in Ft Lauderdale did you find any places (reataurants, etc.) that offered free wifi?
  11. We had the same problem and we signed up for the Princess excursion that included Los Olas and then a boat trip around millionaires homes. They put your luggage in the storage area under the bus and it stays there while you are on the boat. Then they deliver you and your luggage to the airport. When you consider the cost of transportation to the airport, it isn't much more and we had a great day.
  12. What about those passengers in the middle of a back to back? Do they have to get off the ship and wait on the dock while they clean the ship? Anyone experienced this?
  13. I think some who are new to Princess read these posts and think the only way to get coffee at the IC is to purchase a coffee card. You CAN purchase coffee or tea there and just pay each time. Don't need a card. Now that the card is only good on that voyage not such a good deal.
  14. Once you are cleared, what did you DO on the ship, if you didn't get off? Not much going on that first day, everyone unpacking.
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