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  1. 3 days before a cruise, my son sprained his ankle enough to where the doctor has said no weight bearing for the next two weeks. Yeah us!!! We are going out of San Juan on Freedom of the Seas on Sunday. We get into San Juan on Saturday, has others been in this situation and maybe what options we might have. One thought is to call around San Juan and see if you can rent a knee scooter for the week, but was wondering if Royal Caribbean handles this. I know you can rent electric chairs, but my 20 year old son is not doing that. Does Royal rent knee scooters? Anyone that has gone through this situation, would like to know what options I might have.
  2. I use rcldining@rccl.com email address each time we have a cruise because we have 4 rooms of 2 with 8 people. They have always prior to sailing gone ahead and reserved a table for us. We are leaving on the FOS in 12 days and have already secured an 8 top with Issac Dining Room with an actual table number. We have My Time Dining designation.
  3. Gotten finalized, the kids were moved from a guarantee inside to Spacious Oceanview on deck 12. YEAH! So I now have a room for them and it is better than what they got. Thanks RCL.
  4. People are funny, trying to find things. Our "kids", which we still call them, are 20 and 23 years old. Find someone else to flame.
  5. Understand, I'm more on the efficiency side where I like to make sure that it has the right tag and not a sharpie that has or hasn't written the tag correctly.
  6. We are 18 days out, when does RCL normally start moving from Guarantee to an actual stateroom number? Its for our kids who have an inside. I am hoping not 1-2 days out, need to print luggage tags.
  7. No issue the bringing Graycliffs back. Don’t be suckered into buying any ‘Cubans’ as they are all fake. If any of your other ports have a Casa Del Habano, that is a good shop
  8. Does Royal IQ work on Freedom? Or just on Oasis class ships? If not any connection process available to text on board using iPhone
  9. 7 of us are coming in on the Freedom of the Seas in late August. 3 of them are boys in their 20's and want to do watersports like jetski, flyboards, etc. I have seen delphimotorsports for Eagle, but confused if it actually there. The other 4 of us want to just rent chairs and shade (umbrella or tree) to sit and enjoy the sand and wade into the water. Which beach is better for this? Is there a place where at the taxi stand you tell the driver where to be dropped off at? Just want to be able to sit and watch the boys if they do the watersport near where we are sitting. Thanks for any assistance.
  10. Thank you! If you did the drink package, any of the bars that seem to be less busy? By chance, did you get a copy of the drink menu (beers) for the Bull & Bear Bar?
  11. Yes, if you can put the dining menus here that would be so helpful.
  12. These are great. Thanks for putting them on. Going on Freedom end of next month, but will help with show schedules, which should be pretty close. By chance, do you have menus at the MDR?
  13. Great to hear. Cruising on the Freedom in one month. Can you by chance list which shows play on which night. Also if you can post what night is lobster night in MDR. Have a great cruise
  14. I am aware that a 20 year can not drink alcohol on the ship, but are they excluded from being able to go into the dance clubs or any of the venues during the evening?
  15. Received the bid process for RoyalUp today for a cruise next month on Freedom of the Seas. We are in a spacious balcony now (2 people) and our son (20) is rooming with 2 friends in another balcony. If we won the 2 bedroom, would we be able to cancel him in that room and move him into the 2 bedroom? Has anyone tried that before?
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