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  1. So no more adventures (ropes) course????
  2. As long as they say "You can't board this ship without a doctor's note that you have the vaccine". I am ready to sail.
  3. MSC just announced that they had a positive test on the second sailing prior to boarding. No only did that person not get on the boat, but the family of that passenger AND the family that came in on the same cab as the person that tested positive. I am fully on board of the way that MSC is implementing it's plan.
  4. Great to see Europe is getting back to cruising with a big ship going out of Italy this past weekend. Great to see, hopefully the week will be filled with great stories and the start of something close to normalcy. I agree that it will take some time, but has to start somewhere. Italy is a start, hopefully others will follow soon. Looks like the river cruises are starting up as well. Thinking positive as we get through the end of the summer and start of fall. If we can get all things in place, 2021 won't come soon enough.
  5. For that price, I would say 3 day. They are usually $299 for a 7 day cruise. I would check that most Thermal Spa's will not be open unless the COVID vaccine is found due to the social distancing restrictions. You will be able to go into the spa, but not use the pool area, the salt room, sauna, etc. They are not large enough to have guidance of number of people using. To that end, my wife and I always have gotten the pass to the SPA as it is a great place to go and relax. Hope for your case as it gets close to your sail date that they got everything done and it is open.
  6. Yes, it will drag for years and the court will ask you what documentation do you have that you cancelled, you will say that the I told the TA to do it over the phone, they will say they have no documentation of that, the judge will rule in their favor. Small claims court for you and a local company is one thing, small claims court with a large company becomes costly.
  7. Enjoy your FCC. I would say go to the top of the TA that you used to get them to refund you. But the cost of small claims court will not be beneficial to your wallet.
  8. I am glad that NCL actually is refunding prior to the 90 days. Yes, it is long, BUT we are in a new normal for all of the cruising industry. Those that are complaining about the length of this 90 day refund need to understand this and that 90 days means "up to 90 days". I am one that has a May 7th refund due and won't worry or do anything different until after the first week of August. I know how to add. And if it takes 90 days, I will still sail on NCL again.
  9. A lot of people buy the insurance for other items like lost luggage, issues with ports, especially medical needs while on board. I can't tell you the number of times we visited the hospital on board to help with our kids who may have been injured by "stupid stuff", but each time the doctor said no charge! I had an allergic reaction and had to get pumped full of Benadryl and would have been over $1000, but they said no charge. Little things like that add up for piece of mind.
  10. Canada just enacted a policy that they will not allow cruise ships to come in or out of it's ports from today to July 1st. Do you think that Italy should do the same? Since they are in a worse condition, is it smart for the cruise industry to sail out of the ports in Italy, especially the ones that start and end in an Italian port.
  11. Just did the same, Cruise Critic rocks. I had $1000 worth of specialty dining and prepaid on that and she was very nice (as I was) 🙂 to refund that. I had read the fine print about Ancillary Charges and thought no way of getting that in a refund. I only have $15K now in cruise reservation to think through!
  12. We are going to Rome in June. Our only concerns is that of travel restrictions from the US to Rome and back starting to get pretty intense. I believe by June this "fear" should be subsided, but worrying about travel restrictions since I can't get to Rome by car. I have travel insurance, so if things start going south, I know 100% of everything I put into this will be refunded.
  13. Second question, while on the cruise out of Rome, does the casino take dollars or euro's or both?
  14. Taking the NCL Getaway (Italy/Greek Isles) this summer. We are coming from the US and will have enough Euro's prior to the cruise. But may have different excursions outside once we get on the ship. Does the ship have a bank to do US cash exchange for euro's? If so, is their a transaction fee and do they use "higher" exchange rates? Just wondering how much to exchange prior to the cruise?
  15. Just to verify, you will not see the upgrade bid until you have fully paid correct? We put in the deposit for a June 2020 sailing in January and our final payment is in 14 days. I should see it after that?
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