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  1. When reading these comments, I noticed your avatar. All I can say is: Thank you!
  2. I would suggest that is a very good "guess". It would make sense for any cruise line to announce NEW sailings (with full disclosure of the "rules", of course). That way there will be no issue of "changing the rules" vis-a-vis what was originally offered or (eek!) having to bump guests. I would "guess" that cruises already booked to sail between Nov2020 and, say, thru 2021 Q1 will "merely" be cancelled.
  3. The above posts bring up very good points and the (quite civil) discussion is most appreciated. The original post (#1) was a response to those who suggest that folks NEVER take risks in such-and-such a situation, based on their own needs. The point of the burden on others is welcome insight and one we all need to continue to consider (masks, anyone?!). The quantification of "undue burden" is constantly evolving ... agree that FL departures are NOT a good idea right now, but, hopefully, will be in the future, with proper procedures and citizen cooperation. Regarding risk: a t
  4. Thanks to all who provide reasoned and thoughtful conversation. This is difficult and emotional issue for many and your understanding & patience for all good-faith points of view are appreciated. There are two overall issues, IMO, in this discussion. 1. Whether it is worth the risk, healthwise, to cruise. Any activity is never risk free so it is up to each of us to access the risk, hopefully with objective and vetted data. It is then up to each of us to evaluate our own perception of risk, our risk tolerance and our perception of benefits (risk/benefit ratio in mat
  5. Agree with most of the perspectives here (we are Elite Plus). Especially like laundry (we like to do 11+ day cruises) and the Internet (to check weather and get boarding passes). About the Elite cocktail hour: for us it is a lot more than getting free drinks. For us it is about the socialization: we have made some good friends and look forward to meeting new ones. It is a cool place to "get away from it all", have a chat and relax. (Hopefully the Sky Lounge will not become TOO balkanized in the future.) The canapes coming around are nice, since we do a late
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