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  1. On trans-Atlantic cruises I noticed that only actual Elites were invited/allowed to the Elite Cocktail Party, due to overcrowding. I don't know if that is/will be the current situation on some cruises, so checking with the CC host seems to be a good idea.
  2. Tylenol is not an NSAID. Do those of you who know about this stuff think Tylenol would be okay if symptoms occur?
  3. We noticed that Silhouette is sailing the same date and almost exactly the same itinerary as our booked trip on Constellation (11 day Aruba, Bonaire, & Curacao starting 14Feb2022), albeit from a different starting port (FLL for Silhouette, TPA for Constellation). Silhouette visits Cartagena vs. Key West on Constellation, but otherwise the same itinerary. We do not recall seeing the Silhouette cruise for that date and destinations before (might have missed that, tho.) Interesting ...
  4. When reading these comments, I noticed your avatar. All I can say is: Thank you!
  5. I would suggest that is a very good "guess". It would make sense for any cruise line to announce NEW sailings (with full disclosure of the "rules", of course). That way there will be no issue of "changing the rules" vis-a-vis what was originally offered or (eek!) having to bump guests. I would "guess" that cruises already booked to sail between Nov2020 and, say, thru 2021 Q1 will "merely" be cancelled.
  6. The above posts bring up very good points and the (quite civil) discussion is most appreciated. The original post (#1) was a response to those who suggest that folks NEVER take risks in such-and-such a situation, based on their own needs. The point of the burden on others is welcome insight and one we all need to continue to consider (masks, anyone?!). The quantification of "undue burden" is constantly evolving ... agree that FL departures are NOT a good idea right now, but, hopefully, will be in the future, with proper procedures and citizen cooperation. Regarding risk: a topic that deserves some mention is the risk of the *status quo*: In regard to business, it is, IMO, rather obvious it is in the economy's interest in general to try and stop the virus spread by with most any means possible. What is the point of "opening up" just to make your staff and customers ill? If it were to become bad enough, we would lose the workers that maintain the infrastructure to make anything work (imagine if we lost even a small % of IT workers: what would life be like then), mail/package/food delivery, content providers and of course, public safety and health people, ... The trickier task is to evaluate the effect of the status quo on individuals: physical, mental, financial. There are certainly significant negative factors to "saying the course". I would observe that, right now, we still need to have muted contact with anyone, even family (especially out-of-town) and friends. But ... in the not too distant future, we might need to revisit risk/benefit of having everyone isolated, alone and frustrated. Not condoning "stupid" in any way, but we need to add current "costs" to any analyses and decisions that are made. These clearly are tricky issues we as individual and as society need get our arms around. Our best hope is to continue to strive for clear and objective study and, hopefully, effective leadership. We world citizens (and especially those of us in the USA) are historically more than willing to make needed sacrifices, so no need to lie to us and just foster "happy talk". Honesty is fine and in the end appreciated. Speaking of appreciation, may I again sincerely thank those who commented above and with other posts for their insights, feeling, concerns, frustrations, hopes, plans. This dialog -- as it remains respectful --- is quite helpful and important.
  7. Thanks to all who provide reasoned and thoughtful conversation. This is difficult and emotional issue for many and your understanding & patience for all good-faith points of view are appreciated. There are two overall issues, IMO, in this discussion. 1. Whether it is worth the risk, healthwise, to cruise. Any activity is never risk free so it is up to each of us to access the risk, hopefully with objective and vetted data. It is then up to each of us to evaluate our own perception of risk, our risk tolerance and our perception of benefits (risk/benefit ratio in math. terms). Frankly, I have little patience for "I don't know how ANYONE could ...", since such decisions are SO personal that I, for one, do not feel comfortable about telling other folks what to do with their life (as long as it does not affect mine). 2. The other issue is, even considering one's willingness to assume health risks, whether there is a real possibility of being quarantined for a long while on the ship, even whilst healthy. This goes to what Fouremco is getting at. However, it seems that this is a "solvable" issue with appropriate "contingency plans" among all parties (cruise lines, ports, countries, etc.) and, again frankly, there should be solutions available if all parties agree to discuss and conclude in good faith.
  8. Agree with most of the perspectives here (we are Elite Plus). Especially like laundry (we like to do 11+ day cruises) and the Internet (to check weather and get boarding passes). About the Elite cocktail hour: for us it is a lot more than getting free drinks. For us it is about the socialization: we have made some good friends and look forward to meeting new ones. It is a cool place to "get away from it all", have a chat and relax. (Hopefully the Sky Lounge will not become TOO balkanized in the future.) The canapes coming around are nice, since we do a late dinner. YMMV. ETA, when you are E+, sometimes "things happen" that are not in the list: invites to the Helipad and other unadvertised events, for example.
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