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  1. We booked our April 8 cruise with two CN certificates, they expire July 3. Our PCC just got back to us and said, “We do not extend them until we have another cruise picked out and ready to book. That is when we will extend to that date. It is a one time deal.” Also said what FCC wasn’t use to book our next cruise would be rolled over. Umm, a lot of that money was prepaid gratuities, and charges on our free beverage and dining package, port fees and taxes. I want to apply it to the same again. At this point I’ve now changed my mind and just want a full refund. You would think since this is out of our control and no one has any idea when cruising may resume again, they would just give us a 2 year extension. I guess we will just take our loss on that and be thankful we won’t have to deal with NCL again. Looking forward to our 2021 Celebrity cruise!
  2. My question is can we use the excess FCC to prepay gratuities, service charges on beverage and dinner packages, excursions, etc. If not I will take a refund because we had paid all those things I mentioned.
  3. Thanks! I had no idea since we’ve never done one before. If we book one I will do that. I’m still trying to convince my husband we should. He’s wanting to take the security on a refund and I like the idea of 125% FCC, especially since we have Cruise Next Certificates we booked our April 8 cruise with that I believe expire around the 4th of July.
  4. This summer: Italy, France, and Spain or Greece and Turkey We would be using cruise next and FCC to replace our spring break cruise.
  5. I doubt I still have an email that old, it’s been almost 4 years I think. I did ask my NCL rep. I forget what they call them. Mine aren’t because they are still listed on our canceled cruise. 😏
  6. No idea what our numbers were. How do I find out?
  7. Ours were going to expire in July, that’s why we had booked our April cruise with them.
  8. Looking at some Mediterranean Cruises this summer to book with FCC. Something seems fishy though because they aren’t any roll calls started for them, but there are some a few days before and after. Do you think they have just added these or are they playing a bait and switch game?
  9. Okay, I'm giving up on spring break cruising and looking on to this summer. Has anyone been successful in contacting NCL and having them apply the 125% FCC to a future cruise already. I found a couple we're interested in July or August I'd be willing to book if they would move it all to that. However, I would still have some left. Would they let me use that for OBC for excursions or prepaid gratuities? Would they also apply my two Cruise Next certificates I had on the cruise they just canceled?
  10. Wow! That's a lot of cases, but I'm not hearing about many deaths. Perhaps this isn't as deadly as we've been lead to believe.
  11. I'm looking at Alaskan cruises this summer to use my FCC. Would July or August be better and why? We would be looking at a 7 day cruise. Any ports I should focus on trying to get? When is whale watching season?
  12. What happens to the Cruise Next certificates applied to our canceled cruise?
  13. Since our April 8 cruise got canceled we talked about just taking the refund, but this morning while sipping my coffee I decided to browse the NCL website and found a cruise on April 12 (still during my spring break). I could use our FCC+ some cash to finally try the Haven. Should we go for it? There’s no way of knowing if things will be better by then or not. Also, when we booked the cruise that got canceled, we had free air. Do you think they would still provide that or would we be out the air? Do you think prices will go down between now and then?
  14. I have a cruise scheduled for April 8 and haven’t received an email. When is your cruise?
  15. I’m a teacher too, and as of now our school hasn’t done anything of the sort. However, if they did I have plenty of sick days accrued to isolate for two weeks. I would most likely try to teach from home since our students are all issued laptops.
  16. The last place I want to go right now is a doctors office, where there are sick people, perhaps even someone with coronavirus! (No, I’m not 70+, but if I don’t want to go why would the elderly?)
  17. So we can get our beverage service charge refunded without canceling our “free” package? We can’t cancel our shore excursion online?
  18. Yeah, I called them about upgrading to the penthouse. I didn’t consider other things we’ve already paid, such as prepaid gratuities and an excursion, so the price difference ended up being more than we are willing to pay.
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