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  1. I hope not. The earliest flight I found on AA that day didn’t arrive until 1:30.
  2. We have been there once before. We did an ATV tour. I’m I would enjoy any of the above so I will ask dh what he prefers. Thank you!
  3. We have all our excursions booked for our cruise except Curaçao. I’m debating between these three. Which would be your choice for a couple in their 50s and why? We enjoy beaches and sight seeing/tours, so either sounds appealing.
  4. Early is ideal! We will be pleased if they assign us that flight. I always set multiple alarms! Lol Hubby is good about getting up on the first one while I like to hit snooze.
  5. That was a Delta flight, so they will most likely book us on that. It does have one stop. 😏If we have to wait at the airport a long time waiting on a shuttle bus to fill up I would probably just get an Uber. No idea how far the airport is from the cruise terminal in Miami, but wouldn’t mind trying to get vibe passes again. We had them on our other NCL cruise and loved it! The AA flight doesn’t get there till 1:30, I can’t imagine them putting us on that.
  6. If we pay to go the day before, can we request an evening flight? i just looked up flights from Charlotte to Miami the day of and the cheapest flight is Delta arriving around 9 AM which would be fine.
  7. Thanks! You have been quite helpful. If we pay to switch our flights to the day before, will they refund our transfer fees?
  8. Sounds like jeans, capris, or a sundress will be fine. No need for me to bring anything dressier. Thanks!
  9. We booked the free air on our spring break cruise. In our case the only added cost was the transfers. I have read on here that if we miss the ship because of flight delays NCL won’t help us. Has anyone actually experienced this? As of now, 73 days out, it shows a direct Flight from Charlotte to Miami and Miami to Charlotte, but I realize it’s too early for our actual flights to be booked. Should we be concerned about missing the ship and if we do are we really expected to pay our own airfare to Curaçao? What is the fee to fly in the day before? Flying in the day before is not ideal because I would have to ask for an extra day off work, which is frowned on in my profession. Is it correct that we would have to do this before our flights are assigned?
  10. I have reservations at both restaurants for our upcoming Panama Canal cruise. I know NCL is much more casual than most cruise lines and have read their dress code. My question is, will most ladies be dressed up a bit in these restaurants? Does doing a longer cruise increase or decrease this probability? We’re flying so I don’t want to bring unnecessary dress clothes, but I’ve lost weight since our last cruise so it might be fun to dress up a bit.
  11. Perfect! I would love to surprise dh with an upgrade, like I did on our last cruise. This will make it much easier. 😉
  12. Can you change payment methods and amount after your initial bid?
  13. Compared to most, we are wine snobs as well which is one of the reasons I’m considering upgrading. However, we’re on an 11 night cruise so our price is $382.80 each! 😮 We like dry red wines. Is there anything drinkable on the other list? My husband also likes an occasional whiskey or bourbon. It really stinks you have to upgrade for bottled water because water is all we drink besides coffee, which also isn’t included (the good stuff). We could have a lot of fun with that much money! I assume both would have to upgrade.
  14. We have the PBP and like dry, red wines. What’s our best option in our package?
  15. Thinking about doing this tour. How much time is spent on the bus?
  16. My husband and I will be in Curaçao from 8-8 in April. That’s plenty of time to do whatever we want. We were there once before and did an ATV tour. We enjoy beaches, snorkeling and tours. What would you suggest?
  17. Is this only on the Breakaway? We will be on the Pearl over spring break.
  18. I always take lactaid with me so I can enjoy whatever I want. I still can't go crazy, but they aren't 100% in my case if I overdo it. When I get coffee, I ask for almond milk. If it's not available I take a lactaid.
  19. We didn’t have any problems with our safe opening.
  20. I’m so happy to read this because we just booked 6145 for April 2021. We just got off the Summit today and booked while still onboard. We’ve never had anything higher than a mini-suite (no perks). A friend of ours had a Sky Suite on our sailing. I thought their room was lovey and she never complained once about their accommodations. I’m fact, she told me I needed to try it and that once you try it you don’t go back. We were perfectly happy with our C2, but their room was much larger and I loved the suite areas. To the OP, thanks for all the photos! They were quite helpful and I’m sure we will enjoy it.
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