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  1. Which terminal are MSC using please? Have a great trip.
  2. Brilliant news!
  3. Thanks everyone. I've had a look on the payments area of the app and my son still has a red R on there, but the rest of us (myself, husband and 6 year old) all have a blue B, whereas on the first area (personal info) where I initially noticed the R, the other 3 of us have nothing. Does look like loyalty level and just an error for our son. Agree a glossary of codes is needed!
  4. You are probably right with the colours/symbols, but my son must be coded as Ruby in error. I have just noticed on the "order a medallion" tab that three of us are due to get a blue one, but his shows as red, very odd! Thanks for your help.
  5. I think it's unlikely, he's 5 years old, and none of us have ever sailed with Princess before! However it sounds a plausible explanation in theory, if yours has E for Elite. Perhaps he's been off on a sneaky cruise without us?!
  6. On the medallion app when I go into our booking and look at our profiles, my son's profile picture has an R symbol on it, whereas the rest of ours don't. Does anyone know what this means please? Thanks
  7. I am going to be applying for a passport in my new married name, but my upcoming cruise is booked in my maiden name to match my existing passport. Does anyone know if MSC will do a free name change to my married name for me on my booking in this circumstance please? I'm going to call them tomorrow to ask, but I was just hoping someone might know the answer tonight on here. Many thanks.
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and change my passport, as the long term goal is to have everything in my married name. Timing is just a bit of a challenge though as we also have an MSC cruise coming up before the Princess one. MSC are happy to just accept my marriage certificate to link my names, but I would feel better if everything was totally matching, I just need to check MSC will do a free name change on my booking if I update my passport before this trip. Princess have said a change of name due to marriage would be processed at no cost.
  9. I have just read on the Princess UK website that the name on my vaccination documentation (I am planning to use the NHS app for travel) must match my passport and booking name. This is the Princess Q&A on their website:- My name registered with my doctor is different from the name on my booking / passport. Will you accept my proof of vaccination in my name registered with my doctor if this is different from the name on my booking / passport? To travel please ensure that the name detailed on your booking, passport and the one registered against your vaccination is the same. I
  10. Thanks for all the info being shared on here, much appreciated. Has anyone had any experience of the Kids Club yet or have the children's menu for the main restaurant please? We will be travelling with our 5 and 6 year olds so any info for children's facilities, including the water park and climbing area age/height limits, would be much appreciated please.
  11. Thanks, the letter of proof I had from Aviva after phoning them did not specifically mention UK cruises, but the one I downloaded following your post tonight does, thank you so much, very helpful. They are obviously constantly updating their wording as these cruises become more common. I hope this helps others too.
  12. Thanks, we have the same HSBC Premier insurance and from talking to the insurer I am happy we are covered for Covid, medical expenses, repatriation and UK cruises. What did you take with you as proof of coverage that MSC were happy with please? We have the policy booklet and I also have a Proof of Cover letter they emailed to me after our discussion on the phone. I think I will email them to MSC to check they are happy with the cover. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Thanks everyone, yes, it was Tom's Port Guides I had forgotten the name of. I'm sorry to hear they may no longer be available and I hope all is well with Tom. Thanks for the tip re Peter Dagnell, I will take a look.
  14. Hi, please can someone remind me of the name of the man who writes the excellent cruise port guides I have seen referenced on the P&O board several times before. We used them on our last trip I recall, I thought it was something like Pete's Cruise Ports Guides, but I have obviously got the name wrong and Google is not helping me here! Thank you.
  15. Hi, we are a family of 4 booked on Regal Princess in a Deluxe Balcony Cabin. There is a note against our specific cabin that says the balcony door is blocked when the upper bed is in use. I believe our cabin has a double bed, sofa bed for the 3rd guest and an upper pullman for the 4th. Has anyone experienced this issue on a Princess ship please? Is the balcony door truly blocked or could you "limbo" under the bunk and open the door? It will be our 5 year old son in this bed. Is the sofa bed a true single or could 2 small children fit in there instead of using the pullman? Thanks in adva
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