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  1. Thank you both, that's great.
  2. I have just been enjoying the photos of Oceana and it got me thinking. We would love to take the children to see which ships we could spot in Southampton at the moment, as they were sad to miss our Ventura Easter cruise. Where is a good location if we were to drive down please? Which ships (P&O and otherwise) are there? Thanks in advance to those with local knowledge.
  3. Refund received today! 73 days! Cheque arrived today, for cruise 4th April Ventura, refund requested 16th March (the day P&O cancelled). Good luck to everyone else.
  4. We are now on day 68 for a cancelled cruise that should have departed 04/04. I have been actively chasing since day 60 via facebook messenger and email. Finally got a response today (so they are working Saturdays) saying our refund is being processed and we should receive a cheque within 5-7 days, so that will be 75 days if it turns up. A cheque sounds right as we booked through a TA. I have also realised I messed up inputting the amount paid on the refund request form so not entirely sure if I will get the actual amount paid, maybe this did delay our refund for a few days, as I have read that others on the same Ventura cruise have had theirs now. Fingers crossed the cheque truly is in the post! Not that I actually want a trip to the bank at the moment...
  5. P&O did respond again today (their spreadsheet must be back up and running!) without me having to chase. They confirmed our refund request was submitted 16/03 (which matched my records and was the day our cruise was cancelled) and confirmed we would receive a refund within the 60 days. I am feeling more optimistic now, but it's a pretty tight window if they haven't actually issued the refund yet. Sounds like the refund people need to put a few hours of overtime in this bank holiday weekend!
  6. I have had exactly the same response this afternoon, I was flabbergasted that they would admit to this! Really not impressed at the moment.
  7. I just asked via Facebook and got the same... At the point as we have not changed or cancelled any of our cruises, it would be normal terms and conditions for a cancellation. We are monitoring this very closely and working with relevant authorities regarding advice for our ports of call.
  8. Thanks. We booked in April 2019, so a year in advance, which I know many say is an expensive time, so we were lucky I guess. £1749 for adults, £749 for kids. £260 OBC. Seemed expensive to us at the time!
  9. I have been dipping in and out of this thread with interest, but have not had a chance to read it all. In response to the original question as to whether we want to cancel, our current answer is No. We are a family of 4 travelling on Ventura on 4th April to the Canaries. We have a Deluxe Balcony booked so have plenty of space, our decision may have been different had we been in an Inside. We are all in good health. We don't mind if our ports change or we end up with more sea days, we have cruised extensively up and down this route - France, Portugal, Spain, Madeira, Canaries, and will be happy to explore whichever ports we end up docking in. In fact I hope P&O will avoid any ports where there are high levels of contagion. This is an expensive trip for us, 4 people, 2 weeks, school holidays - approx £5k. We of course do not want to lose this money and would work hard to get it back from P&O or our insurer if a scenario stopped us going, or there was a major issue whilst on board. We would not look for compensation for a changed itinerary. These however are our thoughts as of today. Much could of course change over the coming month. I will post if we do change our mind. If we do choose to cancel at the last minute at a financial loss we would be upset but move on, this money is already spent, was disposable income, and would not impact our future. Losing one holiday is much much less important to us than our health. If P&O cancel we would happily book a cruise again with them at a later, safer, time. We also have a cruise on Iona booked for next year, we have no worries at all about that one at this stage, far to far off. Wishing everyone a safe and happy cruise who travels over this worrying time, and understand every family is different so appreciate many will cancel even though that is a different decision to ours at this time.
  10. Here's the thread I mentioned above...it might help...
  11. From what I understand the kids club rule changed a year or so ago. Previously they only sold as many child places on the ship as they could take in kids club. Now they sell more child places than they can accommodate in kids club, based on the fct that it is very very unlikely that all children will attend at the same time. We were fine in Splashers last time (2-4 years olds) but the next age group up's room did get full at times and families started to queue well before opening time for sessions to ensure their children got in. I have seen prior discussion threads on here about this and will try to find them. It changed at the point where P&O started to advertise "Extra child spaces available" on family ships when one of the older ships changed to adults only. I will post a link if I can find it. There will be hundreds of children on board in the holidays and I think Splashers for example only takes 30 or 40 at a time, due to the size of the room and number of staff.
  12. It is best to book one in advance by calling or emailing your travel agent or P&O, to guarantee availability. The cabin steward will then fit it each night when he or she makes up the bed. If you find you don't need it after all the cabin steward will happily remove it from your cabin for you.
  13. Personally I'd choose more space (especially with a baby and all his/her stuff), over the risk of some noise. The higher deck cabin is also less forward, so hopefully a more stable/comfortable journey. The Superior Deluxe cabins also come with a couple of extra perks such as a bottle of fizz. For me the above reasons, alongside the money you will save, point towards re-booking. Just my own thoughts though, different things are important for different people. Enjoy your cruise, sounds a lovely celebration.
  14. We have 2 young children and have had some great deals with P&O (such as cruise for £1) whilst they have been pre-school age. Prices looking much higher now we are more restricted by dates due to school holidays however it seems the adult fares stay the same as the rest of the year for these trips, but the kids fares are much higher than term time and close to adult fare. Also if not booking a long way in advance either the 4 person cabins sell out or the kids clubs are full for certain age groups, so many cruises are ruled out straight away. When also considering some ships are adult only it may not leave many choices for you unless you are willing/able to book two cabins for your family. What age are your twins? We have been cruising since our children each were just over the 6 month limit, and have found it an excellent family holiday with great facilities for babies and toddlers.
  15. We are booked on the same cruise and our children are similar ages (3&4). We have been on P&O ships the last couple of years at Easter and really enjoyed it. Kids Club does a few extra things, such as an egg hunt around the ship or an Easter Fete, and children each receive a nice chocolate Easter Egg as a gift. I think there was a thread on here recently specifically asking about Easter events for kids. There was also a beautiful display of hand decorated Easter eggs made by the chefs on board each year in one of the public areas. Ventura and Azura are very similar. Ventura has a small arcade that Azura doesn't. Ventura doesn't have the sea screen that Azura does. I would second DamianG's suggestions above especially for Rancho Texas in Lanzarote (I think P&O do a tour if you don't want to travel independently) and days on the beach in La Palma and Cadiz, as you can just walk there from the ship. We have just wandered around in Gran Canaria on previous visits as the weather hasn't been great but the beaches look good so hopefully it will be warmer this time. We found a nice playground on the main beach next to the promenade last year and have also seen sand sculptures there, so plenty of low key entertainment for young children. We will definitely try the aquarium or zoo in Lisbon this time as have always just explored the city on foot before as we had the double buggy with us. We will be able to use public transport more easily this time now the children are older we need less stuff. We want to do the Madeira Toboggan Ride, but not sure if there is a minimum age limit for children. We have done it pre-kids and it is good fun. I started a post a while back asking about Strictly cruises and what is on offer and received some really useful replies, hopefully you can search and find it. Our children like kids club, the pool and perhaps a movie on sea days. We find the main dining room much easier to eat in with them for all meals rather than the buffet, as the waiters do everything they can to accommodate us and we don't have the challenge of saving a table whilst taking the little ones up to choose their food. The kids tea at 5pm in the buffet was handy some days though, if they were going to night nursery for example whilst we had an adults only meal later on. Freedom dining gave us flexibilty but we usually ate soon after 6pm as a family, with no waiting for a table at this time. On the nights we ate as a couple later on we often had to take a pager and wait for a table for two. I'll be following this thread for more ideas!
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