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  1. Does anyone know if we can take a taxi in Lisbon with our 2 and 3 year olds without kids car seats? We are looking at doing a short taxi ride from the cruise terminal to the Oceanarium. We recognise it is not ideal to not use car seats, but really just want to check if it is legal at this stage. Many thanks.
  2. annarack

    Family Suite

    Hi, has anyone ever booked one of the family suites on Ventura or Azura at the last minute? Do prices drop (both family suites are unsold for our dates with only a couple of months to go)? Prices are crazy at the moment and I can't see anyone paying that during term time and as a last minute trip. I know nobody can say for sure but do you think they will be discounted, or given away as free/nominal fee upgrades? Many thanks.
  3. annarack

    Trips Monte Carlo

    We just wandered around on our visit, and there was a tourist train short guided tour that we enjoyed that the kids might think was fun. Have a great time.
  4. Our best deal on Cunard was a free voyage - we were lucky enough to win a cruise in a balcony cabin with OBC on QM2 in an online prize draw - a fantastic experience. This trip helped make us very regular cruisers, so the giveaway definitely worked well for Carnival Corp too!
  5. annarack

    ventura family suite

    You'll have a fab time and the second bathroom is so handy. We were in a family suite on our last trip, 2 adults and 2 toddlers. It was great being able to put the children to bed in their own room, obviously a totally different situation to your family though. The footprint of the cabin is basically 2 deluxe balconies but in effect is a deluxe balcony cabin with an extra large lounge and balcony, with an inside cabin adjoining. The inside cabin has it's own bathroom and door onto the main corridor - girls would be able to come and go without you knowing! The inside could actually sleep 4 using bunk beds however I believe the sofa in the lounge was also a sofa bed so 2 could sleep there if preferred. We didn't find our butler particularly useful, but loved the perk of breakfast in the Epicurean. The position at the front of the ship was very rocky though and couldn't really use the balcony when sailing as so windy. Any questions, just ask and will try to help.
  6. annarack

    Suite/Frequent Cruiser Perks

    Thanks everyone! That's a shame!
  7. Do passengers who regularly travel in suites with P&O, or just cruise very frequently, receive any perks or privileges (other than those directly noted in the Peninsular Club blurb). For example, invitations to any events, free ship tours, customer feedback sessions, special treatment on board, dinner with the Captain, extra special booking offers etc. I just wondered as these are they type of things some firms do for loyal customers and I would assume a big cruise company like P&O might do, but perhaps wouldn't want to commit to in writing in the official Loyalty Cub docs.
  8. annarack

    Back to back cruise bookings questions

    Thanks everyone. Really useful info. Realised this won't actually work for us as the second cruise we were looking to add on is a short break, and only cruises over 5 nights qualify for the discount I have found. Hope this info helps others in the future though.
  9. annarack

    Back to back cruise bookings questions

    Thank you. That sounds a great trip. Do we have to book both cruises at the same time to get the discount, or can we add on the second one at a later date if we see a good offer do you know? Both are no fly so wouldn't be an issue amending flights etc. Just an idea at this stage. Thanks.
  10. Hi, does anyone know if P&O offer a discount for back to back bookings? And any chance of being allocated the same cabin if one or both are Saver fares? Thanks
  11. Thank you, ours had updated today now, I was just being too eager, I just really wanted to see the new details in print!
  12. annarack

    Coffee Machines in Suites

    Thanks both! I should have checked P&O website first, I didn't dream they would have a FAQ dedicated to coffee machines! Thanks again.
  13. Hi, can anyone help please? Have you experienced this? We have been lucky enough to receive an upgrade which I spotted on Cruise Personaliser, however the e-tickets and luggage labels available to print still show our original cabin number. Is this a timing issue? Will they eventually show our new cabin number or do we just use the tickets with the wrong cabin number?
  14. I read coffee machines are available in suites, does anyone know what type of machines there are? I am hoping Nespresso! If so, are decaf pods available? Many thanks to anyone who can help.
  15. Thanks, yes, this is with P&O, I will call them directly to get a firm answer as suggested as it definitely sounds like evreyone's experiences have varied across the cruise lines. Many thanks all.