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  1. Personally I'd choose more space (especially with a baby and all his/her stuff), over the risk of some noise. The higher deck cabin is also less forward, so hopefully a more stable/comfortable journey. The Superior Deluxe cabins also come with a couple of extra perks such as a bottle of fizz. For me the above reasons, alongside the money you will save, point towards re-booking. Just my own thoughts though, different things are important for different people. Enjoy your cruise, sounds a lovely celebration.
  2. We have 2 young children and have had some great deals with P&O (such as cruise for £1) whilst they have been pre-school age. Prices looking much higher now we are more restricted by dates due to school holidays however it seems the adult fares stay the same as the rest of the year for these trips, but the kids fares are much higher than term time and close to adult fare. Also if not booking a long way in advance either the 4 person cabins sell out or the kids clubs are full for certain age groups, so many cruises are ruled out straight away. When also considering some ships are adult only it may not leave many choices for you unless you are willing/able to book two cabins for your family. What age are your twins? We have been cruising since our children each were just over the 6 month limit, and have found it an excellent family holiday with great facilities for babies and toddlers.
  3. We are booked on the same cruise and our children are similar ages (3&4). We have been on P&O ships the last couple of years at Easter and really enjoyed it. Kids Club does a few extra things, such as an egg hunt around the ship or an Easter Fete, and children each receive a nice chocolate Easter Egg as a gift. I think there was a thread on here recently specifically asking about Easter events for kids. There was also a beautiful display of hand decorated Easter eggs made by the chefs on board each year in one of the public areas. Ventura and Azura are very similar. Ventura has a small arcade that Azura doesn't. Ventura doesn't have the sea screen that Azura does. I would second DamianG's suggestions above especially for Rancho Texas in Lanzarote (I think P&O do a tour if you don't want to travel independently) and days on the beach in La Palma and Cadiz, as you can just walk there from the ship. We have just wandered around in Gran Canaria on previous visits as the weather hasn't been great but the beaches look good so hopefully it will be warmer this time. We found a nice playground on the main beach next to the promenade last year and have also seen sand sculptures there, so plenty of low key entertainment for young children. We will definitely try the aquarium or zoo in Lisbon this time as have always just explored the city on foot before as we had the double buggy with us. We will be able to use public transport more easily this time now the children are older we need less stuff. We want to do the Madeira Toboggan Ride, but not sure if there is a minimum age limit for children. We have done it pre-kids and it is good fun. I started a post a while back asking about Strictly cruises and what is on offer and received some really useful replies, hopefully you can search and find it. Our children like kids club, the pool and perhaps a movie on sea days. We find the main dining room much easier to eat in with them for all meals rather than the buffet, as the waiters do everything they can to accommodate us and we don't have the challenge of saving a table whilst taking the little ones up to choose their food. The kids tea at 5pm in the buffet was handy some days though, if they were going to night nursery for example whilst we had an adults only meal later on. Freedom dining gave us flexibilty but we usually ate soon after 6pm as a family, with no waiting for a table at this time. On the nights we ate as a couple later on we often had to take a pager and wait for a table for two. I'll be following this thread for more ideas!
  4. You will have a great time! We had an aft corner suite on B deck on Britannia back at Easter and it worked really well for us. The bedroom and lounge were totally separate, with a long corridor in between with lots of wardrobes and the bathroom door. The loo could be accessed from the bathroom or from the lounge through a separate door. Both the bedroom and lounge had patio doors out onto the amazing balcony that had so much furniture to choose from - tables, chairs, sofa etc - but was still not crowded. Yes, we did experience a little soot on the balcony a couple of days, but it wasn't a big problem for us. The sofa bed in the lounge was normal double bed size so you will be fine. Our children slept in there so I can't tell you how comfy it was, but it was a normal bed, not small or strange! Google "B725 Britannia" and there is someone who has posted a video tour on YouTube. Have a great trip.
  5. I just wanted to add that there seem to be some further great deals for 3rd/4th passengers in a cabin at the moment. For the new 2021/22 cruises there is a promotion running stating 3rd/4th passengers from £99, but when I started pricing up cruises I found there were some even lower prices available. We have just booked for 17/07/21 on Iona and were only charged £44 each for our two children sharing our cabin, on a 7 night cruise. The £44 seemed to be the same whatever grade of cabin we chose. Hope this may help someone else get a bargain.
  6. I am following this with interest as would like more info on comparisons with MSC too please. We have recently cruised exclusively with P&O due to finding it a good deal with young children (currently aged 3 & 4) after enjoying a number of lines pre-kids. Have heard lots of good things about MSC for families and like large, glitzy ships. We have Ventura ex Southampton booked again for next year but trying to work out whether to "jump ship" to MSC the year after. Kids will be older and we won't need a buggy and all the extra toddler stuff by then, so flying will be much easier again. Any feedback/suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.
  7. Hi, yes, I am sure there will be. We are also going to be on Ventura this Easter. I'm sure there will be hundreds of kids! We sailed on Britannia last Easter and Kids Club held an Easter Fete in one of the bars where the children could all compete in typical school fete type games and earn points. My son was 2 and won the Splashers prize, which was a board game and some other little toys. All children received an Easter Egg too, sized appropriately for their age. On Ventura the year before the children did an Easter Egg Hunt around the ship with kids club, which was fun too, and also received an egg each.
  8. Thanks everyone for all your replies. Mewat, thanks for the detail, that's great, I'm quite excited now! I enjoy Strictly and will need to introduce by 4 year old daughter to the show this Autumn, so she can come and watch the dancing on board with me! Not sure my husband or son will be too fussed, but it's a bonus for me, and it will be the first time we have been a themed cruise so nice to try something new. Sounds fun.
  9. Could someone let me know what is special about a Strictly cruise please, as in what events happen on board etc. We are booked on Ventura next Easter for a School Holiday cruise and have noticed it is also surprisingly a Strictly one. I say surprisingly as I would have expected the school holiday dates draw in enough customers without P&O having to provide a special theme to attract people. I assume there will be dance shows and special guests on board, but how does it all work? Do you have to book for the performances/talks etc? Can we find out in advance which dancers are going to be on board? Many thanks in advance.
  10. On Azura last month it was £120 per couple for the full 7 night cruise. The thermal suite was the same cost. There was a further discount if you bought both.
  11. Our children are 3 and 4 and we have cruised with them regularly since they were babies so definitely understand your concerns. Balcony doors are lockable at the top so you can be sure they can't head outside without you knowing. We always say that the chairs/tables must not be pushed against the railings and they must sit down not climb, and of course ensure we are outside with them every second of the time they are on the balcony. Around the ship we are always with them so no real worries, yes, they could climb, but they are well supervised by us, just as they would be elsewhere. Kids clubs have pagers they give out when children are in night nursery and they are also happy to give them out if you are particularly concerned there might be any issue whilst they are in kids club sessions during the day, just ask for one. Happy sailing, it's a great family holiday.
  12. Personally I think the ship is beautiful and feels more modern and glamourous than other older ships in the fleet, Ventura for example. The speciality restaurants (Sindhu and Epicurian are fabulous, we like them as much as Blu on Celebrity). The ship feels very large and is spacious, plenty of different areas to explore and find your own space. We enjoy the Captain's welcome night where everyone gathers for drinks around the atrium. Tom's pictures above sum it up well, large library, great Crow's Nest Bar etc. We would love to sail Celebrity again but we find prices are much lower with P&O and we have always had very good experiences on board. We also think the kids facilities on P&O are fabulous, but sound not to be relevant for you in this case. We found Britannia attracted quite a young crowd and you and your daughter will fit well with the demographic we experienced on board. Enjoy! Come back and tell us what you thought if you can find the thread that much later, would be interested to hear your feedback.
  13. Location looks fine to me, never had a problem being near lifts or launderette (closed 10pm to 8am I believe) and actually found proximity to them handy when travelling with small children. You could request a travel cot for your 2 year old.
  14. I agree it's not great and lots of glitches, but definitely better for booking for a family than the old site - no longer need to everyone's names and DOBs for children just to get a quote, plus OBC seems much clearer throughout the quote process than it was to me before.
  15. - Departure from Southampton is great as we have small children, hence can easily take all their stuff inc buggy - Kids club/night nursery for the right age groups for our family - Deluxe cabins/suites for extra space, but at a reasonable premium, compared to other lines - Destinations we enjoy - Good dining options and service - Good level of comfort - Fits with our budget - Sindhu - Epicurean breakfasts when in a suite
  16. I'm sure most of your queries have been answered now but just to say we cruise regularly with our small children (2 and 3) and we all love it. Kids facilities are great. Your register the first day and your 3 and 4 year old will be together in the same playroom when ever they go in. There are morning/afternoon and evening sessions to choose from, plus night nursery. We are actually doing both those itineraries and ships this year! Just not back to back - April and July. When do you sail? We haven't been to the Fjords before but know the other ports well. Kids are welcome in the bar/theatre etc. We found the main dining room suited us better than the buffet etc as food comes to us rather than us have to take two small children up to make their selections. Enjoy your trip!
  17. Hi, we have travelled several times with 2 travel cots in our cabin. We have always booked the Deluxe Balcony on Ventura for extra space though and it has been fine. We put both cots opposite the sofa near the balcony doors and there was still room to move around. We were actually given an accessible standard balcony once when I booked by phone - the reservations agent recognised that a standard cabin might be a bit of a squeeze (Britannia) and kindly suggested this rather than try to up-sell us to the Deluxe. The travel cots themselves are fine, no need to bring your own, however if you do have a mattress it might be worth bringing that. We would also heartily recommend the night nursery however our children were only happy to try it recently (age 2 and 3) when they saw it as a fun sleepover activity. We had no luck getting them settled there when they were younger. All down to each baby's personality though. Enjoy your trip!
  18. Does anyone know if we can take a taxi in Lisbon with our 2 and 3 year olds without kids car seats? We are looking at doing a short taxi ride from the cruise terminal to the Oceanarium. We recognise it is not ideal to not use car seats, but really just want to check if it is legal at this stage. Many thanks.
  19. Hi, has anyone ever booked one of the family suites on Ventura or Azura at the last minute? Do prices drop (both family suites are unsold for our dates with only a couple of months to go)? Prices are crazy at the moment and I can't see anyone paying that during term time and as a last minute trip. I know nobody can say for sure but do you think they will be discounted, or given away as free/nominal fee upgrades? Many thanks.
  20. We just wandered around on our visit, and there was a tourist train short guided tour that we enjoyed that the kids might think was fun. Have a great time.
  21. Our best deal on Cunard was a free voyage - we were lucky enough to win a cruise in a balcony cabin with OBC on QM2 in an online prize draw - a fantastic experience. This trip helped make us very regular cruisers, so the giveaway definitely worked well for Carnival Corp too!
  22. You'll have a fab time and the second bathroom is so handy. We were in a family suite on our last trip, 2 adults and 2 toddlers. It was great being able to put the children to bed in their own room, obviously a totally different situation to your family though. The footprint of the cabin is basically 2 deluxe balconies but in effect is a deluxe balcony cabin with an extra large lounge and balcony, with an inside cabin adjoining. The inside cabin has it's own bathroom and door onto the main corridor - girls would be able to come and go without you knowing! The inside could actually sleep 4 using bunk beds however I believe the sofa in the lounge was also a sofa bed so 2 could sleep there if preferred. We didn't find our butler particularly useful, but loved the perk of breakfast in the Epicurean. The position at the front of the ship was very rocky though and couldn't really use the balcony when sailing as so windy. Any questions, just ask and will try to help.
  23. Do passengers who regularly travel in suites with P&O, or just cruise very frequently, receive any perks or privileges (other than those directly noted in the Peninsular Club blurb). For example, invitations to any events, free ship tours, customer feedback sessions, special treatment on board, dinner with the Captain, extra special booking offers etc. I just wondered as these are they type of things some firms do for loyal customers and I would assume a big cruise company like P&O might do, but perhaps wouldn't want to commit to in writing in the official Loyalty Cub docs.
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