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  1. Paul, we learned this from you a couple years and it has paid off handsomely. For those just doing this for the first time, becoming Explorist w/Hyatt gives you 4 Regency Club upgrades no matter your length of stay. Have a wonderful crossing. We have done the Transpacific in both directions and loved it each time.
  2. My fear is that with things like Louis XIII, the price cap of $35 is for real. Logic dictating that fear! But of course a horrible job of NCL with no mention of a cap in their T&C’s. And it makes sense that “experiences” (wine tastings, etc) would be exempt. NCL really needs to get on the ball and clarify in writing.
  3. VITAMEATAVEGAMIN. Tell your “friend” it’s not on the list, but still available under all-inclusive.
  4. Out of curiosity, what wines/spirits on the list ARE over $35 a glass?
  5. That’s unfortunate NCL’s site is letting people book restaurants as if this is a normal sailing where boarding begins at Noon. Until the correct boarding times can be updated in their systems, thing like this will continue to happen. I was on this sailing last last year and recall a lot of confusion regarding the late departure and subsequent boarding times. It did finally get straightened out. But last year was also different in that even though departure was after Midnight, boarding did begin at Noon. But the difference was there weren’t 3 other ships in port, allowing dock space for Bliss to board at the normal time. Good luck with all of this. The tread title caught my eye because I remember our going through this same frustration last year.
  6. I believe Maritime law requires the drill be held within 24 hours from departure. Many years ago we boarded the NCL Wind (anyone remember her?) in San Francisco late, around 7pm. The ship sailed at Midnight. Muster drill was held the next morning at sea. In that incident the late 7pm boarding was due to the ship undergoing some maintenance repair.
  7. Here’s the link to the Port of Vancouver schedule you’re referring to. As you said, Bliss pulls into the Canada Place East dock around 6pm after Jewel’s 5pm departure. Note: The link was last updated on July 22. https://www.portvancouver.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-Canada-Place-Cruise-Schedule-as-of-July-22-2019-VFPA.pdf Its unfortunate that Ballentyne Pier is no longer used on those rare days when 4 ships are in Vancouver. A few years ago we boarded the Pearl at Ballentyne when there were 3 ships at Canada Place.
  8. We were aboard for this sailing as well. We sailed Bliss in July and enJOYed it so much we came back 4 weeks later to “comparison shop” on Joy. I’m afraid we’re a house divided in that my better half is sold on Bliss while I give a slight edge to Joy! The one feature we both agreed on was the lack of the circular bar on deck 15 on Joy. We spent a lot of time here on Bliss and missed it on Joy. On Bliss this was what we considered as the social gathering place. Sure, there’s a bar here on Joy, but it’s not the same from a socialibility perspective. On the other hand, I loved the Starbucks up here on Joy and spent early mornings enjoying coffee and the quiet, peaceful atmosphere. The light breakfast and lunch offerings in the Observation lounge were a huge hit with us. We are not buffet people and between deck 15 and The Local we were quite satisfied for breakfast and lunch. As Bird mentioned, we found the lighter colors of The Local pleasing over the darker on Bliss. We had the 3-night dining package, 2 Platinum dinners, paid a la carte 1 night in Le Bistro and dined 1 night in Manhattan. On the night we paid a la carte in Le Bistro we each chose 2 starters and split the Filet between us. When they brought out the filet, they had divided them on 2 plates complete with the side accompaniments on each plate. They could have brought the single entree, an extra plate, and then left it up to us to clumsily divide. But they went the extra mile and beautifully prepared 2 plates, including the potatoes, mushrooms and asparagus. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way. That may be their standard operating procedure for split entrees, and if it is, thank you Norwegian. Overall we enjoyed bar service in the various lounges we visited. Never a wait for a bar server. As I mentioned on another thread, we never saw any flyers or advertisements to upgrade to the Premium Plus package. We didn’t even know it existed until we saw the thread here on the board 2 days before we disembarked. Having said that, I often tossed most any flyers in the trash! Bird, did you notice any flyers to upgrade to the Plus package? As Bird mentioned, the Port Valet service offered in coordination with Norwegian and the Port of Seattle is a terrific program. We would most certainly have utilized this service if we were flying out of SEATAC. In our case, as a bit of an airline buff, we chose to fly home from Everett (airport code PAE for Paine Field). This airport opened in March of this year to commercial traffic. United and Alaska (partner with American) fly out of Everett using 70-seat 2-2 seating configuration jets. If you fly into/out of this airport you’re guaranteed not to be stuck in a middle seat! United flies to its hubs of SFO & DEN and Alaska to its hubs of LAX and PHX where you can connect to anywhere in the U.S. The airport has just 3 gates and going through TSA security is a BREEZE! It’s a 30-40 minute Uber/Lyft ride from the Port of Seattle. Lyft for us was $44 before gratuity. Speaking of Uber/Lyft, instead of joining the mass of humanity at the Port all clamoring to locate your driver, go next door to the Edgewater Hotel and order your ride there. Our Lyft driver thanked us profusely for doing just that and avoiding the masses next door at the Port. Norwegian is obviously proud of their decision to relocate Joy to North America by this article our TA sent us. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/21358-norwegian-joy-s-onboard-revenue-more-than-doubles-in-alaska.html
  9. We ordered several Grey Goose martinis last week aboard Joy and there was never an up charge over and above the $15 limit. Incidentally, we didn’t learn about this Premium Plus package until we saw this thread 2 days before we disembarked. We didn’t see any advertisements about it anywhere. No flyers in our stateroom to my knowledge. I asked the Ocean Blue wine steward about it the last night of the cruise, and yes, he knew all about it! To quote him, he said “ANY” glass is available on the Premium Plus package. No mention of a $35 cap. Having said that, if I actually had the Plus package, I wouldn’t definitely verify what he said before I placed an order for anything over $35! To quote an old saying “Trust, but verify!”
  10. Thank you, mking8288 & Mike_DeA.
  11. Correct. I have the 250 minutes as part of the Free at Sea promotion. I was on Bliss a few weeks ago (with the same promotion) and upgraded to the unlimited plan, but had no OBC on that cruise. I sail this Saturday on Joy and have OBC this time, so I'm wondering if I can access and use my OBC to pay for the upgrade once onboard via the app.
  12. When upgrading your 250-minute package (value $125) onboard to an unlimited package, can you use your OBC to pay for the upgrade amount? Do you have access to your OBC once onboard via the app?
  13. Success after 75 minutes on hold. When the rep answered, he said I'd called the right number, and all he does it "reset" people's bookings so that they can download/print their edocs and bag tags. Here's the number I called: Technical Support? Call us at 1-866-625-1160
  14. Currently on hold w/NCL, and have been for about 45 minutes now. Finally thought to check here and see if there's any advice. We are 5 nights out from sailing (Joy) Booked 2 rooms last week (separate bookings). Completed the on-line check-in for both bookings. Was able to download and print docs and bag tags for 1st booking, but not the 2nd one. That was last Thursday. Went away for the weekend and figured I'd try again today. Same thing. Still says docs on 2nd booking "aren't ready to be retrieved". Cruise only, no NCL air. No Casino booking. Just a plain ol' booking. Any advice?
  15. I’d start now......
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