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  1. Great NPR article. Enjoy the serenity of your beautiful state this summer. Great place for a staycation if you live there! We'll be back next summer with our $$$ and all the calamity we bring!
  2. Steve Gayda was the most recent CD aboard Millie when the virus halted everything. He remained on board as Millie made her way to the West Coast, but left sometime last month to go home (Canada) for vacation. Not sure who replaced him. We’ve sailed with Steve twice. A terrific guy well suited for a CD position. https://ca.linkedin.com/in/steve-gayda-003017158
  3. Since your cancelled flight qualifies you for a refund of your air fare, I’d call Flights By Celebrity and have them get the ball rolling on that. Then when Celebrity cancels the cruise, make a determination at that time whether you want the cruise fare refunded or take the 125% FCC.
  4. Is a charge back something different than protesting the purchase with your credit card company?
  5. A few years ago we began referring to cruise ship buffets as “the chow wagon”. 🤣😎😱
  6. Since your flights have been cancelled, you’re entitled to a refund of your air fare and don’t have to “settle” for vouchers. Even if your tickets are classified as non-refundable. And this is regardless if you cancel the cruise or Celebrity cancels. Did you book your air direct or through Celebrity?
  7. The news of securing additional cash to NCL was announced on Wednesday, one day after they had announced things were looking very grim.
  8. The poster is speaking about travel in Oct 2021, not 2020. 😉
  9. That's generally what happens when two different people are asked the same question! 😁
  10. We’ve been sailing Celebrity continuously since 2000, and have seen multiple charges/credits over the years listed on our credit card account as being from both companies. Not to worry, it’s much to do about nothing.
  11. Embarrassed to say we were part of the "run of shame" crowd once. Connie Spring Transatlantic 2006 Bayonne-Dover. Just an 8 night crossing with 1 port stop in LeHavre. Being railroaders, we decided to take the train into Paris for the day. We'd planned our return trip back to LeHavre to arrive at least 90 minutes before "all aboard". We actually took an earlier train back than originally expected, giving us 2 hours "wiggle room". The train left Paris on time, made a station stop in the suburbs, and then sat. And sat, and sat, and sat. Since we don't speak French, we couldn't make out the announcements. But after each announcement, there was a collective "sigh" heard from the other passengers in our coach. Sighs and groans are universally understood! It's not looking good, folks. But what the devil is going on? Now freaking out, I set out walking the very long train, hoping I'd recognize someone...anyone...from the cruise. About 4 cars ahead of us I found some gents that looked familiar. Sure enough, they were aboard Connie, too. They had also combed the train and located a number of entertainers all seated in yet a different coach. Turns out the reason we were sitting dead in our tracks (pardon the pun) was due to a train going the other direction had broke down and was blocking all rail traffic. Someone from the Entertainment staff had a cell phone (2006) that worked globally and they had called Miami with a "heads up" what was going on. Celebrity was making arrangements to hold the ship, not only for those of us on the train, but more importantly, a number of their own bus tours were being delayed in a major traffic jam leaving Paris! What was to be a 2-hour train ride stretched to 5. Upon arrival in LeHavre, we of course hustled into a cab and made a bee-line for dear Connie. The gangway was removed within only a minute or two after we boarded. We later found out there had been over 100 people from the ship aboard our train. There were others aboard the train behind us that didn't make it. Thankfully those Celebrity bus tours were delayed as well. I can't imagine the Captain holding for 20-year old dancers. We were just very, very lucky. Whew!
  12. That's what I did with a Celebrity cruise. I booked last minute, and 2 weeks later Celebrity cancelled the cruise. Since it all happened within the same billing period, I didn't want to have to put out the $$ when it was obvious I'm due a refund. So instead of holding off on the payment, and being charged interest on the unpaid amount, I filed a dispute and was given a 60-day conditional credit. So simply kicking the can down the road, just as the cruise lines are with the refund process. Mine was with Chase. I've read on various travel blogs that even though the standard deadline to file a dispute is 60 days from purchase date, that many cards will allow longer timeframes, especially if it's travel-related. In other words, situations where you pay far in advance for a "service" that you are to receive at a later date.
  13. nyc2pdx, Just wondering if you’ve had any luck with your refund?
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