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  1. I’m late to the party to this thread (delayed trying to squeeze into my tux 🙄). I need @KenzSailing to develop a spa menu at the Chez. 🤔
  2. ...add the unpopular resort and “destination” fees that the hotel industry now imposes to the list of customer angst of being forced to pay for “amenities” many will likely never utilize.
  3. I’m 50% vaccinated. Wonder if they’ll cut a donut in half for me...? 🤷‍♂️
  4. Settling for a toaster waffle is just proof you really need an =X= fix!
  5. No, they won’t be available on Apex per CDC and PVSA rules.
  6. Valid points in our pre-Covid world. But a lot of folks have 2020 discretionary income burning holes in their wallets as if those dollars have an expiration date. And don’t underestimate the simple euphoria of “because we can”.
  7. Jim Cramer on his CNBC show just mentioned how abnormal for a stock to go up as it has since Monday when they put all those additional shares on the market. He compared it to a tech stock with good financials that did the same thing and the stock tanked. The conclusion being it’s all about sentiment and momentum right now vs fundamentals.
  8. You’re good as long as your screen name isn’t misspelled!
  9. Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. With your screen name, you’ve got a lot of nerve posting to a coffee thread!
  10. Roy, Curious (hopeful!) if your walking/breathing ability is improved at all compared to the last two weeks? If the lack of a proper crease in your sweats doesn’t impress Remi, just remind him it’s guest chef night in Waterside and you’re headed to the galley. 👍 ...and bring your fancy air fryer.
  11. ...and i’ll hazard a guess OLoPP is really celebrating. 🤔
  12. IMO you both make valid points. A couple months ago at the height of the Fall outbreak, I remember seeing a high-level medical professional in charge of contact tracing in the Dakotas lamenting the fact that the numbers were just too overwhelming (even in a low populated state) to perform contact tracing adequately enough to even make a dent on containment. I remember feeling heartbreak for her as she was at her whits end trying to make a difference. With that said, I’ve been residing in Hawaii (Oahu) the past 4 weeks and am *thrilled* at their contact tracing system. Their restau
  13. I arrived here January 24 and she was anchored offshore. Then she came back into port for 10 days. I walked down to the pier on February 2nd when she was docked, and saw the two folks from Tampa heading home on break. The cruise terminal is being used as a vaccination site. 👍 She came back into port for just a couple days this week, and then headed back out again last night.
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