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  1. Very much enjoying your sharing the voyage with us. Like your writing style and sense of humor! Let the party continue....
  2. Construction began in 2013 on the Salesforce Bldg. It opened in 2018.
  3. Remember them well (sans affection) from Mille’s 2019 eastbound Transpacific. They belong in a pre-school. Perhaps the uncomfortable furniture was intentional. Don’t get too cozy in the Retreat lest you keep ordering included alcohol and overstay your welcome vs. the former non-inclusive Michael’s Club in the olden days.
  4. With Crystal, I believe the pre-cruise offers come through your TA, so you have no choice but to accept the offer through them. Someone will surely correct me if I’m wrong on this.
  5. Correct, I was only referencing upgrading on board at embarkation where there is no involvement on your TA’s part. Not to be confused with the pre-departure upgrade offer you received, and is orchestrated through your TA.
  6. What a terrific menu, Kenz. I’d select the Foie Gras, Bluefin Tuna, and The Box! As to the Dungeness Crab, the “cultured butter” is an obvious reference it’s from cows from California...
  7. YES! Order the lobster tacos tacos and black cod!
  8. New Years Eve 2018/19 on Serenity 822EB803-16B7-48CE-93A2-75B997A9CCA4.MOV
  9. 5 people have 13 spouses?!? Was last week a polygamist’s convention?!? 😱😎
  10. I can’t comment on the mattress topper, but I can confirm Crystal will go a long way toward trying to make you comfortable. I’d have your Travel Agent request a topper for you. I sailed two two years ago with my sister. She’s 4’11” and has fibromyalgia, back and neck issues (As her brother, I’m a towering inferno at 5’5”, and, yes, I’m a basketball star). Crystal located a small footstool so her feet could touch the floor when seated on oversized furniture. It was small enough she could carry it in a medium-sized handbag everywhere she went around Symphony. It was a lifesaver.... Ask, and ye shall receive.
  11. I’m so glad you booked a B2B so you can hopefully put the last 36 hours behind you and now truly enjoy yourself.
  12. ....but the show ain’t over yet. And the fat lady hasn’t sung.
  13. All too often it’s the little touches that mean the most, and remain in our memories forever.
  14. You are correct, Keith. I can count 3 times in the past we upgraded at embarkation, and there was no additional benefit from the TA. It’s a two-party thing between Crystal and the guest, with no involvement on the part of the TA.
  15. It’s great to read your experiences as a first timer aboard Crystal. Continue to enjoy and thanks for your thorough coverage.
  16. Walked into my local CVS on Aug 29 and got my 3rd Pfizer shot. No appointment. Was in/out in 30 minutes including waiting the 15 minutes post-shot. I’m 63 and not immunocompromised. No questions asked. You don’t have to wait to be “invited”. They can’t give away vaccine fast enough in the US.....
  17. Enjoy! Symphony is just that...a perfect home away from home!
  18. What a thrill seeing your and Jim’s home away from home sail by!
  19. Thanks for a terrific thread, Vince. The food porn is SO lifelike, it’s as if we’re right at the table with you! Any comments on bar/sommelier service?
  20. Do you have any feel, in general, how successful NCL is selling out the 60% max capacity?
  21. My guess is it’s not about the time it takes to sail between Boston and NY, but rather Crystal’s decision to market 7 day sailings departing NY on Fridays as opposed to midweek (Tues/Weds). Easier to market/sell cruises departing on Friday.
  22. Friends of mine went to a wedding reception recently. Personally, I think the hubby looked pretty spiffy in his sneakers! He might turn several eyes in Waterside, but not because he’s underdressed, but rather just plain spiffy!
  23. The PCR test 4 days prior to embarkation is required by Bermuda. Crystal will do an antigen test in the terminal at Boston/New York on embarkation day.
  24. You can find good info about this week’s cruise on this thread:
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