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  1. it could be used for the current cruise as well, if you wait to pay it off and then cash in the points for a statement credit.
  2. the benefits are price based, and don't have anything to do with promotions. I doubt it even ties the two together directly.
  3. yep, I've hit it. As others said, you are 100% cut off at #15, but you are able to start buying drinks after #14 and before #15.
  4. sign up for Allstate rewards (don't have to be an Allstate customer), earn points mainly through getting codes (there's a thread on here where you can go back for a ton of recent codes which will give you tens of thousands of points), then buy the carnival gift cards using your points at a 10% discount. It's basically already cruise cash in a sense. You can pay for cruises with it, excursions, drink package, whatever. Or when you get on board, add the gift card to your sign and sail and use it during the trip. But I don't know if you can actually buy cruise cash with it. Haven't tried that.
  5. the package is the discount, so odds are you won't get much additional discount on top of that. But, another way around it is to buy the gift cards at 10% discount, and use those to pay for the package. That saves an additional $5 or so a day.
  6. just joining as well! Originally booked on the 11/7/20 cruise that was cancelled and chose this one as the replacement.
  7. well, since today is only the second day of the year, you may be hard pressed to get an answer just yet.
  8. we had some issues too. We had 2 rooms booked originally. After being on the phone forever, and having tons of problems, they finally got it done and moved our deposits over. Except 1 room has the OBC applied, yet the other doesn't (my room, which is 4 of us). Still waiting for them to correct it and add the $400 OBC. Not happy with the date changes, but in the end, we moved to a date where the rate was lower than the original cruise, plus getting the extra 25% discount on top, and all gratuities being paid for (the OBC)
  9. we just got off the ship too. Was a fun time.
  10. that's true. We bought on the ship. But it's one of the items that's not cheaper online before you leave like some things are. Same price whether bought pre-cruise or on board.
  11. yes, you can buy the package multiple times. We bought it twice on our last cruise. Basically got one canvas for us and one for my parents (they were on the cruise with us too, and had everyone in it). We won't get it again however, since we have no use for additional canvas prints, plus the cost to get the print framed (canvas print comes with ONLY the canvas, no framing to it at all, so it's just rolled up in a tube)
  12. that was a temporary test, on just a couple ships, then they cancelled it. I hate that, because we would get that every time if we could.
  13. that'd be awesome to see the fun times! (I'm on this cruise too) I love seeing them ahead of time, but haven't seen a recent one posted
  14. well crap, my fault entirely. heck, it's even in your screen name. 🤐
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