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  1. I really do give up. We are 2 elderly cruisers and are reasonably tech savvy (or so we thought 🤣🤣). Last week we were both in the Green Lane - all up to date except for Arrival/Departure dates. Now we are blue lane, with on only "order medallion" app ticked. Cannot get DH back on the app Not recognising him as a guest on the bookng number. On my log-in, his photo is showing but with my name under his photo so I'm travelling with myself!!! In the personaliser he us showing up with my name and DOB. Talk about stress free cruising- NOT. Taken all the fun and anticipation out of a cruise. BTW were in UK.
  2. Anyone else having issues into logging in to their account? Keeps asking me to update all my information I.e name address etc. Can only get in via booking ref number.
  3. Thank you very much - it has finally worked!!! Managed to get to download it from the Princess link on the persinaliser from Manage my Booking. Not allow8ng me to Do everything and soon slow, but st least it's on my phone. However, still not available on Play Storec- peculiar.
  4. It certainly doesn't here in the UK. I've just tried to install it from the Princess link and it's still a "No go". I'm using Android 8!! It's also not showing in Play Store.
  5. I have Android 8, which my I know is not the latest version but I wouldn't call my smartphone old. I'm certainly not going to buy another phone just to check in m.
  6. Unfortunately for us Android users it has disappeared overnight. Hopefully to debug it!! We can only hope.👍
  7. It may be helpful if Princess could give passengers an indication of which Android version we need to be able to access Medallion Class in the Play Store. On Sunday the app was available, but now it is not available at all in Play Store!! I'm using Android version 8. Is this permanent, or wil it reappear magically? I refuse to buy another phone just to check in on a future booked cruise.
  8. Exactly the same as we are getting. No app now in Play Store.
  9. Same here - see my post above- not in the play store anymore. Could Princess make it any more difficult for their customers - I sincerely doubt it.
  10. Just deleted the Medallion App to re insinstall it. Now it won't even install!! Just says not available, try again. I give up. Half the fun of cruising used to be the anticipation but this Medallion App "experience" is something I will definitely pass on. We are in the UK but are others finding that the app is unavailable on Android?
  11. I'm in UK. When I try to log on with my e mail and password keeps taking me to the new account register page. When I try to change my password, it still will not take my log in. Then, when I enter my husbands e mail and password it, accepts it, but my "My Princess" account comes up!!! It's s real mess. Also with my 3 yr old Android phone, I cannot access the Medallion App. I have Android 7.1 and apparently it needs 8.0!!! I I' will NOT be pressurised into buying a new one.
  12. Don't think Meghan Markle would be too popular with UK cruisers!!! "Encchanted" would be a long way off of how many British people would call her.
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