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  1. We are planning to resume cruising with Seabourn early next year - and I believe that Seabourn will do everything it can think of to ensure all crew (and passengers) are vaccinated and tested. The question is: why has Seabourn said the intent is to vaccinate all crew instead of saying all crew will be vaccinated? I was throwing up a few plausible reasons why intent was used. Not quite clay pigeons, but happy for people to shoot 'em down. I really do hope that it is a ridiculous notion that crew would try to fake their vaccination status, but phony certificates are being touted already, and my
  2. Perhaps they are just being careful and realistic. The INTENT is to have all team memebers vaccinated. BUT the reality is that some people, desperate to work, may fake their vaccination credentials. OR, not everyone expected to work a particular cruise will have been vaccinated, so they may have to sail short staffed. The intent word kind of covers Seabourn in both eventualities. Saying that ALL crew WILL be vaccinated is one thing .... the reality may be something else. Also, at THIS time, not all crew ARE vaccinated, so it is more honest to say that the intent is that all will be vaccinated
  3. It is good to know about the passenger number adjustments. It is something I thought might happen as a result of COVID. It certainly makes the option of taking an Ovation sailing much more enticing. Although I have not been on Encore nor Ovation I have heard and seen enough to know that their full capacity configuration holds little appeal to me. I wonder how long this numbers adjustment will be maintained? And will something similar apply to Odyssey class ships? I enjoy your posts, Markham, and along with SLSD will look forward to reading about your experiences. * While I
  4. A possibly final word on all this... I contacted Seabourn Club and eventually got a reply from Seabourn Enquiries, based in the UK. The upshot is that if you have got a 140 night MCA (7 days discount), you can book this at any time with no expiry date (hooray for us!). Once you hit the exalted hights of a 250 MCA (14 days discount) then it has to be booked within two years. As sfvoyage says, it is a unique and generous benefit, and Angie and I are both relieved that we can bide our time to take advantage of this, once operations resume and are running smoothly. I am very gl
  5. Thanks C24 - I didn't know seabourn club was still functioning - it seems to have disappeared off the face of the Seabourn website along with most other 'contact us' information.
  6. Good question and thanks for posting. We also have a MCA. I did not realise that it had a 24 month 'shelf-life'! We had to cancel our cruise in early 2020 and unbeknown to us, under the 24-month rule our MCA expired end of December 2020 ☹️. The 24 month expiry is not well-publicised - not publicised at all - and I do think people should be made more aware. Yes, it is tucked away in the T & Cs, but folks should have a better sight of it when trying to plan how to use their hard-earned award*. Regardless, because of Covid we have not been able to use our MCA since last February
  7. Saw a shooting star the other night, for the first time since sitting on our Sojourn veranda, late one night somewhere in the Pacific. That was the last time we were able to sail with Seabourn. It was an opportune moment to wish everyone here all the very best for the Holiday season and hope to catch up with some of you at sea again in late 2021 or 2022, once we have all had our jabs. All good things are worth waiting for.....
  8. The mask thing: it's not something we are used to, masks can get uncomfortable and damp after a few hours, they feel strange, one can't see if people you are talking to are smiling, they can't see if you are smiling, sometimes it is hard to recognise people, one's glasses steam up (does the same happen if you wear contact lenses?). However they do limit the emmision and seeding of viral aerosol and they can help to decrease the chance of inhaling any virus that is in the air. Wearing one now makes me feel safer, and seeing other people wearing them also makes me feel safer. Seeing people
  9. More dreaming... waiting to take you ashore....
  10. Nope from me and ditto as far as your experience of SB emails goes. If your friend does attend the Covid summit, it would be great if you or they could eventually post here a short summary of what was discussed or decided. If the results are to be communicated by SB emails it will likely be be hit or miss if one is to hear about them. Thankfully the ships themselves are not run along the same lines as the shoreside operation!
  11. Today My Cruise History is in...German. My Profile still does not have anything in it, nor any preferences option, and looking around further, the entire site is in German, but the prices are still in GB pounds sterling.
  12. This is a blow for UK cruise industry and TAs. Although we can assume that this advice will be revised at some point in the future, it means booking anything, even into next year, becomes a speculative and risky venture as far as UK customers' deposits are concerned. There is SB 'Book with Confidence' policy, which does off-set some of the risk, but not for us. The only 2021 cruise we have our eyes on is a WC segment, and to my great frustration and annoyance, WC segments are not covered by 'Book with Conifidence'. I wonder why this is? does anyone have an inkling? I can understand t
  13. It seems Mr Leibowitz is going to have his work cut out. quoting jenidalas: In short, a CSO has a high level of familiarity and experience in many functional areas (which sometimes comes from years of management co suiting for a specific industry) and is charged with driving organizational change from the top down and ensuring that strategic plan execution is at the forefront of every decision. The CSO should be the person in the room that prevents other executives from making rash or whimsical decisions that take focus or resources away from the goal at hand.
  14. Also having this problem, for last several days, and no emails either. It is nice to have a break from the usual deluge, but there have been a few important announcements, fortunately posted on here.
  15. From my experience, most of the passengers on SB cruises are in fact 65 and over. So it would be just a handful of younger whippersnappers that would be segregated away at meal times. And what a relief to have those families with their ‘delightful’ offspring confined to the hold, or wherever. Face masks in the corridor might also see the end of the dreaded block-party, or at least give it a vestige of anonymity which might make it more palatable for some. I am sure posters here will be able to find many other unexpected benefits in the new regime. This could prove to be the renaissance of
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