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  1. The mask thing: it's not something we are used to, masks can get uncomfortable and damp after a few hours, they feel strange, one can't see if people you are talking to are smiling, they can't see if you are smiling, sometimes it is hard to recognise people, one's glasses steam up (does the same happen if you wear contact lenses?). However they do limit the emmision and seeding of viral aerosol and they can help to decrease the chance of inhaling any virus that is in the air. Wearing one now makes me feel safer, and seeing other people wearing them also makes me feel safer. Seeing people who are not wearing face coverings and are not socialy distancing makes me feel nervous and paranoid and gets my hypochondria going. I think, in time, we will get used to wearing masks; perhaps mask design and material will improve so they are more comfortable. A tranparent - see-through- mask would be a best seller, no doubt. I never thought I would get used to wearing glasses, despite the benefits of seeing a whole lot more, and I never thought I would get used to wearing a partial denture, but one does. Would I sail on SB if I had to wear a mask outside of my suite and dining areas ? Right now probably not, but in time, if we all wear masks until it becomes second nature, then probably yes. I really want to go on another cruise, and if everything else was pretty much as good as it always had been on board SB ships, I think I could put up with mask wearing. What will people look like after they have been sunbathing in a mask? Will the half-face tan become a lifestyle statement?
  2. More dreaming... waiting to take you ashore....
  3. Nope from me and ditto as far as your experience of SB emails goes. If your friend does attend the Covid summit, it would be great if you or they could eventually post here a short summary of what was discussed or decided. If the results are to be communicated by SB emails it will likely be be hit or miss if one is to hear about them. Thankfully the ships themselves are not run along the same lines as the shoreside operation!
  4. Today My Cruise History is in...German. My Profile still does not have anything in it, nor any preferences option, and looking around further, the entire site is in German, but the prices are still in GB pounds sterling.
  5. This is a blow for UK cruise industry and TAs. Although we can assume that this advice will be revised at some point in the future, it means booking anything, even into next year, becomes a speculative and risky venture as far as UK customers' deposits are concerned. There is SB 'Book with Confidence' policy, which does off-set some of the risk, but not for us. The only 2021 cruise we have our eyes on is a WC segment, and to my great frustration and annoyance, WC segments are not covered by 'Book with Conifidence'. I wonder why this is? does anyone have an inkling? I can understand the whole WC being exempt from the policy, but a segment? With the way Travel Insurance policies are being adjusted to exclude anything to do with Covid-19, it means we simply can't risk putting a deposit down.
  6. It seems Mr Leibowitz is going to have his work cut out. quoting jenidalas: In short, a CSO has a high level of familiarity and experience in many functional areas (which sometimes comes from years of management co suiting for a specific industry) and is charged with driving organizational change from the top down and ensuring that strategic plan execution is at the forefront of every decision. The CSO should be the person in the room that prevents other executives from making rash or whimsical decisions that take focus or resources away from the goal at hand.
  7. Also having this problem, for last several days, and no emails either. It is nice to have a break from the usual deluge, but there have been a few important announcements, fortunately posted on here.
  8. From my experience, most of the passengers on SB cruises are in fact 65 and over. So it would be just a handful of younger whippersnappers that would be segregated away at meal times. And what a relief to have those families with their ‘delightful’ offspring confined to the hold, or wherever. Face masks in the corridor might also see the end of the dreaded block-party, or at least give it a vestige of anonymity which might make it more palatable for some. I am sure posters here will be able to find many other unexpected benefits in the new regime. This could prove to be the renaissance of luxury cruising....
  9. Of course he is 'vacation orientated'. He is in a business that depends on people having vacations.
  10. Just a thought.... with Social Distancing, maybe occupancy will have to be adjusted. The O class ships would drop down to Little Sister passenger numbers, and Encore & Ovation would scale down to O class. That would work for me. Availability and price might be an issue though......
  11. Thank you for a thoughtful and thought-provoking post. Hopefully some posters with inside knowledge and/or experience will be able to provide some answers. I imagined, if I thought of this at all, that crew were somehow retained, and perhaps lined up for various start dates , and that there would be re-training and special training for the new Health and Safety protocols that will have to be in place. Like many others I long for a return to Seabourn sailings. Whatever the failings of the shoreside operation (and there is a long history of disgruntled posts relating to these), the on-board experience was always first rate. I kind of hoped it would be 'just the same as always' when sailings resume. But clearly, in the shorter term at least, that probably can not be.
  12. Just for the record and because no one likes an incomplete spreadsheets, I ( we) am ( are) 'n'. Good to see more repayments coming through, it does give one a certain sense of relief and confidence about Seabourn's continued viability. We certainly found the idea of booking something with Seabourn next year became more appealing once we had our funds back. Unfortunately Book with Confidence does not apply to either of the two itineraries we are looking at, which makes it very difficult to commit under current circumstances (sigh...).
  13. Hmmmm.... that will put a spanner in the works for one of Sojourn's 2021 World Cruise segments, but as everything remains uncertain even going into next year, who knows what and where and when as far as cruising goes?
  14. It was a multi-trip worldwide package through my Lloyds Bank Gold current account, with AXA insurance. I have to say that every interaction with them was helpful, supportive, clearly explained, and professionaly executed and we recovered c.£6,000 worth of costs, less £80 excess, within 3 weeks of submitting all the paperwork. I'm not a great fan of my bank, and have no interest in boosting them, in fact I would have switched banks a long time ago if not for the comprehensive travel insurance package, which is really good vfm. This was our first claim and only claim in 20 years. I expect they will drop it as soon as they can.
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