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  1. We stayed in one that was above the back bar. Mistake. We are noise sensitive and music from the lounge bothered us. Being below LaVeranda would not have bothered my husband because he is a natural early riser...I’m not. So, if you are an early riser..what the heck.
  2. Thank you for this post. I’ve seen it often. I even had a mask made that said Cover both nose and mouth. I get smiles, awkward pulling up their masks , and stares.
  3. That makes sense to me. It’s like at airport. We have TSA preclearance or whatever it is called but they pick some at random to check. I’ve been that random person several times.
  4. This was right before pandemic.
  5. Earlier this year both my husband and I needed to renew. We filled out everything online. They said they would inform us of interview time. We were never given a time and they were just renewed. We know no one. I think it was the luck of the draw and very complete information from us.
  6. Dfw. It was such a great price with no change fee we jumped. AA
  7. Now we booked our flights to nyc 5/30. To upgrade to first with Regent on this domestic leg...699 a person. I booked 2 one way first/business class on our own for $515 total 😀.
  8. I personally like having the option of a tub. Not all cruisers are just shower people.
  9. I so hope we can go! What else can I say. I also hope we don’t lose a lot of money for not requesting full refund of canceled June cruise and instead fcc booking future cruise. But most of all I want this behind all of us with all safe and Regent still there when we can all enjoy again.
  10. We live in Texas too. We have a second home on coast that got damaged by Hurricane Harvey almost exactly 3 years ago. Condo building still fighting insurance company. Hope not a second “Harvey”!
  11. We can’t be gone that long..our dog Chili would be very unhappy. We are only booked on first segment. All six do sound wonderful..especially right now. Very tired of home.
  12. We have a May 31, 2021 cruise booked. Replaces similar June cruise canceled. We don’t really know if it will happen so hard to get excited about booking excursions. We decided to be optimistic and book and hope for the best.
  13. I think our annual trip to Aruba this winter is getting very doubtful. Now, I’m thinking our May31, 2021 regent cruise is iffy or will be changed significantly. No facts, just gut feeling.
  14. Received our credit card statement...our excursions, taxes, and port fees were refunded on June 23 as we were told.
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