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  1. I understand. I’ve been doing all the distancing, etc. Haven’t hugged my kids or grandkids in a year. Haven’t seen some in person for a year..others outside at 10 feet. I don’t want to forever keep people 6 feet from me. I probably will never be comfortable with crowds again..but 6 feet social distancing forever no. I do believe we should have more space in public places. Hard call to know right balance.
  2. I am immune suppressed and my dr said to get a vaccine. The risk is a maybe lower response but some is better than none. I had no problems after either shot.
  3. I can’t take the yellow fever vaccine. It’s a “live” vaccine. The Covid vaccine is NOT.
  4. Yes, we had already given up on our 5/31 sailing. We used fcc to book after June 2020 canceled. 😢
  5. That would mean much lower attendance unless on a night before a sea day. When in port many of us are up early and would not go to a 10 show. Maybe they could try doing it a few nights of the cruise.
  6. You are lucky. Things aren’t organized very well in Texas.
  7. Aren’t seniors living in group settings in 1A ...first to receive along with health providers. I know NOTHING about the Villages. Just asking.
  8. Of course I have no inside information, but I think those of us over 65 with risk factors will definitely be able to get vaccinated before November. I’m getting worried about our 5/31 cruise though.
  9. I can’t take live vaccines due to suppressed immune system. This vaccine is not live. I’ll get it as soon as I can. I also get annual flu shot. I believe everyone should. I do know all do not feel that way. In my day if you didn’t have your vaccines you couldn’t go to school. I really don’t understand this vaccine phobia.
  10. My husband and I have had many great cruises on Navigator. Our next (we hope!) will be 5/31 on Her. Sure hope so !
  11. I won’t go to the trouble of packing and flying for a 7 day cruise. We won’t do less than 10 and don’t really like that.
  12. Up close view from aft suite on Mariner going through Panama Canal.
  13. We stayed in one that was above the back bar. Mistake. We are noise sensitive and music from the lounge bothered us. Being below LaVeranda would not have bothered my husband because he is a natural early riser...I’m not. So, if you are an early riser..what the heck.
  14. Thank you for this post. I’ve seen it often. I even had a mask made that said Cover both nose and mouth. I get smiles, awkward pulling up their masks , and stares.
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