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  1. Navigator is a smaller ship. Voyager and Mariner which are more the size of the new ships have both a forward observation lounge and an aft lounge.
  2. True...but if it and spa combined weren’t given such prime spots...there would be room for aft lounge like on Voyager and Mariner.
  3. Bump balconies are bigger than the other balconies. However, if at beginning/end of bump one end is angled back to the adjoining balcony therefore losing some of the extra space compared to if no angle.
  4. I love live posts from the ship. This time I’ll enjoy from the ship😀. Had to cancel April Splendor cruise due to March knuckle replacements so really looking forward to this cruise.
  5. I think the key here ...is this an Asian, Panama Canal, Caribbean....cruise? I’d feel fine going on some but more worried others.
  6. Medjet has just suspended services to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau due to corona virus.
  7. I made a mistake...it was Newport.
  8. Yes, they can get what they want. They would tell their steward and it will happen. May take a few hours but it will come.
  9. We went on a sail on a schooner. 8 to 12 of us. It was the captains last sail of season and the wind was up. He saw we were all game so we went on a thrilling sail. It was great fun. Also, good view of the mansions on the shoreline. Since we had strong winds we covered a lot of ground.
  10. We have been coming to Aruba since 2005 this time of year. Believe me, the wind is your friend. If it rains, it is usually very brief. I would think it would be the same for all the ABC Islands. My husband saw the Explorer come in this morning from Eagle Beach. Hope you have a great day.
  11. We are in Aruba right now. It is warm and sunny. Wear your sunscreen and hat tomorrow 😎.
  12. We are gold getting close to platinum. We do not tip individuals since tips are included. We do tip tour guides and drivers.
  13. Another thing that can cause fathom tooth pain is clenching while sleeping. A properly made night guard can help immensely.
  14. One of the most fun days was the carnival the crew put on. We lucked out having a beautiful day on deck and it was very well attended.
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