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  1. There are several hotels in Tampa offering Park/Cruise packages. The best sites to find them are as stay123, buyreservations,parksleepfly. These are all great reliable sites. There are several near the airport (Rocky Point) that offer this option.
  2. Leaving from Florida, there are two hours difference in Roatan so if your ship is supposed to arrive at 10am, it will only be 8am local time! Keep a watch with you as cell phones do tend to update to local time. We are going to Roatan in June and can't wait!.
  3. We are sailing in June on the Miracle and this will be my Diamond cruise. I got Boarding Zone A01 too and we have a check in time of 11:30 to 12:00 so I think it does vary by ship some.
  4. Found another one, Mary Kate & Ashley The case of the mystery cruise. You can play it on Youtube and our own Brand Ambassador John Heald was the Cruise Director on it. It was filmed on the Sensation.
  5. The movie "Something about Mary" was filmed in Miami and there are Carnival ships in that one as well!
  6. We paid $209.00 for a week pass for two of us. If I am not mistaken, it was around $25.00pp per day if you didn't take the whole week if it's even available. We enjoyed it, but wouldn't spend that much again for it.
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