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  1. Texas Hold-em is held in the Sports Bar on the Horizon.  Our friends we traveled with play a lot and were not happy because when there was a sporting event, you couldn't use the table because everyone was watching the games.  There were no tournaments.  The only one announced was for a $70.00 buy in.  


  2. We just got off the Horizon last week and they had 3 movies playing when we were on there.  Black Widow, Jungle Cruise and Dear Evan Hansen.  It was $12.95 for under 55 or $9.95 for 55 and older.  The other movies (documentaries) were $5.95.  They had a couple good ones including Cruella on the Movies under the stars.  I didn't see anything about the Thrill Theater while on there and didn't check on that.  


  3. We just did the cruise on the Horizon 9/18 and were able to do what we wanted in Aruba and Curacao.  They only require masks inside of businesses.  In Dominican Republic, you are expected to wear a mask all the time you are off the ship.  The pool area was beautiful in Amber Cove and of course you didn't have to wear a mask in the water.  We had a great time, never felt unsafe walking around but it is recommended that in DR, you do a tour through the Cruiseline only for safety reasons.  If you are in the casino, make sure and say HI to Monica the Casino Host and Donkey (Chris Salazar) the CD is great!


  4. Leaving from Florida, there are two hours difference in Roatan so if your ship is supposed to arrive at 10am, it will only be 8am local time!  Keep a watch with you as cell phones do tend to update to local time.  We are going to Roatan in June and can't wait!.


  5. We just returned from our cruise on the Fascination last week and did Thenford Grey's Grand Tour.  We basically had a private tour with Pastor WIlliam (great guy) and saw so much of St. Kitts including Romney Manor, Brimford Fortress, the Black Rocks, the beach (we chose not to stay as we are not beachy people)!  We learned so much about St. Kitts and had some great Rum Cake and drinks at Romney Manor too!  We would book this tour again without any doubt!  I was able to prepay for it through paypal so I didn't have to pay when we arrived.  We did of course tip him well for a great tour.  They offer several options so make sure to contact them!!





  6. If you are getting off your ship in Old San Juan - if you go to the left along the waterfront. You will come to a park and vendors are set up all around there. You can also go to Plaza De Colon in the center of the city and they were set up around it as well. If the ships are there, so are the vendors/craftman. The ones that set up right in front of the ship tend to be high and sell JUNK. Go more into town and you can watch a lot of the art being made on site. We will be there in 2 weeks and look forward to more shopping!

  7. Thank you for the information. We board in 3 weeks. Did they get the ramp fixed at the port so you enter in the Atrium Lobby or do you still have to enter on Deck 0 and take the elevators up? We are looking forward to visiting the islands and seeing some new places this cruise!

  8. We plan on walking in October when we cruise from there. It's a little over a long block. If you google pictures of the view from the Sheraton, it's the pier with the building on it to the left of the Sheraton. Probably a 5 minute walk.

  9. We were in Old San Juan in February and there were crafters/vendors selling their handmade goods including jewelry, leather goods, pottery, art, etc. We bought all of our gifts for family members from the locals. These people are so nice and appreciate your business to help support their families. They were set up all over so make sure to explore Old San Juan because you may miss some great things.

  10. Check on Hotwire. I got it for $126.00 per night. I listed the amenities on the link above to help others. It came out to around $170.00 with the fees (resort/taxes) added. May want to check and see if something special is going on that requires a two night stay. We are sailing in October.

  11. Thank you for an absolutely wonderful review with great pictures! We sail in October and this gave us a lot of ideas of things to do and what to expect on each island. I agree, the food on Carnival has declined and I would like to see some menu's changed. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to post this!

  12. Booked the Sheraton Old San Juan through Hotwire for October 5-7th with a price of $126.00 per night. Listed as 4 star with the following amenities: Golf near by, pool, spa services, restaurants, free internet, children activities, fitness center, pet friendly. We paid a total of $353.00

    including all taxes and fees which include the mandatory hotel fees (resort fees) of $42.59

    This price was still much cheaper than the price on their site of $205.00 per night and we are right across the street from the pier

    Carnival docks so we can just walk to the port!

  13. This is one of the best tours we did. We drove the segways along the waterfront and they would stop frequently at historic landmarks for a break. It included entrance into the fort as well. Make sure you wear tennis shoes because they were very strict about it. They are so easy to operate too and give you a quick course before you every leave their shop area. Have fun!

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