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  1. You know, that doesnt sound so bad. If a similar plan goes in for RCL, im in. i see no mention of passengers wearing masks which is really the only showstopper for me. but if that isnt a requirement, everything else seems ok by me.
  2. Another interesting post and something i do have some insight on. The reason i dont think point of care testing will work at the cruise ship terminal is its relatively slow, up to 15 min per test meaning you would either have to have a lot of instruments or a lot of time to test 3000+ people. Also the cost. Its $100 per test and right now, our insurance carriers are paying that, but there will be push back as they get reoccurring tests. So that would mean it would cost the cruise line $300k+ per cruise to test the passengers.
  3. Wow, i might go just to watch parents try to strap a mask on a 5yo in the 90 degree july FL heat...
  4. oh i absolutely agree with you on that. If 8 of 10 cruisers on cruise critic wont cruise with a mask, i think there is little chance for the general population will do it.
  5. actually its worse that that. The poll i just put up, 8 out of 10 people responded they would not cruise if masks were required. Im not overly concerned what peoples views are on masks, but i am concerned that people start cruising again when they reopen and the mask seems to be a showstopper for most...
  6. Probably the best post yet and probably the most accurate.
  7. i dont disagree that this may happen, but i think that will further hurt the cruise industry. A lot of us wont cruise if there is a mask requirement and we are the fanatics. Think about the general population that is already weary of cruising and now telling them they have to wear a mask at all times except in their cabin?? Not feasible in my opinion or at the very least will make it difficult to get people back on the ships.
  8. Sounds like a blast... Kidding aside, i agree with most of this but there are going to have to be some other perks, lower prices, to get me back on board, at least during these procedures. I think most of us are cruise fanatics on this board and willing to put up with some pain to get back on the ships, but the vast majority are not so it will be interesting to see how RCL implements some of these policies while trying to sell cabins... Now, i will say the 50% capacity has my attention, but i have a feeling that would result in higher prices which probably wont fly with the general public. I asked my family about a 2021 reunion cruise because they could possibly be less expensive and you should have read some of the hate mail i got back...
  9. in regards to liability waivers, i think that is a given if we want to step foot on a ship, but the challenge for the cruise ships will be quarantine and not being able to get off the ship. however, i think i have posted this already, but they have to have a clear plan as to what the procedure will be if there is an outbreak. Like previously stated, that would be a media frenzy if they get a ship in quarantine and cant get people off.
  10. I think it will later this year at 50% capacity like they said on yesterdays earnings call. The reason i believe that is because i work for a large company and we are pretty much doing the same thing. Bringing back people slowly over the next 8 months based on certain criteria until we hit that 50% mark then holding until there is a vaccine or a proven treatment.
  11. this will be one not to miss. They are going to have to lay out some type of plan or get skewered by the investors.
  12. nice, i like that reply and probably very true. Cheers!
  13. agreed, saw it in practice over the weekend. Someone was continuously going down the wrong 1 way isles and the manger had to come out and explain it to him. i think the grocery stores are less concerned about upsetting the customers than RCL...
  14. for the record, you were responding to my post and i do not have any respiratory issues, or at least as of my last checkup last year. I was simply stating how uncomfortable i felt in the mask and was feeling a little light headed toward the end of the day. Irregardless to the reason why, my point was wearing a mask would not make for an enjoyable cruise for me and i hope RCL figures out an alternative way of keeping everyone safe.
  15. i dont understand?? I never said i wasnt going to wear the mask, just that it was not comfortable for me.
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