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  1. Interesting responses, some nasty ones, but ive come to expect that from some people on this board... Again my main reason for posting was to say that the only place we felt at risk was in the airports and the airplanes. Everywhere else seemed to be taking extra precautions to make sure we were distanced, taking out temp, wearing PPE, and hosing us down with hand sanitizer. Could we have gotten it at one of the other places, absolutely, but i still point to the place that we felt were not taking the safety protocols as seriously as others. Any why is this relevant to cruising? Becaus
  2. Ah, the last couple of posts reminded me of something. When we left Charlotte, no one took our temp which we thought was odd. We went through security, to the airline club, on to the plane, no check. They did when we went through security in cancun on the way back, but another reason we had an issue with the whole flying experience.
  3. Haven. Its in-between the cancun hotel strip and Riviera maya. and i guarantee you there were not even close to their max capacity which i heard was 50% during covid. Maybe 25% but i think even that would have been a stretch. there were times we were the only ones in the pools and they were massive. My wife and i commented several time on how could they possibly be making any money with that few people.
  4. Amen. My wife was shoulder to shoulder with the person beside her, i was on the isle with everyone brushing up against me when they were either getting the plane or going to the bathroom during the flight. Could we have gotten it somewhere else, sure, but that flight was the only place we did not feel safe and at risk.
  5. Since we weren't able to to take our RCL cruise this year for obvious reasons, we decided to try an all inclusive in Cancun earlier this month. We flew direct from Charlotte to Cancun and stayed at a resort that was like a ghost town. Maybe counted 15-20 other couples the whole time we we were there. Got back last Tuesday, nov 10, and have since both tested positive for covid. I am almost 100% certain we got it on the flight back given the airline, American, packed us in like cattle. In fact, oversold the flight. So the reason for me posting this is im certain the cruise lines will
  6. Had one scheduled in December and cancelled last week. Getting concerned of a possible chapter 11 in their future and although i would think they would make every effort to refund the money as they reorganize their debt so they dont erode their customer base, i dont think thats a guarantee.
  7. so that means that 2-3+ people per 100 die depending on what stat you believe. Is that ok? I know 100 people. I dont want 2-3 to die of covid.
  8. Thanks and wow, that is a lot lower than i have ever seen it. I must be looking in the wrong months.
  9. just so im clear, are these prices per person or for 2 people?
  10. I agree, but its like playing roulette and i cant bring my self to take my chips off the table even thought it will probably end badly... Let it ride!
  11. Im glad i read this before i responded because you are spot on and took the words right out of my mouth. And with better detail.
  12. it is encouraging to see the cruise lines working together on a plan. I think it will be easier to get CDC buyin if they come to them with 1 plan vs. a plan for each line.
  13. pretty much anyone outside of this board these days. I mentioned booking a 2021 reunion cruise to my family and they looked at me like i had the plague...
  14. Thats interesting. Thanks for the info.
  15. Not for going on cruises. If you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone that became ill with covid, yes the test is free but not before you go on vacation.
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