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  1. Thanks guys, This is a portable unit that goes thru the Sprint 3G network. It is a prepaid data package. I guess I just needed to know if you can get the Sprint network out a sea. Guess not.
  2. Thanks Terry. This is one of their broadband togo units and is on the sprint network. I love it for being able to use my laptop ad nook color wherever I go. And I love the no contract prepaid data plans. I was hopeful that Sprint got reception out at sea but no worries.
  3. Has anyone tried using one of the portable wi-fi systems out at sea? I have the Virgin mobile portable wi-fi. I know there is another one called Clear. Can anyone tell me if these will work out at sea? thanks
  4. Has anyone tried using one of the portable wi-fi systems out at sea? I have the Virgin mobile portable wi-fi. I know there is another one called Clear. Can anyone tell me if these will work out at sea? thanks
  5. amy417

    Solstice Lover Tries Zuiderdam

    Thanks for the explanation. We will be on the Millennium. Any chance they may have the glass blowing? I would love to watch that.
  6. amy417

    Solstice Lover Tries Zuiderdam

    Glass blowing? Could you explain? thanks
  7. amy417

    Half Moon Cay information

    Thanks everyone. When i am looking at that map how are the cabanas numbered. Starting from the archway 1-15?
  8. amy417

    Half Moon Cay information

    Can anyone share which cabanas are the best location wise. I understand there is a loud shipwreck bar now and certain cabannas are close to that. Is there a cabana close to the water or BBQ that is far from the loud area?
  9. amy417

    Millennium Review from "Loyal to Royal Cruiser

    We are going to tack a Millie 5 day onto our 10 day HAL cruise in October. Looking at the aft CC cabins. Can't wait to read the rest of your reviews. thanks
  10. amy417

    Zuiderdam AFT cabins

    This thread was very helpful. We were booked in 4181 on the zuidy for Oct Panama canal. But we loove the shade so we moved to 5185. Thanks to all.
  11. amy417

    RomeInLimo questions

    We returned recently from a transatlantic cruise in December. In researching for our first trip to Europe I found recommendations over and over for RomeInLimo on cruisecritic.com. There was not ONE bad comment about this company. So I decided to contact them for our tours of Rome and Florence. Unlike other companies contacted, I recieved prompt and lenghty responses from Jany. Jany was extremely helpful and never seemed to tire of my constant questions. She even offered to help my daughter's boyfriend pick the exact spot to propose in Rome. Our tours included my family and another couple 6 in all. The ride was comfortable and the drivers,John and Vincenzo were the most knowledgeable I have ever met on tours. I am very inqusitive about ALL things and there was not one question they could not answer. John even knew the answer to questions about windmills I noticed on the drive to Florence! We were allowed to make our own pace with gentle coaching from the drivers in order for us to see as much as possible. In Florence John treated us to breakfast right near the tower of Pisa. Best cappaccino ever! We also had a wonderful traditional italian lunch at a cozy local cafe. In Rome we opted for a faster dining experience and Vincenzo guided us to the neatest sandwich shop that exceeded all of our expectations. RIL arranged a guide for the Vatican named Katerina. SHE WAS AWESOME! Extremely knowledgeable. She brought everything to life as we toured the halls of the Vatican and St Peter's Basillica. I can not say enough about this company. We were privileged to meet Duman the owner. I hope I didn't embarrass him because I was so overwhelmed with everything that I gave him a big bear hug when we met:) If you are reading this deciding what to do...YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH RIL!
  12. amy417

    TransAtlantic question

    At 20 knots how did the ships movement feel. We came west to NYC 12/6-12/12. The captain would slow down during the day to give folks a chance to breathe but at night he would haul. Even the officers vowed it was one of the wildest crossings they had seen.
  13. amy417

    TransAtlantic question

    Thanks for the quick response. I am evaluating whether the QM2 is for us and the ride is an issue. My DH and I love rocking but this last TA was really rough. I love the caliber of traveler on TA's as well as the lazy sea days. Now if I can just swing a PG room I may be able to coerce my DH back onto a transatlantic :)
  14. amy417

    TransAtlantic question

    We just returned from a jarring transatlantic cruise on the NCL Gem. 30 ft waves and 70 knot winds. After watching a documentary for the QM2, it seems she was built specifically to handle the transatlantic voyages. Can anyone share your experiences crossing to NYC in the fall? Does the QM2 do a better job of handling the seas? thanks
  15. amy417

    NCL Gem 12/12/09

    We were on the transatlantic and the 12/12 cruise to the bahamas. During the three weeks we saw the ice service change back and forth. If the ship was "healthy" the stewards were allowed to carry those coolers with ice from room to room. That way you got ice automatically. During the "sick" days we had a slip of paper that said "For ice, please call room service". IMHO it was all in an effort to not spread a possible virus from room to room.