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  1. Just off the Golden after sailing Melbourne to Singapore, where she went for a make over Lol. Lots of problems to be sorted, ripped carpet, leaks in state rooms to name but a few, two pools were closed during the trip. If you have any questions just ask.
  2. We were on the Golden Melbourne to Singapore NO HAPPY HOURS, they do the Cocktail of the Day in the Patter but didnt see it on a discount. We had the Ultimate Drinks package BUT it didnt include cans of Soda so I eneded up with a $9 aud bill at the end lol
  3. As we were disembarking in a Singapore some of the refit crew were already on board. Managed a quick chat and was told the following :- Deck ' Carpeting ' to be replaced on several outer decks. Cabin leaks to be welded and repaired, Interior doors to be replaced, problems with the water supply to be resolved. The guy i spoke to also believes that the enigne is having a big service. The staff will be staying on board for a deep clean of the entire boat. Don't expect any major changes as the ship is going to P&O soon so why spend more than you have too .
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