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  1. I'm guessing the poster meant to say "mini-cruise" rather than mini-suite.
  2. Happy to know the OP was able to get their cabin back. My daughter had a similar experience. She booked a MIDSHIP MINI for her family of three and had it marked "no upgrade." She was upgraded to a full AFT SUITE but did not realize it until it was almost cruise time. She had booked through a TA, but she called Princess and asked what other suites in the same category as the upgrade were available. There were midship suites available and she had no problem switching to one of those. NOW SHE IS SPOILED !! Point being: If you get an unwanted upgrade, find out where other cabins in that same ugraded category might be available and ask for one of those. It can't hurt to try!
  3. We feel the same way about Princess which is why it is now and has been for several years the only line we sail. Have a wonderful cruise in your mini.
  4. We would be interested in the answer to this as well.
  5. Now that's the one we wish they would bring back. We did it in 2009 on Star Princess, and I have to say it was our very favorite cruise. It was 30 days over to Sydney and 30 days back, RT from LA, and we still didn't want to get off when we returned! We keep hoping they'll bring it back. Only problem was it stopped at the same places on both legs. Would love some added South Pacific ports, but we'd do it again even without the additions!! Actually, seeing New Zealand, as we did on this cruise, rather than Alaska would be our choice. The fjords are gorgeous!
  6. Thanks, but my cruise has to include Kauai and be on a Princess ship!! It's nice they have both Hilo AND KONA on the itinerary though.
  7. Ahh, a way to get to Hawaii by ship during the summer! We like it RT from either LA or SF!
  8. Where are you? Will you happen to be on the Starlight tomorrow night, October 14th?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! I haven't even had a chance to read your latest post yet! I guess your reply means that you are not on the Coastal route right now or next week? No, we will not be on that train, but someone we know will be on it this coming Friday (Portland to Martinez) and returning next Monday or Tuesday night (Martinez to Seattle). I had something in mind if you happened to be doing this route. Let me know, please!
  10. Do you happen to work onboard the Coast Daylight? If so, I have a favor to ask, but I need to know within the next couple of days! Look forward to your reply.
  11. We're looking forward to hearing more from you! Thanks for your review.
  12. Thank you so much for taking us along on one of our favorite itineraries! We look forward to your adventure. Enjoy!
  13. Thanks for posting your schedule. We hope to be on one of them! I can't imagine switching ships so often with all the equipment and craft supplies you have to move! Aloha!
  14. We have had them in the Horizon Court on several occasions as well as in the MDR.
  15. ME TOO! We don't like the constant noise of the wake back there!
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