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  1. I wonder why they created a Facebook group, a website where they collected 350,000 people volunteering to cruise, then not select anyone.
  2. Great point! Get your base relied up and then pick..... Seems rather strange over a week has passed and I can't find nowhere any one was selects. Safe travels
  3. Been over a week and cannot find anywhere, anyone who was selected. Last week RCCL said they were choosing volunteers. I think they lie!
  4. Seems easy enough. Been through the cancellation washing machine. March 2020, May 2020, March 2021, Jul 2021, and now waiting for RCCL to figure out this FUBAR and pay off the March 2022 cruise. Ironically I have completed check-in for the July 25th cruise even though it is cancelled.
  5. We were booked for Allure OTS July 25th. Obviously cancelled as Allure is now scheduled for a test cruise 27-29 July. This booking disappeared from my account after it was cancelled. Yesterday it showed up again under the same reservation number, cruise start date, and cabin. The difference is the name is now two day non-revenue test cruise and is from 25-27 July. Talked with three RCCl departments and had my TA contact them. Everyone says that reservation is cancelled. Today I logged into our account again and the Check-in button is enabled so I clicked it and completed check-in a
  6. Here is what I had to do to get set up on drivewise and gather rewards. NOTE: I am NOT an Allstate policy holder. Like others, i signed up on the web and the the website told me to download the mobile app. The mobile app got me nowhere. I called the drivewise support phone and the CSR and myself decided the best way to proceed was to delete the account information I used to create the account. Once this was done I closed out the mobile, opened the app back up, and created a new account via the mobile app. It worked just fine. I still don't know how to enter promo codes via the app
  7. Thanks. Hoping to get in on both but having trouble with allstate.
  8. 28th. My wife is a teacher so it is a great start to her summer as school ends on the 27th!
  9. I have tried nearly every day for the past week to somehow get Allstate rewards to work for me but it simply is not at this time. AARP supposedly also has Carnival gift cards at 10% discount. Need to read more about that later. Thanks for the advice 🙂
  10. This is interesting. I know about the so called sales and experienced the same ridiculousness of Coco Beach Club. I think we had it originally for $79 and now its $199. Outrageous. I also managed to get the drinks and/or dining package at lower prices when they were having their “sales.” We were booked for end of July on Allure OTS and once it was cancelled I have not looked at the planner. I didn’t know the removed the prices. Since we don’t cruise on Mardi Gras until May 2022 I was hoping to purchase drinks and dining during a sale if possible.
  11. Last cruise on Carnival was in 2008. Booked on Mardi Gras for next May and I have a question. Does Carnival have sales on drink packages, dining, and/or shore excursions? We have predominately cruised with Royal Caribbean and they do have sales. Are items purchased pre-cruise easily refunded and repurchased if they do have sales? Thanks!
  12. The the interior was not complete and no one was allowed on due to covid.
  13. After the ridiculousness I have been experienced from RCCl and my numerous cancelled cruises, they can lick whatever body part is the dirtiest. I am beyond disgusted by them. Fortunately I think Port Canaveral will soon be the premiere port in Florida and will have many more choices 15 minutes from home. Probably get 7 ships in PC now.
  14. In that case I would be have been wearing a mask WELL before covid. Masks aren't weird to us as we lived in Japan. If I had a life threatening incurable disease I damn sure would wear a mask everywhere. Stay safe!
  15. Give me another 8 days and i'm not wearing the mask unless asked. I had covid and will be two weeks past my second shot. When does it end?
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