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  1. Looks like a good price to me. I recommend checking regularly. If you find a better price book the new price and then call RCCL and cancel the higher priced package. No one really knows what future sale prices.
  2. So you should COMPLETELY know you cannot smoke while riding the flowrider. Shall I explain further or do you finally understand the sarcasm? I'll just explain. So the original complaint is that the casino is an area where people can go light their cigarettes with a fire source, preferably a small self contained one. The cigarette will continue to burn as long as the person puts it to their lips and inhales. Now on the flowrider, as you should know, there is a MASSIVE amount of water flowing. *Maybe where it got its name). To ride the flowrider requires a great deal of balance, something you might have since you proclaim to ride it for years. Probably, but I'm no expert, a place where the rider would fail to shield a lit cigarette from becoming soaked with the dread H2O. I'm not expert grant you but I have ridden the flowrider and watched it. It's SARCASM. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sarcasm
  3. There is definitely construction at the port. We would be happy to take a sea day instead of Nassau. Harmony OTS still scheduled for Nassau on 30 NOV 21.
  4. I just did a quick check and three place show all three ships on the 29th. Glad I bought Coco Beach club passes before they disappeared.
  5. Harmony in Coco Cay on the 29th. Odyssey not based on a few travel sites I looked at. I’m on Harmony that week.
  6. Whichever you choose, try not to completely plan on attending everything on the schedule or you will be exhausted.
  7. I am certain you completely missed the sarcasm or you have no idea what a flowrider is.
  8. I checked and my cabin nearly doubled in price. Should I just go pay the new price. WT something are you complaining about. Have YOU never had a cabin increase in price?
  9. Taken over by whom? And how is RCCl going to take back a nations capitol? WT something or other
  10. Haiti is the worst country in the western hemisphere. Labadee has been overrun by haitians. RCCL is not going back for a LONG LONG time!!! Book your cruise because RCCl is not going to Haiti. Cozumel is the substituted port.
  11. Missing from Harmony OTS on November 28, 2021.
  12. Of Course! Have not been there in a few years but I KNOW you can get your typical free non carbonated drinks at the buffet and WATER at any bar.
  13. sand, water, food, sun, shade, A BEAUTIFUL DAY!! Have a great weekend!
  14. I have 80+ shirts as I wear them to work every day and every night on a cruise. Some are rather wild bright colors. My favorites have parrots or pineapples.
  15. Looks fabulous from the ship's deck with a drink in my hand. All that construction is beautiful. I won't go to shore to ruin my image.
  16. Unless I make a request of the steward we rarely tip extra. Often telling the steward to just swap out towels as we rarely bring food or drink back to the room and keep the room tidy for our own enjoyment. Asking for ice or toher requests does bring out an extra tip for them. $1 per drink, drink package or not.
  17. I think you are 100% correct. I didn't really look at my vaccine card until this morning when I had to enter my shot dates as part of registering for my 2 day pre-cruise covid test. Some card stock and address labels. My wife and I tested positive last November and our official test results were on a copied form it looked like a 6th grader made. No doctor stamp, nothing remotely official looking.
  18. We get ours Thursday. So excited to Cruise again and on a brand new ship, the Mardi Gras.
  19. Interesting. Might have to reconsider the chips and just head to the smokehouse.
  20. Guess I will throw a couple bags in a reusable shopping bag so I can enjoy chips and guacamole.
  21. I don't see chips on the menus I looked at. Do they have tortilla chips? Love me some chips and guacamole!
  22. I have NEVER heard a single complaint about smoking and Disney Casinos. 🙂
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