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  1. The the interior was not complete and no one was allowed on due to covid.
  2. After the ridiculousness I have been experienced from RCCl and my numerous cancelled cruises, they can lick whatever body part is the dirtiest. I am beyond disgusted by them. Fortunately I think Port Canaveral will soon be the premiere port in Florida and will have many more choices 15 minutes from home. Probably get 7 ships in PC now.
  3. In that case I would be have been wearing a mask WELL before covid. Masks aren't weird to us as we lived in Japan. If I had a life threatening incurable disease I damn sure would wear a mask everywhere. Stay safe!
  4. Give me another 8 days and i'm not wearing the mask unless asked. I had covid and will be two weeks past my second shot. When does it end?
  5. Other people breath in their cars, the air flows through the air out to the exhaust, it exits behind the vehicle , and you drive through it. The masks help keep you safe from this highly transferrable transmission. LOL. HA HA BWA HAH!
  6. Lots of cruises with lots of stops at Coco Cay. Never felt the need to spend a crap ton of money for shade. I find their prices simply appalling. I would never pay that unless I was very well off. My current cruise they want $120 p/p for coco cay beach club when on sale. Fracking ridiculous. No need for fancy digs, hell it might rain all day. Go have a great time.
  7. Do Hibachi and enjoy the show and the food. If you do Hibachi in Japan it is just a meal. No flipping shrimp, onion volcanoes, etc. Just great food!
  8. Give me $250 and we can split the difference and I will tell why you should book the cheaper cruise even if it comes with some Covid-19 taint.
  9. Probably not much in the way of earnings. Despite not cruising for over a year and suffering huge losses, the stock price has tripled from its low.
  10. LOL, you said beeline. Been a long time since it had that name which I still prefer to beachline. I just call it 528 now. Soon they will probably come up with some crappy train sounding name to celebrate the billions of dollars spent on a train from MCO to Cocoa Beach.
  11. Sadly you are so wrong. The construction on 528 might appear to be for a train but it is really for a deep channel a ship can use to get docked at the Orlando airport.
  12. Bailed? When? It doubled in two weeks. Operations halted, no end to operations halted in sight, NOT GETTING BAILOUT MONEY, completely unknown how long it takes to get back to something resembling normal, but hey it fricking DOUBLED in price. Please write the Fed and say thank you for saving this company, completely bailing out any company that even knows what the stock market is, and destroying our economy.
  13. dub dub dub marinetraffic dot com. go find your facorite ship. As a person who drives by Port Canaveral every day for work, some ships are just hanging out in port and some have come and gone. I think things have settled over the past wek. Tonight was supposed to be our last night on HOTS. Boo Hoo.
  14. Just wait until the first ship gets held off the Florida coast for quarantine. Cabins are going to get real cheap or ships just stop sailing due to lack of customers.
  15. I think you are right. I'm buying the stock when I think it nears the bottom. Sadly I couldn't afford the $500 a decade ago when it hit record lows.
  16. I'm not in finance but in my opinion this and CCl and NCLH have a long way down still. MSC Meraviglia in the Caribbean was denied stopping at two ports (I do not know why). Just wait until a ship returns to an American port and people cannot get off due to quarantine. Hopefully not the Harmony OTS as I have 2 cruises on her in the next 90 days.
  17. I know! I learned a strategy decades ago. $5 bet. a chip to cover 1-6 and a chip on 8,10,20,26. Puts you around the wheel. I see past results and see the numbers but damn if I end up giving the house my money, usually one slot away from being in the money each spin.
  18. BUYING call and put options the maximum you can lose is your initial investment. It is impossible to lose more than you invested. Your options are either in the money and you profit, at the money so zero profit/loss, or out of the money and the most you can lose is your initial investment. I bought a put contract on Carnival this morning and at one point today doubled my money. I'm holding to increase my gains. Options are not for everyone. Do not take this as investment advice but I see a long decline for cruise line stock prices before they go back up.
  19. Put options on the way down, stock purchase at the bottom, and call options on the way up. Just got to time it correctly.
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