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  1. https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/east-asia/top-chinese-expert-zhong-nanshan-clarifies-only-1-case-in-coronavirus-study-shows-24 - "Only one in a sample of 1,099 patients infected with the new coronavirus was found to have an incubation period of as long as 24 days, a top Chinese scientist has clarified." " Dr Zhong Nanshan, a prominent scientist who is leading a government-appointed panel of experts to help control the coronavirus outbreak, said on Tuesday (Feb 11) that caution is needed because there is not enough evidence to regard 24 days as the longest incubation period
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/travel/carnival-cruise-ship-discharges-grey-water-florida-port
  3. Here is Cruise Critic Editors awards for 2019, notice they have a different winner for best refubishment ship. 2019 Cruise Critic Editors' Picks Awards Ocean Category Best New Ship: Norwegian Encore Best Ship Refurbishment: Oasis of the Seas (Royal Caribbean International) Best for Adventure: UnCruise Adventures Best Cabins: Celebrity Cruises Best Dining: Holland America Line Best Entertainment: Royal Caribbean International Best for Families: Disney Cruise Line Best Itineraries: Holland America Line Best Nightlife: MSC Cruises Best Service: Carnival Cruise Line Best Shore Excur
  4. Then you sure don't want to give AARP your credit card number. https://www.infoworld.com › article › aarp-website-hacked
  5. I now know that site is unreliable and found the reliable site that shows Allure heading to Cozumel. Sorry for the inaccurate info in the earlier post.
  6. It was from *****, I never said it was right or that I know more than those on it. I will be on it 9/1 hopefully. Hope you have a great rest of your trip and make it back 9/1 so I can get on.
  7. It was from *****, I never said it was right or that I know more than those on it. I will be on it 9/1 hopefully. Hope you have a great rest of your trip and make it back 9/1 so I can get on.
  8. Current position of Allure of the Seas: Under way from San Juan to Nassau Departure was 1 hrs 52 min ago. (at 14:00 h local time) Arrival will be in 1 d 19 hrs 8 min. (at 11:00 h local time) Traveled distance since San Juan: 27.07 nm (50.13 km) Remaining distance to Nassau: 751.84 nm (1,392.40 km) Traveled distance since Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades, FL): 1,359.75 nm (2,518.26 km) Course: 308°
  9. It's leaving San Juan Now. Ships in Nassau on 31/08/2019 Note: We can only show those ships here that we have in our database. Ship arrive depart Passengers Allure of the Seas 11:00 18:30 5,400 Carnival Liberty 10:00 2,974 Mariner of the Seas 08:
  10. What I have learned from this thread. The cheerleaders of Carnival will never accept the facts about the lowering standards and less staff on Carnival. There are even Carnival cheerleader trolls who have never even cruised on Carnival. Lets face it, Carnival is a inferior cruise line.
  11. That is what Carnival tells you to do. They tell you when done with room service please place outside door. It amazes me how people can't read the rules.
  12. First off, my Dad will be wearing a hat and has Carnivals permission, unless you would like to see the very gross surgery he just had a month ago for a brain tumor(yes he is recovering great), It will make sure, if you see it, you will have ZERO appetite, 2nd so called Dining rooms are equal to chiliebees, or it is exactly like the end of the year in my kids baseball, they have a banquet with dinner and it is exactly like Carnivals MDR's. There is nothing fancy at all about Carnivals Dining, although our family always loves the food and always get a great waiter. So if your sitting at a table
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