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  1. Hello, I have been waiting over a month for the cruise I cancelled (June departure). I called yesterday again to see where my money was (since I had made full payment on 1 cabin). It showed up today! WOO HOO! I asked about FCC and was put on hold for 30 + minutes. They had not even started that process -- not sure why they did not do it right away, but I am happy to have my $ back!
  2. The bigger issue for me is that I cancelled but have received 0 communication from RC. Something that says -- hey you cancelled we are processing your refund and it will be within 30 days -- that would be nice!
  3. Interesting. I cancelled by phone on 3/18 and have received no email about cancellation, no refund, and no FCC yet. They told me at the time it would take 30 days. I guess I will be patient for another week and then try to get more information. Thank you! Missy
  4. Hello, How many days did it take you to get the email? I have not seen anything and I cancelled about 2 weeks ago! Hopefully they are just working through the backlog, but it would be nice to have this checked off my list! Thanks
  5. I dropped $500 on my ocean view room on the Allure of the Seas med cruise in early June. I also upgraded my other cabin to ocean view for $58 less that I paid. I keep looking to see if there are more changes, but it seems to have stabilized and increased a smidge overnight
  6. Hello, I tried to search for this answer, but the search function is not what it used to be. I will be on the Allure of the Seas in early June and am wondering when the bookings for the shows will open? Also, does anyone have a list of what shows are on this ship? Thank you! Missy
  7. I am sorry to be dense, but I do not see where I can do this online. Since I have already checked in, there does not seem to be anyway to get back to the check in area Advice?
  8. Hello! I am cruising in a couple of weeks and just realized that my credit card that I used for check in has expired. Can I just wait to give them a new credit card when I check in or should I call Carnival and handle this in advance? I am not quite sure how I did not notice that this was going to happen. OOPS! Thanks! Missy
  9. These are some very entertaining stories. I was on a cruise last year with my 16 year old daughter. We want to Nachi Cocum in Cozumel, that is usually a pretty mellow place. There were a group of people really drinking ALOT. At one point one lady was unsteady on her feet and her companions started to video her antics with their cell phone. I told my daughter to keep an eye on her as I was worried she might do something or hurt herself and within 2 minutes she fell into the bushes and could not get up. Her friends were laughing at her (and not helping -- the people who worked t
  10. I can see the price drop online, but I have called 2 different people at RC and they cannot see the same price. The lady I talked to said it happened all the time. I asked if I could send her the price I see (which you used to be able to do on Carnival) and she said no. I guess I will wait a few hours or until tomorrow and see if it catches up with their computers. Bummed -- it was only $75 but still!
  11. I just called and they told me no. The lady did not know what she was talking about. I will call again and get someone else! Missy
  12. I have been on both ships. I prefer Carnival generally (the food in dining room seems better, etc). I cruise based on ports and price, so I go back and forth between Carnival and RCL. All that being said -- Freedom of the Seas is awesome. It is bigger (we stayed in an interior promenade room which we loved). I also like the ice skating show, and other bells and whistles on the Freedom. We did the cupcake class (excellent fun), guacamole/margarita making at Sabor (FANTASTIC!) Overall I was a fan of Freedom of the Seas.
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