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  1. I am with you. We will just have a few drinks on the islands and have a drink or 2 on the ship.
  2. For me it has. They need to change it up a little to keep it interesting.
  3. Oh that sounds interesting! A must try
  4. When I was on Carnival I always had their special drink but I can't remember the name of it. It was so good!! For RCCL it is the cherry sangria but it isn't frozen
  5. MSC is also now advertising "free" drinking packages. For me these prices won't work so I will just go with my 2 bottles of wine and have drinks while on shore 🙂
  6. Mine is the beginning of April. The price is up to $65
  7. When is your trip? The price for the package right now went up again to $62
  8. This will be my first time on this ship. Hopefully someone else can help you.
  9. I will be on the Oasis and was bordering on getting it. It was $57.00 / $67.26 w/tips then it went up to the $72 w/tips. We don't drink specialty coffee and the bottled water isn't to expensive so it won't work for us.
  10. Guess I don't have to worry about whether or not to get the drink package any more. That price is crazy. $71.00 a day would be a whole lot of alcohol.
  11. These prices are cheap! I am getting $57.00 plus the 18% for the Oasis in April of 2020.
  12. Isn't that what the little heart is to the right of the post? Do they not see the like?
  13. Think it's best if I just zip it.... 😀
  14. Anyone been on the Oasis lately? What is the price for the average drink of the day. Or if someone just ordered a captain and ginger ale? TIA!
  15. We spent a week in San Juan at the beginning of this month. The trolleys are gone. They do have a couple of green golf carts that fit about 6 people if you can manage to find one. They driver said that both Trolley's broke down so they will use these until they are repaired. Another taxi driver told us there was to much drinking/smoking etc. (other kind of trouble) so they had to stop them. I hope they bring them back!
  16. Instead of the Hard Rock Cafe (in Condado now) you can visit the Senoir Frogs. Fun time even for kids. It is on the main road as you come off the ship.
  17. There are no more free trolleys. Now it is only an extended golf cart. It is green in case you get a chance to see it. It does fit 6 people if you can find one. It stops at the same stops but usually already has people on it.
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