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  1. For the best views, sit on the left side of the train.
  2. this is a great time to visit Sonoma or Napa Valleys. The fires are out, the air is clear, and it isn't crowded so everyone is glad to see you. And you can find a place to park around the Sonoma Plaza.
  3. Come to Sonoma. The air is clear, the wineries are waiting for you. We've had a rough couple of weeks, but you will be welcome and comfortable here. As so many in the county have been burned out, there may be a problem with hotel accommodations here, but can't think of any other problems.
  4. Since the cabin door and bathroom are generally on the same wall, how about having a wider door and a different layout of the bathrooms on a new build. And doors that are easier to hold open.
  5. It depends on how warm your voyage is. From San Francisco I'd recommend the Wheelhouse Bar.
  6. $5, a smile and a thank you works for us and our two bags, both leaving and returning.
  7. When we went through the Canal, we had dinner the day we were there. The ship was running a bit late, and we enjoyed watching the construction of the new locks while we had dinner.
  8. It may take up to half an hour to get down the ramp and through immigration. We have found it works well to have our ride wait in a parking spot along Bay Street and then start for the pier when we call them from luggage pickup.
  9. We've used both, as they are right across Francisco Street from each other.
  10. At least with Endicott you have a better chance of getting closer to a glacier. At Tracy Arm the ships usually seem to turn around when the glacier is first visible.
  11. In January on the Grand we could get fettuccine Alfredo in the Parmesan basket.
  12. As usual, you are right. We were lucky enough to take several cruises of up to 60 days (when alcoholic drinks were about 35 cents), and had over 350 days when we finally made elite with our 15 voyages.
  13. Nancyquilts

    Quilt shops

    Excellent choices.:D
  14. With bus or train, we prefer the left side for views.
  15. Thanks. Sorry to have missed the opportunity, but glad not to have lost my memory ( entirely).
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