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  1. Maybe it is best not stirring in the "conspiracy bowl" too much. Obviously there must be a reason for the decision to rotate crew around, but there might NOT reasons for every possible outcome. Hopefully we will get happy crew on happy ships anyway.😀😀
  2. Of course. Glasgow. Sorry. All three sisters are held together in Glasgow until further notice. 😁
  3. Same. It was Auckland btw 😁😁 The cruise was fantastic as we ended up with 11 NZ ports. Diverted due to cyclone in Tasman Sea. We will be looking for new cruises when we know it is safe. Hopefully already in june
  4. Same here. I have known since the last cruise. It will be OK when you get used to it. Hopefully the vaccine is around the corner and we can start to dream of new travels. BTW Johannes is taking over in Belfast 02.december.
  5. So it is finally official. Johannes is leaving Journey for Quest and Heike will be on Pursuit. The "Dream Team" is split up.😳😳😳 Some other changes, too, but these are the most noticable.
  6. We did a Lift&Shift to Quest 02.october 2021. It is not the first choice we would have wanted, but since we had a great deal on 4 free nights on the original cruise we chose to keep it. All we have invested so far is the original deposit. I doubt we will book another cruise before we see what restrictions will be in place and wether in fact there will be a restart next april/may. Our last cruise ended in Sydney 23.february so we feel that it hasn't been that long. We loved NZ intensive and would do that again anytime.😁😁
  7. European season 2021. Not a bad prediction. A sound decision by Azamara.
  8. I think you might want to re-phrase this. "You found an old advertisment indicating a ship that looks like Pursuit is for sale. It has been discussed in other threads. The ship for sale is the Adonia and it was sold, - to Azamara, - and it is now called Pursuit.....
  9. Panama canal and Cape Horn.😁
  10. Journey also has to have a drydock before sailing. They will probably NOT do the refurb inside this time, but maybe just the obligatory week to maintain certificates. She originally had a two week drydock planned for Cadiz in november, but this will be cancelled.
  11. Valid points, but Azamara is filling up the 2021 sailings already and sales are also very good for 22 and 23. I have been sceptic, but not for the near future.
  12. Just a few thoughts. Azamara is not helping their customers by tip-toeing the suspension dates with a month at the time. We managed to hold the final payment until the very day Azamara announced sailing suspension for October, and we finally got a Lift &Shift we were happy with. I think everybody would benefit from some predictability and I would easily defend any argument that says cruising will be suspended untill the European season of 2021. At least. None of the ships will do winter season in the southern hemisphere. Period. So we are talking march/april 2021 at the earliest. What about Pursuit? She is not due to sail until early may. May we see some new itineraries for Pursuit in april? Just wondering.
  13. Katakolon is a port where you are dependent on good shore excursions. Olympia is one, but they have a few other interesting ones. For us Katakolon would either mean a winery visit or a "seaday". The port itself has little to offer.
  14. I imediately think I will differensiate between a port of call and a departure port. Favourite or most memorable departure port is definately Hong Kong. Maybe not for the future as the political situation is unbearable. When it comes to European ports of departure it will have to be Venice. Most memorable or favourite port of call would have to be one of the Greek Islands. I will go for Mykonos if I would have to choose one.
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