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  1. I think it might be possible to get started in late summer, maybe in August. July is a thad too early IMHO. They could also consider starting with Brittish Isles cruises and domestic pax only, - even maybe a few cruises to nowhere out of Southamton. Cruising could happen, -problem is to get the overseas pax to Europe and to convince european ports to open up for cruises. I would definately consider a cruise to nowhere. 🤪🤪🤪
  2. Most prices are now back to what they were in march. A new promotion is probably on the way, maybe the same as in US. Keeping track...🧐
  3. Yes I have. If this is the "new" Azamara pricing policy they might as well pack it up for their european and australian customers. . What bothers me is that they actually run great promotions for the US market and expects the european customers to pay in full. Azamara always had different types of promotions in US and Europe, but at least they HAD promotions and sales for "the rest of the world". The only promotion for us now is the Quarterly Savings for a few sailings. I will be looking at some long planned land based adventures in the next couple of years.
  4. Just saw this promotion on Azamara US site. Giving the the rest of us a kick in the stomach. Thanks Azamara. For nothing. 😳😳😟😟
  5. I was not happy with any of the choices. My suggestion was Azamara Venture. The important thing is that we now have four ships. 😁 The triplets and good old auntie Onward. 😂
  6. I suppose the Camel would be challenging. Is this the responsibility of the F&B Manager or the CD 🤣
  7. All *ward names have "belonged" to the early NCL. (Sunward, Starward, Skyward, Southward, Seaward, Westward, Dreamward, Windward and Leeward.) "Onward" doesn't tick any boxes for me. "So, what ship are you on?" "We are on the "Onwards" " "On the what...??"
  8. OK, I will do a summary of comments in a while. Just letting the thread spin for a while. Be aware if you wander too far off topic, then the thread might look hijacked,- digress only SO far. I would like to suggest another improvement. Let's face it, most things we want here are improvements, not necessarily changes, so to speak. What do you think of when I say Ship WIFI? My first thought is a very slow and often unusable WIFI which certainly would be a huge problem if I needed it for work. Sometimes OK and sometimes NOT. Unreliable. I urge Azamara to upgrade all ships to another stan
  9. Just some food for thoughts and maybe some advice for Azamara management as we move forward to the new normality. What kind of changes would be OK to have in the future? This doesn't necessarily have to be big changes, but small touches here and there. Speaking for myself I can name a couple, but they are probably insignificant for others. 1. Upgrades - I think it should be possible to get upgrades but I don't think the present way of selecting eligibility works well. I would definately give some more priority to loyalty levels, but also a bidding system. How can we improve the present s
  10. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/5890/
  11. Throwing in this: Azamara Pennant
  12. Very nice. They have a lot of great videos.
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