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  1. The Captain is saying he's having trouble getting into port because of the current.
  2. I agree, but I don't understand why NCL doesn't do anything to try to keep the guests happy. They haven't even offered any food in hours. This is my parents' second time with delays with NCL (the last was much worse - flying home from Barbados) and the communication is extremely poor. They could just offer some finger food and maybe a movie or something, it wouldn't be too difficult. But yes, I definitely feel bad for the crew as well!
  3. I think it was just one medical emergency. My mom said they went to Turks and Caicos for the medical evacuation but the passenger was stabilized and chose to stay onboard until NY. (I don't think they actually stopped in Turks and Caicos)
  4. My mother just texted again. The port is back open but they're going to do a medvac first and are expected at the port in about an hour. Fingers crossed that's true!
  5. Take that with a grain of salt - she is heavily medicated on sea sickness meds, but I did find this: https://www.capecodtoday.com/article/2018/10/27/243014-Air-Station-Cape-Cod-Crew-Searching-Man-Overboard
  6. My parents are onboard and texted me that they're helping search for a man overboard.
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