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  1. Not true. Scanners at port fit a normal size suitcase just fine
  2. and if your next cruise isn't so great you'll never again in Royal? See how that sounds?
  3. The OP said that because they were older, they didn't have an IPhone, not any phone
  4. Likely they are seperate to get balcony discount mom isn't eligble for
  5. If you have a passport, you need nothing else to fly anywhere Right now you only need a drivers license to fly domestically
  6. Why would someone who suddenly backs out expect money back?
  7. Ever going to ba availability for September cruises in the future. What's the hold up?
  8. No problem. Just make sure name is same on license as well as cruise reservation. Doesn't matter if it's married name or maiden name. Just needs to be the same
  9. what's the difference in length or type of cruise. You get ill or injured, you'll be sorry if you need to be medevaced plus the medical bill
  10. That 48 hours after booking to reprice comment is for bookings made within penalty period. You can reprice anytime before the penalty period, same as before
  11. Don't blame the cruiseline. Blame the TA who gave them your ex's crown and anchor number instead of your girlfriends
  12. No matter what the BS some post here, only one thing is for sure. It will be cold the first and last day and a good part of the 2nd and 2nd to last day. And on top of that there is no guaranty at that time of year that it won't be cold in the bahamas either. Book something Caribbean from Florida
  13. What do you think you'll miss if you don't get D+?
  14. Looking at Sept 2022 Just not scheduled yet?
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