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  1. Wondering if anyone has stayed in a B&B in Rome before or after a cruise. Thanks
  2. GradUT! Great advise; we will be ending a cruise in Warnemuende in May 2018 and want to spend a day/night in Berlin flying home the next day; can you recommend any tour companies that would pick us up at the port; tour Berlin, and then drop us off at a hotel (yet to be decided)? Also, any hotel recommendations near the airport? Thanks Brian
  3. Just off the Ruby today and blue tote bag given to passengers. Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  4. How about you just book another cruise line?
  5. I am Elite, my wife is Platinum, she always checks in with me and she joins me in the Elite lounge. They put a Star on her card to denote she is traveling with an Elite member.
  6. We took the same trip last year (Sept) for the land portion and October for the cruise. A great trip, we would repeat one day as well. Brian
  7. Great Review! We were on the same cruise and had an Aft Suite on Caribe Deck just above you, but on the Starboard side; we just love the large balcony and the free dinner in the Crown is always nice.
  8. Kitty, Jim, glad you had a great cruise, now don't keep us hanging, we want more. Brian
  9. My wife and I were on the same cruise as well, I saw you several times partybarbie:) Brian
  10. Flamomo, we will be on the April TA together. Anyway, as to your question; my wife and I sailed on the Grand Princess earlier this month; I am Elite, Ann is Platinum; when we checked in, they put a star on her cabin card to denote she was traveling with an elite member. When we tendered, she just came with me. Hope this helps. Brian
  11. In my humble opinion, the "average" person is not receiving the mini-bar set-up, it's passengers that are Elite or in a Suite. As an Elite member, I personally like the option of using the set-up, swapping some or all, or doing nothing with it. I like being able to make myself a drink without having to go to the bar and get a drink on my card; naturally that's an option. Your post makes a lot of assumptions on what people want or will want. Just my two cents. Brian
  12. We were on the Regal for a 3-10 October cruise. We booked an independent tour to Breakers and had no problems getting off the ship. In fact when we went to get our Tender tickets they told us to go directly to the loading area, this was around 8:45am.
  13. The title is a little bit confusing, I am an Elite as well and it's my option as to whether I purchase anything on the ship or not. I don't have to take Princess excursions, I don't have to buy alcohol, soda, or specialty coffee, nor do I have to purchase photos. I also don't have to eat at the Crown Grill. Therefore, I am confused on where the extra costs are being incurred. Just my two cents.......
  14. I hope you completed your Survey upon cruise completion, complaining to us won't rectify the problems.
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