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  1. For those of you who are staying at Fairmont (which is next to City Hall MRT station), do check out the supermarket located at the basement. Useful place to get stuff. I was there during a weekend evening. Plenty of discounted sushi on sale. In the same complex, there was a MOS burger. I had the Wagyu Beef burger, which wasn't too bad. At level 3, there is an air conditioned food court where you can meals at a decent price (by city center standards of course). Check it out!
  2. Hawker food in Singapore. We have plenty of food centers, called Hawker Centers. This stall at Whampoa Market serves very good prawn noodles. I enjoyed it! This stall at Pek Kio Market sells awesome wan-ton noodles. Lovely stuff. Another random video by me - Holland Village! Somehow this place has many caucasians. Right next to Holland Village MRT station.
  3. There is a relatively new Courtyard by Marriot, which is located at Royal Square, right next to Novena MRT station. I go there now and then to eat at their semi-buffet for lunch. A great place to chill! The views at night must be gorgeous too. This video was taken at a supermarket at Raffles City. Raffles City is a shopping complex, connected to City Hall MRT station. The Fairmont hotel is connected to this place too. There is a convenient supermarket at the basement. The Yan Chinese restaurant at City Hall is another great place to have a meal. We were there for some lunch recently. Best part was that there was an open deck, where you can view the beautiful civic district of Singapore. In fact, you don't need to eat at this restaurant to go to the viewing deck! See 1:20 of the video. This video was made when I took a walk from Capital Tower Singapore, to Tanjong Pagar MRT station.
  4. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Singapore!
  5. I admit I am not 100% sure. My best guess is no.
  6. Thanks for the comparisons! Alcohol in Singapore is very expensive because the taxes are high. However, you can get duty free alcohol when you arrive at Changi Airport.
  7. This video may help give a sense of the wine prices in Singapore.
  8. I've been to Langkawi but not to pregnant island. I've visited 2 places. One would be the Skybridge. This video gives you an idea. The other would be the Kilim Karst GeoForest, which is a UNESCO site if I recall correctly. https://youtu.be/qMLZs4RPtXE
  9. I don't have a personal favourite. They are more similar. Maybe I am easy to please.
  10. Some food videos. We are well known for our hawker culture, and the Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of our staples. This is what it looks like. Another version, from a different stall. Yet another version. According to the UK BBC, this dish is worth a 15 hour flight - http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20151105-the-singapore-dish-worth-a-15-hour-flight "Born out of frugality, Hainanese chicken rice – one of Singapore’s national dishes – may seem simple. But it’s the kind of dish you’d cross continents to eat." I've even tried Chicken Rice on board Singapore Airlines, just for the fun of it. But it definitely tasted better on the ground.
  11. You are right. Even if you are not coming back to Singapore, it is still worth getting the EZ-Link card because the fares are much cheaper than the one-way fares if you have to buy individual fares from the machine. The non-refundable cost of the EZ-Link card is only $5SGD, or $3.7USD thereabouts. The card lasts for 5 years. Take it as a souvenir if you are not coming back again. With the EZ Link card, you can preload the card at a machine with some money, and it makes taking the MRT and the buses (if you wish to) so much easier. That's what we locals do.
  12. Oasia Downtown is just next to Tanjong Pagar MRT on the East-West line. You are very centrally located. Very easy to get around from there. In fact, when I go to Tanjong Pagar, it is usually to attend some business meeting as you are almost right in the Central Business District Area. One stop eastwards brings you to Raffles Place interchange, and then City Hall interchange. You can connect to the North-South line at these stations. Go northwards a few stations and you can get to Orchard Road. You can even go southwards to Marina South Pier and walk to Marina Bay Cruise terminal to board your ship, but I wouldn't recommend that since you would have luggage, just take a taxi. Or if your ship departs from Harbourfront, then the correct MRT station is Harbourfront, on the NorthEast and Circle line. One stop westwards from Tanjong Pagar, you get to Outram Park, where you can connect to the NorthEast Line, which can bring you to Chinatown. You can download our MRT map and print it out in advance (or have it on your mobile phone), so that you can refer to the stations. Anyway, our system is nowhere as complex as say London or Paris, so it is pretty hard to get lost.
  13. Yeah, do it on your own. It is more adventurous and a lot more fun too. Plus, with public transport, it is easy to get around. Worse case is just take taxis. You won't break the bank. Just take note that UBER no long works in Singapore. If you want such services, you got to use Grab.
  14. I can't remember the ship's prices, but yes, the prices of wine in Singapore are not low, primarily due to high liquor taxes. If you are arriving at Changi Airport, you may want to check out the duty free wines at DFS (which is near the baggage claim area) to get some bottles, that would help save on some taxes. These days when I return from overseas trips, I buy whiskey lol. This is what a DFS store looks like, this one at Terminal 3. The chart shows you the allowances (assuming you are arriving from outside Malaysia), per adult.
  15. Thanks. Looks like I should go back to make an updated video.
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